Life Changing Essay: May Tomorrow Never Come?


Although a lot of people try to reach stability in their lives and make it stop changing as soon as any of the desired heights has been achieved, life changing event bursts into your routine spontaneously and overturns your habitual and so long-awaited life style. Nobody asks, ‘Hey, you! Do you agree to change your life cardinally and start it from the very beginning?’ Your hasty and firm ‘No’ doesn’t matter. You are just put in such conditions, when you have no other choice but accept new rules of the game and start playing according to them. No matter whether you like the goings-on or not, you bow your head, maybe whimper for some time, and come to a decision that continuation of your way is the best idea in your case.

When I was first announced that an event that changed my life essay had to be ready in a couple of days, this news gave me kittens. Oh, I had a super powerful story that was able to massacre any of my opponents, who wanted to doubt the fact that it was possible for life to be turned through 180 in a blink. Despite this, I didn’t want to make a trip back to the day, when the world around me was bombed to dust.

I thought for a while but gathered my thoughts then and started writing… I didn’t hold a pen in my hand so long that I felt as if I had never been able to string two words together at all. I was filled with strange feelings, though the event changed my life essay had to be started.

Changed My Life Essay: One Episode

The day was sunny and warm. Spring was my favorite time of the year and its coming always awoke great stream of inspiration inside my body, which almost issued forward from me. I was able to tame such a burst of energy. That time I did as usual: I took a pen, opened my old and shabby notebook, and my intuition told me that I would spend a perfect day face to face with my thoughts. Each new practice in writing was useful for me because I was going to become a professional writer. Literary faculty was waiting for me! My life was predetermined and I imagined myself a great and famous writer every night. I waited for the times, when the world got know about me. I was ready to write down the first sentence of my new essay, when my hand was given an extra intensive shake, a nib of a pen made an automatic hook, and fall out of my hand then. I remembered nothing of the events, which happed after that.

How could I, a naive and young girl, know that the next year would be long and terrible for me and I would spend it in attempts to save my skin from haunting shells, each of which could easily cut my head off?

My future was predetermined, though the plans were changed beyond recognition. Instead of enjoying my young life, I spent long months in bomb shelter. My reality was changed by the war, my world was ruined, and my future was under threat. Each night I tried to sleep at least a bit, though I was afraid to close my eyes… I knew that tomorrow may never come for me…

Armed conflict is the most awful crime, which may be committed against the humanity. War and its piping bullets shoot people dead and kill the mentality of those, who stayed alive by a lucky chance.

When I was given an opportunity to observe the peaceful sky above my head again and a stone floor was changed to a cozy bed, I wasn’t able to forget all the memories of paralyzing horror, which didn’t let me relax for many days straight. My life was divided into two parts, the first one of which was bright and happy, while the second one was full of disappointment. I wanted to close my eyes, open them then, and understand that it was just a night dream and that I was a happy and smiling girl again. I repeated this manipulation daily, though each new morning brought me the understanding of reality, which was much crueler than I had ever thought.

The priorities were changed. The only dream, which was left in my soul, was just about the peace in the world that should never be broken again.

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As for me, life changing experience essay has become one more try to remind people that there is nothing stable in this world. Even the strongest concrete wall, which has been unmovable for centuries, may sway and fall on you some day. Are you still living as if you had nine lives in stock? Do you really believe that when you are given a task to compose an essay on life changing experience, you will have no idea what to write about because no trouble has ever hurt you? In fact, nobody knows what will happen to him tomorrow, so try not to be so carefree. A life changing experience essay may really become a new page of your life, in which the previous one will disappear forever.

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