Law-Abidingness in Patriotic Essay


In general, patriotism is defined as devotion and readiness to defend your homeland, though this term has much wider meaning and deeper sense. Ask people about their understanding of it and I am sure you will hear a lot of various answers.

Patriotism is really not only your love for you motherland. To be a patriot means to be ready to give your life for the country if such a necessity appears, though it is possible to approve yourself as a patriot not only in the hour of danger, but also in our everyday life. How to do this? The following essay about patriotism will give you some tips.

All the countries of the world have their own national heroes, who fought bravely for the national honor when there was a threat to its safety or territorial integrity. The history will always remember its patriots and we, who are living now, will also keep their great names in our memory. If you want to perform a fit, try to prepare yourself at first by committing not great deeds, but smaller ones. They are very useful for your country’s developing too.

Teach Children Love Their Land!

I always wanted to know whether a person is born with some patriotic instincts, or they should be cultivated by those, who took an active part in a child’s upbringing. I couldn’t understand whether it was possible to take the warm feelings for the country with mother’s milk, or not. My continuous reflections made me come to the following conclusion: developing of the patriotic feelings in a child was the main task of every parent and family, though like all the other cases, this one had the exception. Hundreds of books on patriotism, which I read, persuaded me that the national heroes, who performed some unbelievable deeds for the sake of their country, were born with the patriotic seeds inside their hearts. I wanted all the newborns had such good feelings inside them. I was sure that the more patriots were in a country, the better life waited for each of its citizens.

A lot of people are sure that the modern generation is not as patriotic as their predecessors. More and more people start thinking that the teenagers are interested only in computers, hanging online, and doing nothing but enjoying their lives. People are sure that the young men are able to fight only on the Net while playing the computer games. If it is really so, it is not the young men’ fault. Maybe they simply had not good teachers, didn’t they?

I am convinced that every parent should start cultivating love for the native country in their kids from the first days of their lives. Such tasks as reading the book about the heroic people, about the most famous and glorious historical events in the life of a country, about its developing and flourishing is not too difficult, though the results from doing this will be undeniable. A child will get used to live with the thoughts about his country step by step and his egoistic thoughts will give place to the thoughts about the motherland. A method of upbringing the kids in a patriotic manner should become a good family tradition and be kept thoroughly.

Real Patriot: What’s He Like?

A real patriot is more a law-abiding citizen rather than a dreamer, who is planning how to commit a heroic deed and save a country from the aliens’ invasion. Patriotism is not a romantic story, which is told about a patriot as a super powerful hero, who defeated the army of enemies.  My ‘What is patriotism essay’ tells about how to be a good citizen and how to apply your patriotic features in your everyday day. Your decency and responsibility are really important for the society and the country in general.

If you want to show the country your patriotic state of mind, you should:

  • vote and understand clearly that even your voice may influence the course of events;
  • help all those, who need your assistance and be attentive to your family, your fellows, best friends, neighbors, and colleagues;
  • study your country’s history carefully;
  • know all the presidents of your country, all its national heroes, and never forget this info;
  • learn the anthem of your country by heart;
  • know the laws and try never to break none of them;
  • respect the national flag and other national symbols and know all the info about these attributes;
  • try to be an example for people and make them want to follow you;
  • show yourself as a good professional and perform your work well, because it is really important for your country and its level of prestige;
  • don’t avoid paying taxes, because every penny influences the budget of your country;
  • drive your car carefully and keep to the rules to not endanger other people;
  • not litter in the street;
  • be an active and accurate citizen.

Keep to this rules, teach your children to do the same from the early age, and who knows, maybe one day the world will really become better and there will be less criminals, who pay no attention to the laws. I think that this is the best manifestation of patriotism, which can be showed by everyone.

There are really a lot of patriotism essay ideas, which can be used to compose the profound and deep essays about patriotism. You are free to write about your own patriotic feelings, about the national symbolic and the importance of respecting it; you may tell the readers about the great patriots, who supported the country in the times of troubles, or reflect on the importance of people to be the patriots. Choose any topic and create a really hearty and calling essay.

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