Malcolm X Essay: If Your Head Is Free from Ideas


Writing an essay on Malcolm X was my new task and, frankly speaking, it became a real trial for me. This topic was far from being my favorite one, though nobody asked me about my desire to be engaged in its writing. I had a task and I should execute it. Moreover, I had to do this perfectly and rather quickly.

I was proposed to choose one among all the Malcolm X essay topics, which I was given by my tutor. I wasn’t able to understand how I could choose anything if none of the topics caught my interest.  Of course, I didn’t like to be restricted, though this time such a freedom of actions didn’t help me to make up my mind. I reread the list of topics for the tenth time but saw no one, which could attract my attention. My choice was rather wide: I could choose a theme about life of the main character and write a Malcolm X biography essay; I wasn’t forbidden to tell the readers about some important events of Malcolm X and describe them in a Malcolm X learning to read essay. I was able to reflect on any topic, but it had to be connected with Malcolm X, about whom I knew almost nothing.

The time pressed me and I couldn’t let myself hesitate even for some more minutes. I needed to invent a plan of quick and effective actions, though my head was empty.

Undeniable Leader

I began to think that such a task was beyond my powers and my mood started getting darker because of this. It was the first time, when I met such a topic, on which it seemed so difficult to reflect. All the previous essays had been finished as if by magic, though this one didn’t let me relax.

My thoughts about my duty to study well appeared in my head and started torturing me. When I entered the University, I promised my parents to study better than the others and, frankly speaking, I tried to keep my promise. I couldn’t let my academic ranking to be spoiled by one unsatisfactory mark. I knew it would be super hard to improve it then. I had to look for some alternatives.

The first impulsion made me go online and get some info about Malcolm X. Who was this person, whom I should write about?

The Internet was teeming with the articles about the desperate African-American leader, who fought for the rights of blacks. Malcolm X and his family suffered from racism in America and that’s why he did his best to become a human rights activist. When his father was killed because of his skin color, Malcolm’ hatred towards the racists and any manifestations of racism became twice as bigger and he dedicated his life to make this worldwide social problem disappear forever.

I was reading the article and understood that this topic was not as far from me as I had thought. I met with the racists too because I had a bit different appearance. Fortunately, it was long ago and after several incidents my parents moved to another city, where we began another life. The aggression of people was really limitless and I knew this for sure.

I respected such strong characters as Malcolm X. I even started thinking that I should compose this essay with no help, though it was too late. It had to be ready in a day, but I was still armed with no information. The article, which I acquainted with, was not enough to create a full essay.

No Guts, No Glory!

Finally, the first stage of my long and tiresome reflections was over.  I took a decision to buy a paper on the Internet. The last phase was still waiting for me: I had to choose the best service for myself. I guessed it was even harder than to come to a conclusion about a necessity to order a paper online.

I worried greatly over a deadline and whether a writing service would be able to meet it. I had too little time, so I started my search.

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