Nature vs Conventional Medicine: Take Your Side


It is undoubtedly true that it is better to stay healthy and improve immune system in a natural way rather than take the prescribed medicines and use conventional means of treatment, but sometimes traditional medicine is an irreplaceable measure in dealing with certain diseases. Current essay will discuss the benefits of both natural remedies and conventional medicine for you to decide whether you want to use herbal medicine or adhere to traditional one.

Here are some of the benefits of natural remedies:

  1. If you use unconventional means of treatment, you are secured from experiencing side effects and consuming dangerous chemicals that the traditional medicines contain. There are a number of unconventional ways of treatment which have a beneficial effect on human health. You can use various herbs and adjust your dietary habits to treat a number of diseases. A benefit of herbal medicine is that it is absolutely safe for all human organs so that you don’t have to worry about any side effects or harm to your health. Absence of side effects is a great benefit of unconventional medicine.
  2. It should be noted that our health is a phenomenon associated with lifestyle, rather than treatment of illnesses. Therefore, sometimes natural remedies work better than the prescribed drugs, because you can consume herbs on a regular basis and in such a way you can stay healthy longer and with more efficiency. This can be regarded as another benefit of alternative medicine.
  3. Healers can usually tell that pain in our body is a way of informing us that some processes in our body system have gone wrong, but this does not mean that we have already got ill. Pain might tell us that we are smoking too many cigarettes or eating something wrong. It can also signify the stress we experience on a daily basis. Therefore, the benefit of alternative medicine is that it allows recognizing the source of pain and addressing this problem more effectively than conventional medicine can actually do. Alternative medicine is oriented towards eliminating the cause of some health problem, which is achieved through proper dietary habits, nutritious supplements, physical exercises and other means of unconventional treatment.
  4. Another benefit of unconventional medicine is that you can use it to treat minor health problems without a necessity to seek costly medical attention. In this regard, the alternative means of treatment would include healthy diet, regular exercise, enough night’s sleep and enough rest. This is in many ways the best medicine for a number of health conditions. Nature has everything we need for staying in good physical and mental health.
  5. The fundamental benefit of alternative medicine is that it represents an unrestricted view on various health problems in contrast to limited science-based views of medical workers. Nowadays, people are not aware of all the choices provided by alternative health care. Knowledge of healers regarding the means of treating various diseases is much broader than simple prescription of suitable medicines. Therefore, alternative medicine represents a wider field of study compared to traditional one.

Nevertheless, the use of traditional means of treatment is also associated with a number of benefits as will be discussed below.

  1.  First, it is obvious that sometimes conventional medicine represents an irreplaceable means of treatment. This is due to the fact that alternative medicine is focused on crisis intervention and is known to be not so successful in dealing with various chronic diseases. Not all illnesses can be cured with the help of herbs and proper diet. Sometimes medical attention is inevitable. Although some chronic diseases are also interrelated with our lifestyle, it is better to seek medical intervention if the situation has gone out of control.
  2. Furthermore, herbal medicine has not yet developed sufficiently to treat mental diseases. There exists no treatment for schizophrenia, for instance, but to alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life of the diseased person, conventional medicine is a must. It is true that herbs, nutrition and physical exercises can prevent the disease, but there has not yet been found an alternative cure for tranquilizers and other irreplaceable medicines that the mentally ill people need.
  3. As stated above, orthodox medicine is oriented on taking emergency measures, which sometimes do more harm than good. Emergency measures often suppress the immune response of one’s body to the infection or some illness. Therefore, unconventional means of treatment are not always effective and at times, they can even be harmful for the health of people.
  4. Another benefit of conventional medicine is that it is grounded on scientific research unlike alternative one. Alternative medicine leaves many questions unanswered, which leads to an assumption that it lacks scientific grounds. If you want to use some means of alternative treatment, you should still first of all ask your physician about the potential harmful effects of such treatment.
  5. Finally, conventional medicine does not use confusing marketing techniques that are often applied by alternative healers. Such healers claim that their product is a remedy for all diseases with various miraculous powers that will definitely help you to alleviate the symptoms of your disease. On the other hand, conventional medicine does not use such methods of marketing. The enclosed information to the prescribed medicine is usually true to life and does not contain any untruthful or confusing facts.

With that said, it is obvious that both alternative medicine and conventional treatment have a great number of benefits and drawbacks, some of which have been analyzed in the current essay. It is therefore up to you to decide what side to take and what medicine to use in case there is such a need. It is true that physical exercises, walking in fresh air, homeopathic medicines and proper diet sometimes do wonders to the health of a person, but it cannot be denied that some of the alternative means of treatment prove to be less efficient than traditional ones.

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