Nutrition Essay: Eat Proper Food


In order to have a strong and healthy immune system, there should be fast and full assimilation of nutrients and elements. In this essay on nutrition, I would like to write about healthy eating.

Proper nutrition it is a certain and permanent time of eating. The food that we eat during the day divided to calories, and the organism receives all the necessary chemical elements. It is necessary to consider how much food we eat during the day. Adults are recommended to have three or four meals during the day. Here is a sampling scheme for the day: a light breakfast that is equal to about one-third of the daily norm, lunch and dinner that include a quarter of the daily requirement. Most nutritionists agree that a four-time food intake is a right choice. If you eat according to this rule, then such system will allow digesting nutrients and vitamins.  

All doctors and scientists have found that for preserving youth and to prolong life people need to eat healthy food, add in diet foods that contain nutrients. Even the weight can be reduced simply, just adjusting daily diet. Satisfaction of hunger is one of the most important instincts of the organism, as it guarantees the preservation of life. Therefore, our life in all its manifestations and aspects depends on what we eat, in what quantity, when and how. 

It is important to share products right on the structure and energy potential. For example products such as meat and fish should be consumed for breakfast or lunch. They increase the activity of the central nervous system. Before bedtime, you can eat dairy products, vegetables or fruits, as they are easy to assimilation. It is described in detail in essay about health. If you want to be health, then read this paper attentively. Products such as tea and coffee activate the nervous system and disrupt sleep. So don't drink it at night. It is the best way to start your day with eating salads and vegetables. It triggers the body and activates the activity of the stomach. For the food digesting well, it must be well chewed. Don’t talk, don’t watch TV and don’t read the newspaper while eating, as it distracts.

The food guide pyramid

Schematic representation of the basic principles of healthy nutrition you can see by looking at the food pyramid, developed by nutritionists. In the pyramid, there are not just specific products, but five major groups of products that allow to diversify diet and choose those products that person likes or suitable for her or his lifestyle. To balance a diet using the food pyramid is quite simple. Let's sort out the food pyramid more detail in this nutrition essay. If you need to write essay on health, or food or any other topic, I recommend you to use the help of cheap essay writer and you will not regret.

  • The first sector in the food pyramid is grains. Grain products include: bread made from flour, branny or grain; pasta; cereals. The demand for these products ranges from 3 to 10 portions a day.
  • The second sector is vegetables. Vegetables may be fresh, frozen and canned. The vegetable group is divided into the following subgroups: dark green vegetables, orange, legumes, starchy and other. In the daily diet should be up to 4 portions of vegetables. And a week intake requires the presence of all subgroups of vegetables.
  • The third sector is fruits. Fresh juices, frozen and fresh fruits. Daily intake is 1-2. 5 portions.
  • The fourth sector is fats. You should pay attention to the fact that this sector is the narrowest in a healthy diet. This group of products includes vegetable oils, mayonnaise, salad dressings, margarine, butter, beef, chicken, pork fat. Daily intake is 5-7 teaspoons.
  • The fifth sector is dairy products. It includes: milk; yogurt; desserts based on milk (puddings, frozen yogurt, ice cream); cheese. Daily intake is 2-3 portions.
  • The sixth sector is the protein. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, nuts. The daily rate ranges from 2 to 7 portions.

The creators of the pyramid recommend you to include in a daily regime physical exercises. This is not accidental - otherwise, such a diet will lead to many different problems, including obesity (the food guide pyramid is not a diet. The caloric content of daily menu is quite large). However, exercises will not interfere anyway – it is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle.  

The basics of proper nutrition

All nutrition essays warn you to lead a healthy lifestyle. So in my essay, I want to write about proper nutrition.

  • Try to bring your diet to the standard food pyramid, which was mentioned above. That is the basic of healthy diet where should be vegetables, fruits, and cereals.
  • Try to eat only fresh food. In a pinch, you can cook the semi-finished products. The prepared food that is sold in many stores and needs only reheating must be excluded from the diet.
  • If you want to eat during the day, then eat a snack such as fruits, nuts, or dried fruit.
  • As often as possible include in a diet different types of cabbage (white, red, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, savoy). In addition to the basic nutritional properties of cabbage, scientists have proven that cabbage significantly reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Try to minimize the use of alcohol, sugar and salt.
  • Do not expect immediate results from the transition to healthy eating. Gradually you will notice that you have more energy, sleep will recover, you began to get sick much less frequently and recover much quicker, weight will be normalized and even more of pleasant moments.
  • If you find it difficult to evaluate your diet and use a balanced diet, then notebook and pen will help you. During the week write down everything you eat and at the end of the week you will be able to assess the situation and figure out what foods dominate in your diet, and what foods you should add or eliminate from the diet to balance it.

What do we achieve by eating right?  When we monitor our diet, we can reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases. For example, if you stop eating spicy and fat food, then it is likely that you will be not tormented by heartburn and gastritis. Set yourself that proper nutrition is a way of life. People have to eat varied food and don't overeat. Food should be fresh. We need to get maximum pleasure from food.

In fact, we have to get pleasure from all what we do. And if you don't like writing essay, we will gladly help you. Try our services, and forget about problems.