Is It Worth to Start Drinking Alcohol?


Alcohol abuse has become an epidemic of the modern world. However, not many people realize how harmful alcohol is. Drinking alcohol has a devastating effect on human body leading to the changes in mental and physical health that can result to injury or even death of the alcohol user. Potential dangers associated with alcohol abuse include domestic accidents, car crashes and falls among many others. The following essay will explore the question of whether it is worth to start drinking alcohol at all, taking into account all of the effects produced by alcohol on human body. It should be noted that not all people are aware of the dangers posed by alcohol abuse and the situation tends to gradually aggravate because people who abuse alcohol regularly are at a great risk of becoming alcohol addicts.

First, it is important to understand how alcohol moves through the human body. When people drink wine, beer or any other drink containing alcohol, the substance quickly penetrates the bloodstream and afterwards goes through the entire body system. It is a widely known fact that alcohol is broken down by metabolic processes being converted into compounds that are either used or removed by the body. Alcohol is quickly distributed in the human body having a devastating effect on the brain and tissues up until it is entirely metabolized by the body system. It is suggested that an alcoholic drink remains in the body for around 2 hours after the consumption. This period differs from person to person depending on one’s gender, weight and other characteristics. When we consume alcoholic drinks, the concentration of alcohol in our bodies reaches a certain peak and then gradually decreases along with the metabolic processes. As a rule, alcohol makes people feel happier and more relaxed, although it can also cause a feeling of confusion and drowsiness. It can be argued that people drink alcohol because they want to relax and get rid of negative emotions. But are these feelings the only effects of alcohol?

 In fact, alcohol abuse is associated with a number of negative consequences for the consumer as will be discussed below.

  • First, regular alcohol consumption leads to the development of an addiction that is extremely hard to overcome. Many people nowadays become alcohol addicts without realizing that they are already trapped. Some people think that they can overcome a desire to have a drink easily, but most people find it hard to deal with their addiction. There are a number of effective means of treatment that can be used to get cured from alcohol addiction, but it is always better to prevent the disease than to treat it. That is why a risk of becoming an alcohol addict is the first and foremost reason for not starting to consume alcohol.
  • The second reason why alcohol should not be regarded simply as a means of relaxation is related to the fact that alcohol consumption leads to brain damage causing harm to the tissues and blood vessels in the brain. Gradually, a person loses control of his/her actions, and can cause harm not only to him/herself, but also to other people. Besides, alcohol consumption might lead to memory loss and other devastating consequences, which should not be underestimated. Alcohol abuse is associated with a number of health implications so that a person who once wanted just to relax and get some positive emotions ends up spending loads of money for treatment of various diseases caused by long-term alcohol abuse. Alcohol is also known to affect the thinking abilities of a person in a negative way. Regular alcohol abuse results in difficulties with making movements, blurred vision, impaired speech and loss of control over one’s actions.
  • Another consequence of alcohol abuse is the fact that it has a harmful effect on many parts of the human body. Most of all, it affects the liver, because it is the organ that metabolizes alcohol along with other dangerous substances. People drinking alcohol regularly are at a greater risk of developing alcoholic hepatitis or even cirrhosis. Such liver diseases can have fatal consequences. That is why people should think twice before they start consuming alcohol. Even the small amount of alcohol may have a drastic effect on many organs in the human body, particularly the liver. Heavy drinking is also associated with a threat of developing liver cancer.
  • Furthermore, alcohol also affects the functioning of the heart. Alcohol consumption affects the heart in a positive and negative way. On the one hand, it is suggested by some studies that moderate consumption of alcohol can decrease the risk of developing heart diseases. At the same time, alcohol abuse in great amounts can cause damage to the heart. Long-term consumption of alcohol can lead to increased blood pressure, which can consequently result in the development of heart disease. In several months after a person stops drinking alcohol, blood pressure becomes normal again without causing too much harm to the heart.

To conclude, it can be argued that even moderate drinking is not good for our health, and it is better to avoid drinking alcohol at all, rather than deal with the consequences. Therefore, taking into account the above harmful effects of drinking alcohol, it should be concluded that such positive effects as relaxation, elevated spirits and a feeling of happiness are not a good reason for starting to drink alcohol regularly. Even though some studies claim that alcohol can have a number of positive effects as well, the truth is that alcohol abuse is not only addictive, but also harmful for the health of people. The question of whether it is worth to start drinking alcohol is a topic for debate, but it is evident that due to all the dangers associated with heavy drinking, there are no well-grounded reasons for starting to consume alcohol in excessive amounts. Alcohol abuse is not only harmful for the human health, but also represents a social problem leading to such consequences as domestic violence, aggressive behavior, loss of control over one’s life and many others.

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