John Locke Essay On Human Understanding. Significant Points


The role of John Locke in the development of political philosophy was huge. English philosopher and teacher supported the idea of sensationalism. His works had a great impact on many thinkers. In this paper we will tell you about facts from John Locke’s life and his most famous essay.

John Locke An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Interesting Facts About The Author

Our thesis writer has decided to make a list of interesting facts from the author’s life. It is more useful to look through the list rather than read his biography.

1. John Locke was baptized on the day of his birth.

2. Locke worked on investigation of human’s mind. He investigated its cognition. John Locke described his observations in his essay. The author spent 16 years on the work.

3. He is one of the founders of such a called “Contractual” theory of the development of a country.

4. John Locke was highly interested in medicine, natural science, politics, pedagogy, economy, relationships between church and a nation, freedom of faith, and problems in liberal attitude towards religion.

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5. Locke was the first person who formulated the principle of power division: executive authority, legislative authority, and federal authority. If you have a paper on these three branches, we can revise it. Send us a message, “Revise my essay cheap.”

6. He was keen on René Descartes’ works.

7. In 1656 Locke obtained bachelor degree and two years after that he got master degree. When he was studying in Oxford, the author payed much attention to medicine. He worked with more than successful and well-known scholars. Check our essay on success here:

8. John Locke had never been married. You can read a paper on marriage definition on this page:

9. He is the author of some early bourgeois liberalism. Locke claimed about natural human rights and that nobody could take them away. He meant the right on life, the right on freedom, and the right on privacy.

10. Locke’s doctrine became the basis for constitutional practice. We are speaking about constitutional practice in Norther states of America. Locke was the first philosopher who had a chance to take part in the development of the first basic governmental instrument.

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11. In 1667 Locke received an offer to become a family doctor in the house of lord Ashley. The philosopher accepted the offer. That was the time during which Locke entered upon policy.

12. People say that John Locke is the author of constitution of North Caroline. The philosopher wrote it according to recommendations of Shaftesbury. This constitution was supported by assembly of the folk representatives. The constitution came into effect in 1669.

13. From 1675 to 1679 John Locke resided in France because of poor health. Also, Locke did not return to Britain until the end of Glorious Revolution.

14. Locke took part in preparations to overthrow that happened in England. As a result, William the third became the king of Great Britain. John Locke not only supported him but was his mentor. Locke had a huge ideological influence on William.

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Locke’s The Biggest Work

His Human Understanding Essay is the biggest work of the author. He wrote it many years. We will tell you briefly about main ideas that Locke emphasized in this paper.

An idea is something that a person realizes. This is what he is thinking about. It is something that his mind meditates on. All ideas come out of feelings or reflections. One’s mind is a new sheet of paper. It gets material for knowledge and argument from experience. It means that our observations deliver our mind all materials for thought.

The author points out two sources of ideas in Essay Concerning Human Understanding:

1. Objects of sensation. Feelings transport into one’s mind different perceptions of things. It gives us ideas of yellow and red colors (sensual qualities). Such objects bring into mind substances that provoke such feelings.

2. Inner perception of operations that one’s mind executes. It happens when mind processes new ideas. This is reflection in sense of observation. One’s mind observes some action and finally it acquires the ideas of this action.

Outer ideas bring sensation ideas into one’s mind. A mind supplies intellect by ideas of its own activity. People supply themselves with new ideas differently. It depends on an object that they see. All ideas of reflection arise later because they demand attention. The main task of a person when he/she is still a kid lies in introduction to life. However, people rarely think on inner processes until they become adults. It happens because they are growing up and pay attention only to outer feelings. One’s mind acquires ideas when it starts to perceive things. To have ideas means to perceive ideas.

If a person thinks and he does not know about it, nobody knows about it as well. All dreams are made out of ideas of awake person. One’s soul recollects all inherent ideas during a sleep. The ideas of a soul during sleep are more natural and inherent than any other time. Memory stores ideas that came out of one’s body or from soul’s action towards ideas.

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Supervision of kids says that there is no other idea than those that come out of reflection or feelings. A soul always thinks first than feelings will supply it with ideas for thinking. Your spirit develops ability to think as well as increases the stock. Also, it develops imagination and reasoning. Thanks to feelings one’s soul enriches itself with ideas. The more it has material for thinking the harder it thinks. It gradually gets into condition when it is able to combine ideas, abstract them, and make ideas broader.

In that very moment when a person starts to feel, he/she gets ideas. While thinking about its activity, it becomes rich in new ideas. It calls reflection. Such impressions that a person obtains in a moment when see an object is called the activity of one’s soul.

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