Mexican Slang Essay: Spanish Language at Its Best


As I was going to be a philologist in the near future, such tasks as to compose a Spanish slang essay was not rare for me. I had to be engaged in studying this or that topic periodically, though this  time my essay made me look at the Spanish language from cardinally new side. I discovered so much new aspects that I had a feeling that I could really go mad. I had to admit that it was a rather interesting practice for me, though let’s hold the horses and start from the very beginning.

A Lifelong Love

Spanish was not my mother tongue, though I was sure I knew it perfectly. I started learning it when I was five and it was just a funny game for me at first. I had a teacher, who came to our house twice a week and tried to do her best to catch my interest and teach me the basics of Spanish. I was not a very assiduous kid, so it was a real trial for her to put some knowledge into my head. I resisted learning the rules, though I had to admit that her method of teaching was interesting and funny. I just couldn’t sit at the same pace for too long. When she became closer to me and understood all the dark sides of mine, she started taking me for a walk instead of giving the lessons in my room. She talked to me in Spanish while walking and soon I began to make the first progresses.

The times flew and I started understanding that learning of Spanish was more than just a hobby for me. It became my style of life, because the more I got acquainted with this super melodious language, the more I fell in love with it. It was the language of love, romanticism, and passion. It was the language of the most charming women and extra hot machos. I was dreaming to speak Spanish ideally and have no accent at all. I wanted nobody to recognize a foreigner in me when I would visit Spain. I had an aim and I was moving towards it.

Soon after my hobby was transformed into a real love, it was evident that it had to become my profession. I knew for sure: I had to dedicate my life to Spanish. I wanted to be a philologist or something like that and know the language better than its bearers.

I thought I knew everything about Spanish, about its history, slangs, and ways of this language’s developing. I had spent so much time on studying it that it seemed impossible to find something interesting and new in this language. I didn’t know that I was too naive!

Once I was given a surprise: it was a so long-awaited ticket to Mexico. Frankly speaking, it was not too crucially for me where to go. I just wanted to visit any Spanish-speaking country and Mexico was singled out among all the other variants. My parents gave me the ticket, I packed my bags and I was ready to say, ‘Hola!’ to the Mexican aborigines.

Can You Repeat, Please?

Mexico with its population was considered to be the biggest Spanish-speaking country, though people spoke not Spanish in its pure form here. Mexicans had their own kind of dialect and it differed from the traditional form of language so much, that I thought I would have fallen unconscious when I heard it first. It was a real shock for me! I listened to the Mexicans in attempt to understand at least a word, though I heard absolutely unknown words, which resembled the traditional Spanish just a little. Maybe it was pronunciation that tied these two languages together.  All the other differences were incomparable. I couldn’t stop asking, ‘Can you repeat, please?’

I understood that I knew not everything about Spanish and I tried to traverse this problem in my Mexican slang essay. Slang was really one of the most interesting topics for such a curious philologist like me and I caught at the idea to investigate it deeper. When I came back home, I had a large vocabulary of slang words and a feeling that I became much closer to my dream of becoming a super experienced linguist.

My essay Mexican slang was finished soon after I got home. I had a lot of interesting info on this subject and I wanted to share it with everybody so much that I started writing my essay right on the plane. I was looking at Mexico from a bird’s eye view and my emotions were really thrilling. I caught the most interesting thought and wrote it down until it wasn’t forgotten. Good ideas started appearing one by one and they did it so fast that I could hardly remember them. I was writing so passionately that I stopped noticing the time. When the air-hostess touched me and said, ‘Sorry, we’ve already sat down’, my essay was almost finished.

Perfectly Done!

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