My Hero Essay: One And Only


Each time, when I come across the word ‘hero’, the various pictures start appearing in my head. I am ready to bet that you have the same ones. When talking about heroes, one imagines a brave man, who enters the house in fire and who carries out a small baby out of it. The thoughts about a courageous captain, who has a grey beard and who prowls the oceans throughout his life, may appear in one’s head too. This captain’s heart is steeled, his hands’ skin is rough, and his eyes have seen thousands of troubles, which he negotiated heroically. One may imagine a policeman, who runs the risks of being killed each time, when he goes to his work, though he continues doing this daily. A soldier, who keeps the bounds of his motherland and who is ready to give his young life even for a square meter of his native ground, comes to the mind of a dreamer. The word ‘hero’ has a lot of associations and all of them are connected with persons, who are able to be bold, helping, and put their own interests in the second place.

When I was given a task to compose my personal hero essay, no doubts arose in my soul. I knew whom I was going to write about, because there was only one person, whose figure comes into view each time, when I was asked something like, ‘Who is your idol?’, or ‘Whom do you try to mirror?’ I decided not to betray my own thoughts and not to pretend to be another person. I was ready to tell the truth in my heroes essay.

Act of Bravery

I have always thought that it is a super important mission to give birth to a child. I wasn’t able to say whether there was any other such a difficult but marvelous thing like a child-bearing. Somebody may debate my point of view and say that I exaggerate the role of women. I don’t understand those, who are sure that there is no difficulty in carrying a baby in your stomach for 9 months, feeling discomfort and weakness, and then to bear such terrible pain, with which women meet during the mere process of arriving an infant into the world. Brrr, frankly speaking, I haven’t had such an experience yet, though my friends’ memories of this event make me feel a bit scared. I don’t even talk about such a hard and exhausting task as a child’s upbringing. It takes so much effort, energy, and time! I am pretty sure that each mom of the world should be given a medal for her readiness to dedicate a life to her kid. Being a mom is one of the most heroic deeds!

I think that you have already guessed whom I am going to talk next and whom I consider my personal hero.

Whom to Choose

Among all people, who surrounded me during my not very long life, there was just one person, with whom I felt more than protected. It was impossible to feel unguarded or vulnerable when your mom embraced you gently and repeated, ‘Don’t be afraid, my honey! I will never let anybody hurt you!’

I have always known that nobody but my mummy can love me so much, though when we passed through the armed conflict in Israel, during which each of us could die, my attachment to my mother became chronic. I knew that she was extremely scared. When the bombs fall several meters away from you, it is simply impossible not to start worrying over your life. My mom was worried twice as much. She was not alone. I was next to her and she had to encourage me, though her eyes were full of paralyzing fear. Her face was chalky pale; she was trembling like a leaf all the time, though she found her inner power to pat me and say, ‘Hey, why are you so frightened? Wait for a second, the bombardment will end soon and everything will be OK. I know this for sure!’ She smiled at me and her kind expression made me believe her.  

My mom was a thin and pretty woman, though she was endued with the qualities of a hero. I wasn’t sure that any man was able to control his emotions and stay so calm, when the world around him was in terrible fire and the shells burst overhead. My mom was able to keep calm! She was an iron lady and when I was looking at her in such a terrible situation, I understood once and forever: I had to be brave like her! She was a real example of unearthly love to her child, patriotism towards her motherland, and readiness to give her life if it was needed but to save her child.

When I was working at my hero essay and I was forced to go through all the pains and fears of this troubled time, I understood once again that there were no other persons in this world, who could replace my darling mom for me. She was one and only for me.

Just Do Like Me

Do you have such a task too? Frankly speaking, I am not a fortune-teller and I don’t know whom you are going to choose as your idol. I don’t even know which topic you will choose for yourself: to write an epic hero essay or a tragic hero essay. You are free to make your own choice. I know just one thing: it is not easy to compose an essay about a hero even if it seems not difficult at first sight. I have only one counsel for all those students, who are of poor writing skills: is able to help you with your task and propose you a lot of hero essays, among which you will be able to choose one to your own liking. Try to follow my advice and you’ll see that I talk sense.