Legalization of abortion: an act of genocide against humanit


The value of human life cannot be counted in currency, it cannot be substituted by anything else and it most certainly cannot be tempered with. Every day we come face to face with the cruelest dilemma of our times: to keep it or to get rid of it. We observe the situation on TV; movies are always filled with these episodes where a female character confesses to having an abortion. We came to think of it as normal and natural, but it is certainly not.

Unwanted pregnancy: problem or solution

Very often we hear about teenagers getting pregnant. Teen pregnancy is the most common case of an unwanted baby that we have come across. It was discussed in the previous article. And the pros and cons of it were clearly stated. If you care to read more on the topic and find further useful information, then press here.

So, a reckless teen is the most likely participant. Having read dozens of argumentative essays on abortion, they decide that, however dangerous it might be, it is their only option. If the fear of keeping the baby is so great, then you can just give it away. Hundreds of families that cannot have kids would be thrilled to adopt your baby. But, of course, it is easier to deal with the issues as if it was another cosmetic procedure. The only explanation is that the irresponsible parent-to-be is afraid to face the consequences of giving a life. They are just scared that one day this baby of theirs will find out about them and demand the answers. And no one likes being prosecuted in this way, because it is emotionally challenging.

The teenager’s parents helped her financially with the “unfortunate situation” and now she is free to go to college and go on with her life as she pleases. In many cases it turns out perfect. The women get to have a family later in life without any remorse or pecks of consciousness. They do not seem to comprehend that they have practically committed a murder - they ordered their baby to be killed.

This is not written as some kind of a persuasive essay on abortion, or an against abortion essay. What needs to be explained and understood is that this matter has more negative outcomes than positive. The least negative one would be a bad case of depression. They even call it a post-natal depression as a woman that is pregnant with her first child has to see it pulled out of her. She may even persuade herself that she gave birth to a healthy child but it was taken away from her. Many end up in a psychiatric facility afterwards.

When a woman is psychologically strong and stable it is easier to make a decision and live with it. She can persuade herself that she made the right choice and she did not have any other option.

There is also a situation, when women that have had an abortion before, can no longer have any children. This is a devastating truth, the fatal flaw in our biology. Sometimes we are given just this one chance to leave a mark on this Earth, to continue our blood line. After all, our having a child is what makes us immortal.

No other way out – a selfish deed or a matter of survival

These all were just examples where we talked about hormonal teenagers in love and the consequences of their having unprotected sex. But let’s look at the other side of the coin, because as much as abortion essay may be repulsively cruel, supporting the deed, they may have a grain of truth to them.

Imagine, for a second that you are pregnant with a long wanted child, but the doctors find a grievous disease that cannot be treated without harming the fetus or terminating the pregnancy altogether. What do you do? Any loving non-egotistical mother sacrifices her health in order to save her baby and takes great risks with her own life as well as with the life of the baby, because she cannot predict how the disease will affect it.

Here the abortion is the perfect solution, but love says otherwise. People are sometimes overly emotional and they lack the selfishness when it comes to saving their own lives. These feelings are confusing, but the mother would be judged by society if she was to choose her own life over the life of the baby.

It is preposterous, really, because we are ready to accept that a woman may kill her unborn baby when it stands on the way of her plans and career prospects, but we cannot even think about this when a baby threaten the mother’s life. It is believed that she does not deserve to be a mother if she does not give everything up for the baby.

Cruelty does not breed love

Reading an argumentative essay about abortion, we may notice that there is another reason for it to be a necessary evil. And, of course, we are talking about rape and physical abuse. The cruelty of this world no longer has its limits and we are surrounded with it every second of our lives. When the mother has been subjected to the physical abuse of any kind, she is sure to be affected by it not only physically, but psychologically as well. She cannot create a safe environment for a child. In this case she must undergo a psychological evaluation to determine whether she may keep the child or it must be given away.

Rapists that get women pregnant are most likely to carry a disease of some kind. There is no guarantee that the child will be born healthy and able to develop normally. You have probably seen lots of webpage titled like “Should the abortion be legal essay” or read many against abortion essays.

Abortion cannot be legal, but there are situations when we must oversee the negative and make an exception out of the rule, however these exception must be carefully monitored and made only in critical cases. If you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts. We would be glad to read and publish them.