Lady Macbeth Essay: Who Is Lady Macbeth


Lady Macbeth essay

Life story of every woman is extremely unique. Some people say that woman’s heart is an unexplored place. It is hidden from everyone. This opinion is truth. Although a woman may seem very tender and soft, she can shelter inside a huge power that once can burst. Authors always used in literature a character of a woman. It could be complaisant, kind, brave, funny, generous, thoughtless, gentle, and cruel. Shakespeare created a very interesting story with the central character – Lady Macbeth. In Macbeth Essay we will talk about several things: the author of the play and the explanation of the main character of the play.

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What Macbeth Analysis Essay Says About William Shakespeare

The author of the play was born in England. He is one of the most well-known writers and people in the world. He was creating and working during the Golden Age of England. It was the flourishing of the country and of the author’s talent. His life was not only about writing. William was married. He had children from a woman who was 8 years older than he. There are experts who claim that Shakespeare had feelings to a man. They present his sonnets as evidences of his love. Other experts assert that William was in love with a married woman. All this may be a fairy tale and who knows what the truth was.

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Nobody can say for sure for what companies and people Shakespeare wrote his plays and sonnets. There is an opinion that all his works are stolen and William never wrote even a one of them. The influence of Shakespeare’s work is great. It has a continuous impact on each generation. Pupils and students not only read his plays at school and college but write dissertations on the topics of his writings. Movie industry has created enough films which are based on Shakespeare’s famous scripts. People watch them with great pleasure. Shakespeare’s literature is a classical literature. It touches hearts of many people.

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Who Is Lady Macbeth

The name of this woman is a wild known in literature. Some foreign writers used her name in their novels. For instance, one Russian writer when described a rich Russian lady called her Lady Macbeth. She killed her husband, father-in-law, and a small nephew without any hesitation. That was a very unattractive image. One of Verdi’s operas is called “Lady Macbeth”. When it was performed first, the composer demanded to find a not beautiful singer with a hoarse voice. So, what is the character of this woman with such ill fame?

We are not going to retell The Tragedy of Macbeth. It is difficult to find someone who does not know its story or at least does not know the name Macbeth. Let us consider the place of the major hero in the story. Certainly, she takes the central place. Her spouse is a very honorable man. He is devoted to the king and everything in this personality seems nice. But then his morality falls. The reason of this degradation lies in the influence of the women who surround Macbeth. His fate begins to change when he hears the predictions of witches. However, this man would never dare to betray and kill his king, if his beloved wife left him alone. Lady Macbeth desired to reach the crown. She wanted to be the queen of Scotland.

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These events open the nature of Macbeth. He is so brave on the battle field but at home he is afraid of his Lady. The woman has a talent to manipulate people. She calls Macbeth a wimp and claims that he does not love her. Lady Macbeth is very smart. She plots against king and princes and her plans work great. Although readers may say that this woman is heartless, it is not true. Lady Macbeth faces a new enemy – consciousness of guilt. The woman cannot live long with such a burden. Finally, she dies.

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So, looking back at Lady Macbeth, we may say such words about this character:

1. She is obsessed with lust for power. In attempt to achieve the goal, Lady Macbeth does not realize that her deeds are sinful.

2. The woman is very crafty. Her behavior is different when she with her husband and when she is alone.

3. The main heroine is a beautiful woman and very smart. She is a frigid person.

4. She is a forceful personality, much stronger than Macbeth. Besides, Lady Macbeth is very influential and reserved.

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5. There is some dim light inside her heart. It shows itself only after the reached aim. However, the impact of the light is so big that Lady Macbeth dies not in time.

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Lady Macbeth Is A Murderer And Tragic Hero

These are two points of view which are quite fair. The woman appears a person who finally repents of her sin. She realizes that her arms are in blood. Her thoughts and feelings get confused. For these reasons, she ends so ruefully.

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Shakespeare describes the woman who is very different from others. She is not soft and tender. Lady Macbeth’s power and influence is a huge example for many men. Her authority above husband is a kind of wisdom which typical only of women.

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Her life reflects the nature of many people. They long for power, commit dreadful things, and acquit evil for evil. The tragedy of Lady Macbeth’s story lies in her logical but thoughtless actions. The woman is the reason that spoils everything. On her way people die and turn into madmen. Lady Macbeth builds her own life and turn it into a big tragedy.

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