Journalism Essay: History and People


Do you know something about journalism? If someone watches TV, he/she also watches news and different programs. Journalists that are working in such companies prepare news and then report them. It may seem that the work of a journalist is all about fun. Yes, to some extent it is so interesting to find out something new every day. Journalism is about searching. It must be entertaining. But there are also cases when journalists are killed. Sometimes it is dangerous to know too much. We will talk about all this in essay about journalism.

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The History of Journalism

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Although one may think that the history of journalism is a recent discovery, it started too long ago. To make the story more helpful, we have prepared for you a list of several interesting facts.

1. Many people say that journalism is nothing else but a storytelling. Since, we consider it to be a logical conclusion and interpretation, the first journalist’s work was noticed in ancient time. Poets and simple people tried to record the way of living, culture of a nation, and other things. So, they collected facts and scribed them. This is a job that a journalist does.

2. Indeed, the work of a journalist is an old profession. Experts insist that journalism spread in old Roman Empire. It was a huge rule. Its territory consisted of numerous nations and countries. For these reasons, people invented the way to deliver written news in every corner of the Empire.

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3. The first newspaper was handwritten in Roman Empire, especially in time of Julius Caesar. Such copies were brought into all colonies. They contained information about important marriages, contest of gladiators, births and deaths. That was the beginning of dividing a newspaper into such chapters as sport column, horoscopes, and advice column.

4. By 1450 the first printing press was invented. It increased the need of people to read. People began to publish books. The Bible was the first. Even though the era of revelation started, newspapers in sense of periodic publication did not appear.

5. Only in the 17th century journalism became part of everyday life in Europe. Probably you have heard about Oxford Gazette. It is dated by 1665. London suffered from plague. To avoid terrible fate, the British court moved to Oxford. When the plague was over, the court together with the Gazette returned to London.

6. The first English daily newspaper was the Daily Courant. It was printed in 1702. The essential fact is that the editor of the newspaper was a woman. She became the first lady who was involved in journalism.

By that time, British government decided to pass a law according to which the name of a person who printed any paper must be included to the document.

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7. The first newspaper that was published in America was closed immediately after one issue. There are two reasons of why that happened: the first is that the editor had no license, the second is that the story in the newspaper told about sexual relationships of king of France and his daughter-in-law.

The first newspaper in America was published by Benjamin Franklin’s brother. That was a time when any person who wrote some critic could be punished. Very often people used pseudonymous. Especially it was dangerous during war affairs when editors encouraged a nation through writings. So, it is a right thing to mention that journalism belonged to partisan organizations.

8. Ben Franklin was also engaged into journalism. He had to take over as the owner of his brother’s newspaper when he was very young. His brother James mocked and criticized religion and local government. So, he was arrested.

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9. A real progress in journalism came to America in the 19th century. Printing machines became larger and the amount of copies grew much. Surely, there was a problem of distrust and law responsibility. Nevertheless, the nation needed journalists. For these reasons, the field developed greatly.

10. The most popular and well-known newspaper The New York Times was established in 1851. Its editor tried to combine an excellent writing with proper way of reporting. Order more information about this journal and pay for essay online.

Journalism of the past centuries committed many mistakes. People wanted to deliver massages, but often they did it wrong. Many times news was mixed with other information. Talks, facts, and different opinions were combined. There was no clear distinction between them. Because of the slow process, newspapers possessed old events. Journalists wrote law quality columns. All newspapers usually were too short. They had only 3 pages.

All in all, newspapers during Revolution in America supported people. Most of them contained information against the crown. So, it encouraged people in their fighting and resistance. Again, the civil war in United States had a huge impact on journalism. There was an immense amount of war journalists. They covered the whole spectrum of war events. If you are interested in papers about war, check information here:

To be a good journalist is not an easy task. One has to write correctly and enlighten interesting and essential events. Some journalists become very famous. There are some of them who can become even someone’s hero.

Joseph Pulitzer worked as a journalist. He wrote for newspapers and was an excellent worker. Now there is a prize with his name for the best contribution of a journalist.

Anna Wintour is not only the editor of the most popular fashion journal in the world, but she is also a journalist. Anna started her career in Britain where she cooperated with several newspapers. She returned American “Vogue” back to life. Anna played a key role in its editing. So, the journal covers many essential fields that touches a wide range of readers. 

Sheeren Bhan is an Indian journalist and producer of many shows. She is the owner of several awards. The audience loves her because she delivers news in a manner that attracts people. Sheeren announces news such effortlessly and friendly that makes everyone to be involved in her game. You should watch at least Bhan’s India Business Hour to make sure she is a wonderful journalist.

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Robert Fisk is a leading journalist in Great Britain. What thing has made him so famous? He stayed in Beirut and worked as a correspondent for about 20 years. His collection of awards is huge and brilliant. Robert became the lucky guy who managed to interview Osama Bin Laden three times.

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