Learning a New Language Essay: Two Persons in One Body


I know several foreign languages and I may be considered an experienced man in this sphere. When I was asked to prepare an essay about learning a new language, it was a piece of cake for me.

I am able to say that my knowledge is deep enough to feel comfortably among the native speakers and in their country. I never pass when I meet a foreigner: I know that I will find a common ground with him easily. If you want to know how I could acquire a native speaker level, I can answer you willingly: I started learning these languages from the age of 5. An eighteen-year period was absolutely enough for me to bring my knowledge to perfection.

If you need to learn a foreign language in a record time and it is impossible to wait for twenty years until your skills become ideal, there can be found a lot of alternatives.  

Want to Learn New Languages? It’s Easy!

Ask anybody, who is called a polyglot, about his way to this title and he will answer you that the best method of getting acquainted with a language is to find yourself among the native speakers. Does it mean that all people, who are good at languages, have spent several years in the foreign countries, the languages of which they know perfectly? It is not exactly so. Don’t hasten to call to the airline company and book a ticket! If you want to speak any foreign language fluently, there are a pretty amount of modern techniques, which allow a person to learn any language not even quickly, but very rapidly.

My learning a new language essay proposed a lot of variants how to be closer to your dream of being a polyglot. Frankly speaking, I am still far from this dream but not because these methods are not effective. As soon as I pass all my exams at college, I will start learning the next language. I hope I will succeed in this.

The languages, which I have already learnt, were taught at school. My parents wanted me to be a many-sided person and they were sure that the more languages and cultures I knew, the deeper my inner world will be. Of course, I tried to resist. I had no desire to hammer at the books while all my friends played gaily and enjoyed their time. I felt unfortunate! When I grew older and I was given a ticket to a foreign camp, I was on cloud nine. I met so many children from various counties, that when I came home, everybody noticed that my language knowledge was several times deeper than before this trip. It was summer, which changed me cardinally. I mentioned this story in my essay on learning and I was sure that it would be a good counsel for somebody, who is still far from being fluent in a foreign language.

You Need Motivation!

I am sure you know a good and old saying that a person, who speaks two languages, is two persons in one body. It is not difficult to understand that each new learnt language makes you more and more interesting as a conversation partner and a more valuable and irreplaceable employee, who is able to be a devil for work.

If you want to speak a new language not worse than its bearer and you have some motives to do this, it is evident that you will succeed soon. Just prepare yourself correctly and you will speak Portuguese, Polish, or Italian in a month!

What are the thoughts, which you should have in your head, to become multilingual?

  1. Find a motivation, which will inspire you to bring your plan to an end. When you have an aim, it is easier to move towards it rather than to do this with no interest.
  2. Find a partner, who wants to learn another language too. It will be funnier to study together and much easier to make new and new progress. Your language learning course will resemble just a game. Besides, you will try to compete and this fact will help you to produce good results.
  3. Promise yourself to learn at least 20 new words daily. Soon your lexicon will be colossal!
  4. Talk to yourself, when your partner is not next to you. Everyday practice is one of the main points in a new language study.
  5. Capture your lessons on video and analyze them then. It will help you to find the mistakes, which you make while speaking.
  6. Watch foreign films and listen to the songs with no translation. Intonations, pronunciation, and manner of talking will make you get used to the new language quicker.
  7. Have a practice with the native-speakers. Where to find them? The Internet is able to do the wonders! Make friends with a couple of guys from the country you need, and chat with them, talk to them, and deepen your knowledge with pleasure.

Are these rules difficult? I am sure they are very easy to be followed, so start right now and soon you will be able to tell everybody whether they helped you or not.

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