New York Essay: City Which You Will Fall in Love With


Each time, when I am walking along any of the Manhattan streets and look around, I am getting more and more inspired. When I am in the heart of this super busy metropolis, I want to spread my hands and shout, “I love you, New York!” I want my voice to rise high and all people, who are on the highest floors of the skyscrapers, to hear it. Writing of the essay on New York won’t dismay me. I know what I am going to tell about the modern capital of the world and I will do this as soon as I am given such an opportunity.

Of course, it is difficult to focus your attention on your own problems here. If you prefer solitude, Easter Island will be the best place for you. Though if you are active and you like the noisy places, if you feel comfortable in concrete jungle and silence really annoys you, New York is for you! This city is able to make you happy. I know this.

Lights of New York

New York is definitely the only place in the world, where the dreams come true daily and nightly. Do you want to become an actor? Come to New York. Are you going to publish a book? New York is the best place for this. Is your desire to be a millionaire so big that you can’t sleep at night? Visit New York! It will help you to attain fame.

The mere combination of sounds in the name ‘New York City’ makes me catch my breath each time when I hear it. The place, which is always bright and where you have a feeling that it is a day for 24 hours, is able to go to your head and make you giddy. The numerous lights make the New York City radiate all the time. It is chic, gorgeous, and breathtaking.

New York is an overpopulated zone and each of 8 million New Yorkers has his own story. All these people are always in hurry, because nobody has time to relax here. Different boutiques, restaurants, and showrooms attract you to visit them. Expensive cars, billionaires’ private houses, and glassy business centers make you believe that one fine day you will become famous and successful. New York is modern, stylish, and there is no other city, which has something in common with it.

If you visit New York, be sure that its smell will be always in your head. Its aura will make you fall in love with this unforgettable place and you will see it in your dreams every night.

Can’t you buy a ticket and arrive to New York? No problems!  I’ll make a small excursion for you. Are you ready to set your foot on this legendary territory? Let’s go then!

What’s Descriptive Essay?

Let’s imagine that you need to compose a text about NYC. You should get some info about New York City essay at first and only after that you may take a pen and start writing.

Close your eyes, switch off your thoughts, and imagine that you are in New York. The cars are cruising around you; the crowd makes you more and more excited. Now you are ready to write! Welcome to New York, baby!

What info a New York City descriptive essay should contain? The mere word ‘descriptive’ points at the main function of this kind of essays: it should describe any subject, object, or event.

Do you need to write an essay about New York City? Come here and let the Big Apple inspire you to create the shocking descriptive essay on New York City. After you see the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a 102-story skyscraper, essay about New York will be finished more than quickly!

When you walk along any of the New York’s avenues, visit its restaurants, and taste their delicious food, you will create an extra tasty New York bar essays.

The long, old, and cobble streets can make you feel that the gangsters are near and soon they will appear from around the corner. After such a journey the gangs of New York essay will be more than vivid!

Are you dreaming about getting up in the morning, take a cup of coffee, and read the hot news from the legendary New Your Times? Do you see this newsstand? Buy it here and your dream will come true. After your reading is over, any New York Times essays will be perfectly done.

If You Can’t Write Yourself

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Frankly speaking, hardly a task can be compared with a necessity to write an essay on New York City. Your freedom to choose how to describe this city is limitless and you may use any type of narrative techniques to do this.

It’s really not very difficult to create the essays about New York City. Perhaps you can meet just one problem: what material to choose to use in your text. New York and its life are too rich! It’s hard to choose just one day and place to describe in details. If you wish something very much, you will definitely succeed.