My Personal Statement Essay: My Lucky Ticket to College


When I started writing my personal statement essay, I had already known that I had to be sincere and tell no things, which really had nothing in common with my worldview. ‘To be sincere’ was the main counsel, which I was given by my more experienced friends, who had already dealt with such a task. They succeeded in it, by the way, their personal statement essays were given the highest marks and my friends became the students soon after this. 

I knew that my personal statement essay was the only chance for me to become a student of the college, which I always dreamed to enter. My essay had to show the admission committee that I was really the best of the best! I had a strong intention to show myself from the best side and I saw no barriers in front of me, which were able to bother me to carry out my plan.

A Personal Statement Essay Is…

What is a personal statement essay, which is considered to be so important for every applicant? What topic should you write about to succeed and get the cherished and long-awaited encouragement?

Frankly speaking, I knew nothing about such a kind of essays at all, though my desire to make it well pushed me to explore the Internet far and wide and find a pretty amount of articles on this topic then. They were extra useful for me. When I looked through each of them carefully and finally understood what I should write about, I started feeling relief. I knew that this task was within my powers. My dream about being a student started getting closer to me.

An essay on personal statement usually has no limitations. If you are asked to compose it and you aren’t given any certain topic, you may jump with joy! You are free to write about what you want. It’s your choice, though you should always remember that it’s your essay, it’s your thoughts, and it’s your own life experience that should be described here. If you start decorating your story with unbelievable moments and unreal events, if you use the trivial thoughts in your text and misrepresent them as your own, you may be ready that the truth will be revealed sooner or later. Don’t fantasize! Write from your heart and the admission committee will see your honesty, diplomacy, and desire not to wear any masks. Just be yourself and soon you will hear, ‘We want you to be a student of our college!’

Don’t you still know what to write about? Write about yourself, your childhood, the most important and critical moments of your life, which influenced you and helped you in your identity forming. Tell about your plans, your dreams, and hopes. Explain why you have chosen this way and what heights you are going to reach in several years. You have one task: to show that you deserve to be a student and you won’t miss your chance.

Life Mission

I thought for too long and I couldn’t guess what to tell about myself in order to show my sincere and serious attitude to the entrance application. The time was flowing by, though my essay was not started.
I thought about my school years, about my family, and my dog. We had so many marvelous days! My parents tried to spend as much time with me as possible to make me feel not lonely. They bought a perfect Labrador dog for me and our weekends were always unforgettable. I didn’t know what force made me remember about this time, though it was a starting point for me. My memories inspired me to tell about how I decided to be a scientist in the pharmacological sphere. I had to find a remedy, which was able to sustain life. I wanted all living beings to live as long as possible and never to die from the diseases. I am sure you understand what I am talking about…

I was growing together with my dog and our love was of cosmic dimensions. We spent all our time together and when he fell ill and died spontaneously, it seemed that my life was finished. My grief was indescribable and, frankly speaking I have no desire to tell about this now. I just wanted to say that this trouble made me understand clearly what mission I had in life and which way I should choose among all the possible ways that were opened in front of me. I wished nobody to feel so much pain as me and I was ready to dedicate my life to super pill invention.

I was sure that this short prehistory was able to give my readers the opportunity to look a bit deeper into my soul. I wanted everybody to know that my desire to enter this college was a desire to give everybody an opportunity never to say goodbye to those, whom he loved.

100% Guarantee

My mission in life was predetermined and my essay topic couldn’t be changed too. I had to tell about this period of my life even if somebody thought that this story was childish.

I hope you have already made your choice too and you know what to start writing about. Choosing of a good topic is a guarantee that your personal statement essay will give you a ticket to your future life. If you still have no ideas and you are pressed for time, don’t wait until the time is out. If you need a help, such a service as will give you a good and useful counsel, propose you assistance in writing, and supply you with an essay, which will help you to stand out among those, who want to be the students too.

I don’t wish you harm, I just want you not to miss your chance, which is able to change your life forever. Let the professional writers compose a personal mission statement essay for you and help you to keep fighting for your place under the sun!