Major Themes Of Hamlet Essay


William Shakespeare is the Great English playwright, poet and actor known to everyone who reads books, goes to the theater and watching a movie. My Hamlet theme essay is about the immortal tragedy of a talented and revered by generations of admirers – William Shakespeare. So, this is the reason why I decided to write this Hamlet analysis essay.

I loved this book. After so many years it is still true and my essay on Hamlet will prove it. The issues covered in the poetry of the author are eternal. Unlike the play Romeo and Juliet about that I wrote the essay, the work seemed stronger and more serious. There is love, ambition, betrayal, rivalry and mystery. All of this will always haunt the hearts and minds of the readers. In the work, there are so many quotes that are ingrained in our lives, although we often do not remember where they came from. How tragic the character of Hamlet, his doubts and experiences are not indifferent and they make people doubt and worry. Anguishes so exhausted him that he forgot about his beloved, lost sleep, suspected all around and talked to the skull. Intrigues, suspicions – all of this keeps the tension of the reader, though he knows the end of the action. And the main part is, of course, the tragic denouement of the action. There is no happy ending. It is Shakespeare.

The tragedy at all times

So who is Hamlet? Is he a loving son who takes revenge for the death of the father or selfish man who destroys everyone who loves him?  The answer is in my Hamlet character analysis essay. Although, the answer is not easy to find but online article writer helped me. He is a son who loves his father, who in fact, will never accept his loss. His wound is fresh and bleeding. It would have healed, if not the appearance of a Ghost that stirred the wound and called for revenge. The revenge has blinded the Hamlet, and soon, he had forgotten about everything and everyone. Everything that was once important to him has departed on the second plan. The main purpose of life was the revenge for his father. He got his revenge – he fulfilled his duty to the father. But was it worth? No. Because of his blind revenge he lost everyone who was dear to him. He accused his own mother of treason to the dead father. He humiliated his mother and not even realized that was wrong. Could Gertrude did something in this situation and was it her fault? No. Hamlet is right about one thing – only 2 months have passed since the funeral of his father and mother should wear mourning. But by the laws of the time if one brother died another was obliged to marry his widow. The woman at that time could not solve anything – and if a man appointed the wedding, the woman had to do what her husband said despite the feelings for a dead spouse. The Queen was the innocent victim of the situation.

Another innocent victim from essays on Hamlet is Ophelia. She essentially had no relation to what was happening there. She truly loved Hamlet. And he just laughed at her feelings. He, in some sense, killed her by words. And she had loved him. And the death of Polonius, her beloved father, by the hands of Hamlet just led to the madness of Ophelia and then she drowned herself.

The beloved and adored uncle became the enemy, despite the fact that the King loved his nephew like a son and wanted to give him all that he had. The King regretted, and we could see it in the scene in the Church and Hamlet also saw it. And he had almost forgotten about revenge and wanted to give up his ideas but the Ghost appeared again. And I can notice in my Hamlet madness essay that the anger has begun to boil with new force and in the end his plans materialized. 

The story of Hamlet – is a story of betrayal of his uncle and mother, it is a revenge for his father. Shakespeare depicts Hamlet as a deep thinking man who is disappointed in the reality surrounding him and doubts established beliefs. It is characterized by a pessimistic assessment of human life, traits of the young representative of the time who lost faith in the justice, bitter thoughts about the contradictory of life. Despite all the inconsistency of character, he commands respect and empathy for his actions and thoughts. When I read it, I felt the closeness and the sense of ownership of his actions; his thoughts became important for me and for our time.

William Shakespeare

In world literature, it is difficult to find the author who is as popular as William Shakespeare and the person whose biography would be as ambiguous and mysterious. So, in this Hamlet critical essay, I want to pay attention to the author also.

He was born on 23 April 1654. Until 1571 William studied at elementary school and then at high school in Stafford. Shakespeare married at 18 and this marriage was salvation from punishment and disgrace of both spouses. Anne Hathaway, being 8 years older than the groom at the time of the wedding, was pregnant. In the family was born not only one child (a daughter) but the twins two years later.

In the second half of 80-ies, William Shakespeare moved to London. In the period from 1592 to 1594 all the theaters were closed because of the epidemic. Shakespeare at that time was known as a writer. He has written the tragedy “Titus Andronicus”, poems and famous play “The Taming of the Shrew”.

After the end of the epidemic the situation went for Shakespeare in a favorable way. His talent has already been recognized and the name became famous in London. In 1594, he formed a new troupe, which was called “The Lord Chamberlain’s Men”. To this period belongs one of the most famous works “Romeo and Juliet”. It was released in 1694-1695. There is an assumption that the work on it was started a few years before, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

Financial papers of the family show that the financial situation of Shakespeare significantly improved due to the fact that he became a co-owner of another theatre “The Globe” which was opened in 1599. This period in the life of a writer historians call “the period of great tragedies” – he wrote “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “King Lear”, “Othello” and other works of the author.

The departure of the Shakespeare back in Stafford surprised everyone. It is assumed that the reason for this decision was the author’s illness. William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1614.

So, I want to say that I understand why the Hamlet is so popular – almost every utterance is ambiguous and carries some worldly wisdoms or thoughts. Reading Shakespeare I wonder why he is so penetrated the consciousness, why it leaves an imprint of wisdom. There is no way to say do I love Shakespeare or not. He has the power over the minds of men as well as his heroes. It is too hard or even almost impossible to describe my impressions on this work. Sure, I do admit that it is a masterpiece of world literature and I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates reading and love books. And most importantly, read this book only when you will really want this. Hope you liked this Hamlet soliloquy essay. If you want to order an essay, then visit our website and look through the information about our team, prices and services. Please, be sure that all your recommendations will be considered.