Odysseus Essay: Characteristic Of The Hero


“The Odyssey” is one of the brightest works in Greek literature. It is a heroic poem which tells readers about Troy war and tragic returning home of its main hero Odysseus. The author of this poem is Homer. He used old songs and tails as the basement for “The Odyssey”. In this poem the author has created an interesting character who uses his curiosity and ready wit to explore the world around him. So, here is the explanation of the hero from our custom writing paper service.

Essay On Odysseus. Characteristic of Odysseus

The composition of “The Odyssey” is rather complicated. It has three plotlines: gods from Olympus; the returning of Odysseus and his struggles; Ithaca: events that concern matchmaking and the line when Telemachus seeks his father. The main hero appears only in the fifth book of “The Odyssey”. Before this his name is mentioned by Penelope, his son, Helena, and other characters. Still, Homer managed to make the presence of Odysseus real. Readers feel like the hero is here. This is a huge achievement. Our essay customer service which works online may prepare a paper about all main heroes of “The Odyssey”.

All the events which describe adventures of Odysseus are given by the main character. 9-12 books of the poem are devoted to such events. Odysseus faces many problems, wickedness, fear, and losses on his way. Even though the poem is full of adventures, all they revolve around the hero. The returning of Odysseus is the main line of the poem. The culmination of “The Odyssey” is harsh treatment over disgraceful grooms. Penelope recognizes her husband and the story is over.

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Wonderful adventures that Odysseus experiences are a background that helps readers to show how the hero loves and misses native Ithaca. Nothing can take the memory about his motherland. Through this Homer shows the greatness of Odysseus’ spirit.

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Although Odysseus faces many troubles, he is always reasonable, gentle, and crafty. Each hero in “The Odyssey” is characterized by one particular trait. But Odysseus is an exception. He is a many-sided personage. His courage together with practicality helps Odysseus to turn any unpleasant situation into a huge benefit. Caution and common sense are the closest friends of the hero. He has nothing to do with arrogance and those characters whose main trait is insolence. Not only a sword but a word is the weapon of Odysseus which bring him victory. He uses these both tools brilliantly.

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Homer often emphasizes that Odysseus is a quick-witted and clever hero. It is shown when he suggests to build Troy horse and when he stays at a Cyclops’ cave. Thanks to his mind and power of observation, he saves himself and his friends from a mortal danger. Odysseus feels that he is in charge of the crew and his followers. The man is a determined person and very fiery. However, he can control himself and is able to size up a situation. The hero admits his mistakes easily. Odysseus is a loving husband and father.

All in all, Odysseus is not an ideal hero. Often he becomes vain and insidious towards his enemies. Sometimes the hero is mocking and does not accept suggestions from his fellows. People who surround Odysseus respect him. He is the leader. For this reason, his fellow travelers pin their hopes on Odysseus.

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So, to sum up all previous words we want introduce a short characteristic of the main hero.

1. Odysseus is very different from all known heroes.

2. His main weapon not a sword but a word.

3. The main hero is highly honored by all kings and heroes of the poem.

4. There is no doubt in his courage.

5. Odysseus is a faithful husband, father, and citizen of his motherland.

6. His desires are different from those which a common Greek hero has.

7. Odysseus has nothing to do with egoism.

8. This is the first hero who obtains victory not with the help of physical strength but mind.

9. Odysseus is honest and reliable leader.

10. The man is talented in many ways.

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An Example Of Odysseus’ Courage And Agility Of Mind

Goddess Athena claims that none of gods and none of men can rival Odysseus for ingenuity and insidious inventions. He is the best archer and speaker. But the main of his merits is a big heart and high spirit.

We have already mentioned that on his way Odysseus meets many struggles. He overcomes them because thinks about family and native land. It was his main goal to reach home shores. Many times he breaks the order which has been settled by gods. It brings many sufferings into his life. Check our Goals And Aspirations Essay.

During Odysseus’ travel, he faces danger. The biggest of them is when the hero comes to the island which is inhabited by Cyclopes. He and his fellows are in a big troublesome situation. When Odysseus and his crew enter the cave of one of the Cyclopes, they understand they are taken prisoners. Every day the cannibal kills two people. Odysseus tries to find the way out when understands that physically they cannot beat their enemy. Together with his fellows Odysseus makes a stake. They pierce the eye of the Cyclops. By the way, before this the man told him that his name is “Nobody”. Wounded Cyclops called other Cyclopes for help. When they come and ask who has hurt him, the Cyclops answers, “Nobody”. They think he is mad and abandon him. To get out of the cave Odysseus binds three rams and ties a man under them. In this way his fellows stay alive. This is one of the brightest examples of how Odysseus uses his dexterity and cleverness.

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In his poem Homer has described a unique personality. The image of Odysseus is a symbol of a hunger to knowledge, courage, and resourcefulness.

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