Life Goals Essay: Gone with the Wind?


Are you able to name at least several aims which you are striving for? Unlike many other people, who never think about the direction in which they are moving and who let the wind carry them away, I know what goals I need to reach to make my children and grandkids proud of me then. ‘My goals in life essay’ is the perfect opportunity for me to talk to the reads and remind them that it is impossible to live without having any targets. It is not right to be gone with the wind!

Just look around and you will find a pretty amount of young men, who live and think of nothing. They are killing their time, while the others are trying to work hard in order to reach at least one of their numerous goals. If you are among those, who are sure that our lives are given to us just for making merry, drinking beer, and having fun all year round, I am ready to make a loud statement and say: such a philosophy is wrong!

Be yourself!

Nobody put any bounds on you: your goals in life may be different! It is not necessary for you to have a desire to become a top-manager like all your fellows do or to earn 1000000$. Maybe, you want to see a panda and feed it with bamboo yourself, or win such a great sum of money in a lottery. Don’t be afraid that such desires have a too strange formulation. Write them down into your list of goals and start doing your best to bring them to life quicker. I want to say to all those, who are smiling now and thinking that it is the most stupid goal, which they have ever heard: panda doesn’t live in any climate zone and it is necessary to cover a rather long distance to China to visit the National Nature Reserve, where pandas live. Try to say that it is easy to do and I will make a compelling argument: if you live at a distance of 10 000 km or more from China, you need to earn some money to buy a ticket, at first. If you analyze this info, you will understand that even such a funny goal as to see a panda requires a lot of energy and time to reach it. Winning a lottery is not an easier task, by the way. You will never win without investing money into tickets’ buying. Waiting for any spontaneous luck is always a big risk. You may spend too much money and time and win nothing at the end.

Set the Goals!

Each goal reaching is a hard work, which needs time, physical and moral resources, material expenses and great patience.

It is not good to live and have no goals, because you won’t see any horizons in front of you and there will be a risk to spend too much time on reaching just one aim. The Olympic champions, the super successful billionaires and all those, who can be called ‘the great achievers’, set the goals. Doing like this helps people to see clearly what they are striving for, to organize their time properly, and be better motivated.

Are you ready to start determining your goal in life?

First, try to imagine what your life should be like in 10 years and define the goals, which you should achieve to bring your plan to life. Take a piece of paper and start writing down all the goals, which you need to rich. Divide them into the categories because it will be easier to analyze all the work done and the amount of tasks, which are still waiting for execution. Education, career, health, fitness, private life, family, charity – there is a vast field in which you may develop your potential.  

After setting the global goals, switch your attention to the smaller ones. It is better to have a precise plan of your actions rather than to move with no orientation in time and space. If you have a clear vision of the tasks, which are in front of you, you will have no other choice but to do your best to execute them.

Soon you will notice which goals are easier to be reached and which ones need more efforts from you. Correct your plan for life as you are moving forward. Be sure that you are on the right track and being successful is not just a distant dream for you!

Goals in Life Essay

If you think that I am good just for giving the recommendations and I have no plans for my future, I need to say that my life is mapped out thoroughly and my personal goal essay is the main proof of my words. What I am striving for? Like all the other people, I want to build a perfect career, though I want to do this not to earn one million dollars. The size of my salary doesn’t interest me. I want to reach such a level of professionalism in my field, which will make me become the incomparable master. I want to invent a new medicine, which will let me reduce the death rate in the whole world. Maybe it sounds too fantastically and grandiosely, though I have a target and I am moving towards it from my first day in the University. I don’t doubt that one fine day you will find the headline in the New York Times about me and my shocking invention!

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