Is It Easy to Write Essay About Yourself?


Such a task as to write an essay about yourself seems to be super easy just at first sight. When it is not you who are given it, it seems even easier to give the counsels and propose any recommendations just as, ‘Hey, why are you so preoccupied with this? Write about any experience of yours and that’s all!’ Do you really think that it is easy to choose the certain interesting period of your life, which can be attractive for the readers so much that they won’t turn the page after they look through the first phrase? Of course, giving the counsels is a much more gratifying experience than to break your head over a plot of your college essay about yourself.

What a Writer Should Know

Essay on yourself is your opportunity to tell the world about you as a person, you as an experimentalist, or you as a braveheart. Nobody puts any limits on you what to talk about and what to conceal from the audience. Rake over your memory, strain your imagination and I’m sure that you will find a moment, which is unique and nobody but you will be able to boast of such an experience in his life. It is much better when your essay about yourself will have no analogues at all. It should hook the readers at once and keep them on the edge of their seat till the last word.

If there is a question ‘What to write about?’ which got stuck in your head and you have no ideas how to take it from here, try to calm down. Your personal essay writing is not such a problem, which can’t be solved!

First, try to reflect about your life. It will definitely make you relax a bit and sink into the memories, which are hidden somewhere deep in your brains and which are able to make you smile. I am pretty sure that the most interesting moments from your life will come into your head at once. Our memory is organized so that it proposes only the most outstanding moments first of all. Everything that is of a bit lesser importance is hidden much deeper.

All the essays about yourself should be not standard and shouldn’t resemble thousands of essays, which were read before that. It should be bright, haunting, and unable for being forgotten. Such essays should tell about the unforgettable experience of their authors, which influenced them and helped in their personalities’ formation.

There are very many questions, which should be answered, before to begin your essay: how to start writing, what words to choose, how to attract the readers from the first phrase. In fact, these questions are not very difficult, though the simplest topics are sometimes the hardest ones to reflect on them.

I propose you to look through my essay, which was bought from the professional experts in writing. Please, tell me after this, whether you liked it or not.

It Was Started Like This

Are you brave enough to enter a cage with saber-toothed tigers, or swim in the river, which is teeming with crocodiles? Do you start trembling like a leaf just at the thought of facing your fear and you are ready to live your life vapidly but not to take any attempts to conquer your dreads? Follow my example and soon you will forget what it is to be afraid even of your own shade.

I wasn’t a too courage person until I decided to put an end to my phobia. I was chicken-hearted from the early childhood and the older I became the more fears appeared inside me. The last accident, which happened to me and in which I did nothing but hid my head in the sand, made me summon up all the remains of my courage and get rid of my phobia at any cost. I was fed up with my inability to take even the nonthreatening decisions. I had to start doing something, which could help me to become fearless.

It seemed that a fear of heights was the biggest problem for me, at the thought of which I started feeling badly. Even when I looked at the skyscrapers, a number of which was really very big in the place, where I lived, I was ready to disappear in the air. Bungee jumping was the only thing, which could cure me once and forever. Now, when I remember about my decision to commit this jump from the 250m-high concrete wall of the dam, I don’t understand how such a crazy idea could come into my head. I was not drunk and there was no mental confusion in my head. I understood clearly what I was going to do and I did this!

I was flying these 250 meters; the birds were flying around me, and I saw the clouds within my arm’s reach. My head was empty, my eyes were closed, and the feelings, which overfilled my heart, were bombastic! The unbelievable height and me in the air thrilled my soul. My adrenaline increased several times and when I felt the ground under my feet, the first phrase, which everybody heard from me, was, ‘I will parachute tomorrow!’

All my fears vanished as if by magic. I guessed that I would be able to move the mountains!

I am a brave person now and there is no trace from my past fears. I started living another life and I really like it. If I just knew that it was so easy to turn my life… Will Help to Think Creatively

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