Mother Tongue Amy Tan Essay: True Story


Language is the element that plays a huge role in the life of any person. Have you ever thought about it? We use this source every day, but pay no attention to its significance. One can compare it to the walk. People use legs for walking and running, but they do not consider them as some vital part of a body until something horrible happen. The same thing goes with a language. A nation that has a language and speaks is regarded to be smart. This factor makes people different from all other living creatures. The Lord has given all people the ability to talk. What advantages do we get while having this benefit?

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1. Through the language we get to know surrounding world. The language gives us opportunity to do it correctly. So, someone can read and ask. He/she does not do it blindly. A language is a guide. It lodges us with a chance to embrace the biggest part of knowledge about the world.

2. The language enables us to communicate with others. People were created for work and communication. It is almost impossible to find someone who does not talk having no serious excuse for this. Everyone of us has something inside that stimulates us to talk. There is a point of view that women are inclined to a conversation more than men. Well, this issue is disputable. All we possess the same ability to speak, but each of us displays it differently.

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3. People express their feelings with the help of the language. We show our emotions, wishes, and attitude to this or that event or thing through the words.

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Any work cannot be done without language. It is impossible to cooperate with people without saying a word. Do you remember a story from the Bible? After the flood few people have survived. On the planet there was only one language. People moved from place to place and finally they found a good flat land. They decided to settle there. Those people agreed to build a big city and a tower so high that it would reach the sky. They had a special purpose for all that. People wanted to worship their names before they would be scattered. Their decision was firm. God looked at the work that was doing with great passion. He told that the folk who had the same language would not stop until finish the venture. So, the Lord went down to mix up the language. People failed to understand each other. They abandon their work and were scattered. This story shows to what extent the comprehension of each other increases the chances of any case to be successful. When people speak in different languages their attempt to do something will fail.

Do you know anything about mother language (tongue)? There are many versions of what is mother tongue. Many people say it is the first language which a baby hears. Others are sure that this is the language which a child hears from mother’s mouth. Mother tongue comprises first words which one can hear.

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Amy Tan’s Explains the Notion of “Mother Tongue”

Amy Tan is a novelist whose mother has moved from China to the USA long ago. Amy Tan succeed in creating a short story which has the name “Mother Tongue”. The story is extremely sincere. Amy describes her beloved mother and also the manner she uses English. Amy had never thought about it until she gave a speech to a large number of people among whom she noticed her mother. One should understand that Amy is absolutely skillful and talented woman. Her English is fluent and sweet. Amy has excellent knowledge of the English grammar and knows what is revising in writing. So, during the lecture Amy noticed that her English on the lesson differed from what she usually used when talked to mother. During the lecture Amy used complicated grammatical operations and much of Past Perfect Tense. Amy has never spoken at home in such a way.

Then Amy continues the essay telling about our college essay editing service. Actually, no. It was a joke. She tells about the accident that has happened to her. Amy had a walk with mom. During their conversation Amy spoke ordinary and somehow grammatically incorrect phrases. That event made Amy to stop. The young woman understood that the way she was talking to mother always was like that. It was a sort of a family conversation. By the way, Amy’s mother is a rather clever woman. She always understands more and better than can actually say. Some of Amy’s friends often say that they do not understand her mother at all. Some friends understand only 50% of a talk, while others a little bit more. As for Amy her mother’s language is a perfect one. Nothing is unclear. Her mother speaks the language that makes shapes for everything. That is the language of her dearest person.

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The main idea of Amy’s short essay is the disadvantage and limitation of a bad English. Amy tells several stories which reflect the influence of the speech which is actually limited. In the childhood and during teenage Amy’s perception of her mother was dull. The main reason for that was the usage of incorrect English. Amy even thought that mom was not a smart woman. There were numerous situations when Amy had to answer by phone instead of her mother. The language that Amy spoke was perfect. The same cases happen even now.

Amy Tan believes the limitation of the language which we discussed in the previous paragraph has influenced her knowledge and pronunciation of English at school. She never had an excellent result for achievements or I.Q. tests, while her skills in other fields were very good. Unfortunately or luckily she did not know where to buy an essay online. But you know now.

Finally, Amy decides to turn the “broken speech” into a huge advantage. The woman in her books has begun to describe events using the language she always has heard from parents. Amy puts down all the simple phrases which continually were with her. A new style of writing has gotten a positive effect. Amy has received the highest praise when has heard from her mom, “The story is so easy to read.”

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