Making New Friends through Social Media: Truth or Myth


The social media has become the outstanding feature of the current century. Chat rooms, video blogs, social networks and diaries - this is where people meet date, breakup, talk, make friends and share significant details about their lives.  Many become victims of online scams and fraud, while the others like pretending to be someone else. If you are looking for advice on making friend through social media or want to share your experience with us by writing an essay, please contact us and tell your story.

There are a lot of positive moments to social media: you can find your classmates even if haven’t talked to them for ages, look up you long lost distant relatives or check out how your first low now looks. When a person logs in, they look for those, who new them long ago, when they were still young and careless. It is similar to surrounding yourself with positive books, while running away from the all too negative reality. In case you want to write a narrative essay on social media, we have a couple of advice for you, which will make your essay stand out from the crowd.

More Friends Equal Fewer Conversations

You get lost in the countless friend requests and messages, sharing your deepest thoughts and desires with strangers who used to be your best friends in the past. Sadly, most of them aren’t as ideal as they describe. Most people use social networks to hide their insecurities. They make up profiles that do not coincide with the reality just to impress a potential new friend. As a result, they get disappointed and even more scared to show their true selves. It is very rare to meet anyone online, who are honest with you even though you will never find out the truth.

Every single one of us looks for something in others that we do not possess ourselves. We struggle to fill the lack of communication with pretentious online chats, but it does not always help, but often makes the situation even worse. There is nothing wrong in keeping in touch with friends and family through social networks, but many people live by the concept “the more the merrier”. How can one person have 10000 friends? Well, obviously those are not real friends. Such accounts are another way to boost self-esteem and feed one’s vanity. There is no emotional connection or honest conversation to be found here.  To read other interesting topics go to our blog and read on.

Online Love: Perfect Option for a Busy Bee

Modern people participate daily in a rat race, they do everything they can to make more money, to realize all career prospects and to achieve their goals. Naturally, with schedules like these, there is no time for romance. However, there comes a time when all friends start nagging you about getting married and having kids, and so you look through your options. Most pick someone from work, a workaholic like them, but there are those who look for love in social media.

We often hear a story where a girl meets a guy online and it is the love from the first site, or, to be more exact, from the first message. These stories are real, more often than not. It takes time and effort, and eventually you will have to meet and spend time in the real world, but you can certainly start online. It can be the beginning of a great relationship, but also it can turn out to be to be a great disappointment. No one expects to get married after a first date. We must get used to the other person’s weird side and give them time to get used to ours. It is very unhelpful when you consider yourself to be perfect, no one likes narcissism. But do not be silly to underestimate yourself, try to establish a realistic vision of yourself and show your best qualities at first. No one wants to feel inferior, but appreciates being treated like an equal.

Everyone Needs a Friend Online or Not

People want to be understood and accepted that’s why they seek to have a connection with someone. They say that extremes meet, but in social networks you look for friend that have something in common with you, either because it is how the search engine works, or because you need to start the chat with some topic of mutual interest. Which one is it? The combination of both, it is more likely.

In general, people do not tent to treat online friendship as a real friendship. Honestly, how can two individuals become friend is they have never met and live in different parts of the world. The term “friendship” applied to the online life and the real one has absolutely different meanings. And because of that, some people get hurt confusing these meanings. However modern and well-informed we may be, we still need to experience physical connection, a touch, a hug, a kiss, for the real relationship to evolve. Humans are designed to be in need of constant physical proximity to one another. We cannot survive on our own, because of our craving to be near someone else.

With this said, there is only one logical conclusion: you can make friends through social media, but your friendship will never be enduring if you do not schedule a meeting sometime in the real world. Of course, if you intend to make a certain person your friend, you must be straightforward and honest. Many people react negatively even to a little omission, like not mentioning that your photo is 5 years old or that in reality you haven’t read all those books you listed. Such little details may doom your potential friendship even before it began. If you want to find some interesting popular topics, please press here or place your order and we will be happy to post a topic that interests you.