Netflix: Punisher Season One Is Coming! Are You ready?


Punisher PremiereThe cinematographic universe of Marvel Comics is flourishing and Netflix took a part in this race. With their successful releases of Daredevil, they continue to surprise fans of the universe creating favorite characters on the TV screen. Our writers providing best essay editing services know that they also created cinematographic prototypes of such ones like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Lately, they combined all these characters in one TV show called Defenders that resulted in a great resonance among the fans. You probably heard about their new project. This is Punisher, whom you might have seen in the second season of Daredevil.  However, he played an episodic role in this TV show, fans were excited by the way this character was created. Our professional dissertation writers found out that having received tons of letters from fans begging to create separate TV show about him, they start working on the project.

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For those, who hear about the Punisher for the first time, we want to make a small introduction with basic information on this character. First of all, his name is Frank Castle, he was a soldier in Vietnam on return home he became an FBI agent. In the course of mission undercover, a son of some dangerous mafia boss died. His personality was disclosed and in order to get revenge, all his family was killed. This event had a great impact on Franc and he decided to punish all the criminals. This is one of the most extraordinary characters in the whole universe due to his nature. He is a simple man using skills, gadgets, or whatever at hand to kill people. He appeared in 1974 for the first time. It was the first character with unidentified side, in other words, previous characters were either absolutely good or absolutely evil, unlike him, who fight for good but use rather violent methods. Despite him being a human, in one of the alternative universes, he managed to kill all Marvel Characters including the strongest ones. That's why you'd better not underestimate this character. The question of being a hero is usually discussed in the comic books regardless of being Marvel or DC ones, and our writers decided to share with you their personal opinion

To date, Netflixed released only a short teaser and one trailer. Obviously, this season will be dedicated his investigation of his family murder. We were shown the main antagonist involved in the accident that happened with his family. We will also see a couple of characters from Daredevil including Karen, who is likely to help him to find the truth. Maybe another Defenders representative will appear but this is only gossips. Another gossip that our writers found on the internet is justice league release date.

Netflix is intended to show us the origins of this character, the choices, and events that created Punisher as a personality. Follow this link to find out how Punisher differs from other heroes. This Frank still hesitates whether his decisions are right. The series including Punisher, Daredevil, and other characters are interesting since unlike other ones with superpowers, these heroes have to rely on their personal efforts and this feature is likely to attract more and more fans to these personalities. We hope that this season won't be the last and we will see Punisher again in the next season or maybe in Defenders.