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online essay proofreading


But not everyone can do it well, so what do we do?

You need to have a sharp eye for errors and excellent knowledge of grammar. That is why it is better if you choose to proofread the essay online on our website.

Our skilled and experienced online essay proofreader will closely review your paper and provide a significant improvement of it. Our online essay proofreader services are available around the clock every day of the week and you get your document ready in your mailbox within twelve hours, so you can place your order to proofread essay at any convenient for you time. After the work is done our online essay proofreader will provide you with two copies of your essay — the clean one and the one with tracked changes, so you can review all alterations the online essay proofreader made.

do you proofread essay online?In the following post, we are going to learn what the proofreading work actually consists of, if you can do it all by yourself or better hire a mature pro.

Our team of writers can offer you not only proofreading, but also editing and writing services, the examples of which you can see here. If you are not sure yet which subject to choose for your essay check out one of these popular topics articles.

What does an online essay proofreader do?

Before you can decide whether you need a pro proofreader or you can do all that work by yourself, you would need to understand what that kind of work consists of.

1. First of all, a proofreader must have an exceptionally accurate knowledge of all language aspects, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

2. Second of all, a proofreader must possess an amazing power of focus and be very attentive to the tiniest elements of written material.

Since proofreading is the closing part of the editing process before the manuscript goes into print or gets submitted, it is the most important and responsible part of work. A proofreader reviews the work of a writer and editor, fixes their errors and decides whether the document is ready to be presented to the general public.

Interesting fact

HR managers refuse to employ candidates who make mistakes in resumes or CVs. Especially if they cannot spell the name of the company properly.

So let us see what kind of errors the proofreader fixes

  • Vocabulary and lexis

The proofreader will make sure that you use the right words that convey the meaning of your message in the most suitable and appropriate manner. He/she will take care that your text has a poised and academic sound to it.

  • Style and tone

It is vital for the success of your paper that it has an even and appropriate tone throughout your document. All of our editors specialize in different subjects and areas, so it will ensure that your text will be proofread by the professional who knows and understands well your discipline or subject you write about.

  • Paragraph and sentence structure

It often happens that the writer has great ideas to express in his essay, but the way he/she does it fails to impact and affect the readers. It mainly lies in weak paragraph and sentence organization. Our proofreader will fix such issues and make sure that the language flow of the material is smooth and catches the attention of the reading audience.

  • Redundant and repeating words

The proofreader will cut out all excessive words that serve no purpose, will eliminate their repetition and redundancy. Getting rid of such issues will be profitable for the readability of your text.

  • Punctuation and grammar

This stage of proofreading requires the most attention and knowledge of the editor. He/she will look for the multitude of problems including lost or misused articles and commas, errors in verb agreements, run-on sentences, etc. 

These are the basic stages the proofreading goes through.

If you still think you can do it all by yourself then the next part of this post will give you some useful tips. But before you tackle such small problems with your essay make sure you wrote it correctly, this article will help you to figure it out.

Proofread your essay (or order online service)

The proofreading concerns three main elements of written language:

  • spelling,
  • punctuation,
  • grammar.

If you consider yourself to be an expert in all three then you can proceed to proofread your own paper. Of course, these recommendations are very general, since every kind of document requires its own proofreading strategy and every editor develops his/her own procedure. Nonetheless, the following tips might give you some idea about where to start when proofreading your own essay:

1. Put it aside

 Give your document some “rest” after you finish it. The point is to forget a little bit of what you wrote and then look at it with a fresh outsider’s eye. It will help you to see the errors that you had missed before. This tip will only be useful if you have got plenty of time before you have to submit your assignment.

2. Read it out loud

You don’t need an audience to read it to, just read it to yourself at a normal natural pace. It will be even more helpful if you record audio of your reading and then listen to it. It is amazing how many errors your ears can catch, which your eyes had missed. This technique is one of the most favorites of all writers, including those who wrote world-famous novels.

3. Highlight all marks

It makes it easier to not miss any of them and to make sure each of them is used correctly.

4. Consult style and language usage handbooks

If you hesitate about any of the marks, some aspects of English grammar or word usage we strongly recommend you consult the web version of this classics of writing manuals The Elements of Style by William Strunk.

5. Run a web spellchecker

The machine spellchecker will assist you in finding the misspelled words that your eyes might have missed. There are many web tools available, free ones as well as paid ones, it all depends on your preferences. You can consider using basic simple spell-check tools for free. But be careful and don’t rely on the machine too much, because it cannot understand the meaning and purpose of your text and might allow some wrong words to slip through into your work.

6. Let someone else read it

No matter how many proofreading techniques you apply it is still possible that you will miss some errors. It happens because you cannot look at your writing with a fresh outsider’s perspective anymore. It would be the most profitable for your document and your future grade if you trust the final proofreading task to a professional. Besides our proofreaders don’t charge much for their services, you can see the prices for yourself here.  

Pro or amateur proofreading: what to choose?

Proofreading is the very final stage of the editing process before the manuscript gets published or submitted, therefore it is the most important and responsible work. Many consider it to be a simple task that they can manage by themselves but as a result, their documents are being returned for revision or get low grades.

Only the person with excellent knowledge of grammar and spelling can undertake proofreading successfully and our editors are such people.

Just write to us and we will fix all errors in your essay or any other academic treatise. Whether you need to have your essay custom written for you or only proofread, don’t hesitate to trust it to us. And if you still do, this article will dispel your last doubts.

The point of proofreading according to our essay service

Essay editing and proofreading services often strive to change the initial text fundamentally. We, here at take it in another way. Your essay contains speculations and insights that have a right to exist. The duty of our team is to catch mistakes, report about them, and make necessary changes.

We know from experience that sometimes it is easier to rewrite everything. Yet our proofreading is not about it. We rise to the challenge of working with what we have.

Our specialists “sift” your text to eliminate all possible mistakes, meantime leaving the essence of the manuscript.

We use several “levels of purification” that are:

  • the logic of a structure,
  • orthography,
  • punctuation marks,
  • the relevance of mentioned facts and statistics,
  • text format (margins, page numbering, size and type of the font, line spacing, headers, and footers),
  • references to sources of information, footnotes or endnotes,
  • quality of visual objects (pictures, graphs, tables, quotes, etc.),
  • adherence to one measurement system (Metric system, for instance).

We dive into the nitty-gritty to catch the tiniest imperfections hidden in words, sentences, and the overall picture.

do I need essay proofreading online?

What if I skip proofreading?

Actually, students who submit essays can be divided into three groups:

  • those, who simply write and that’s all;
  • pupils who compose texts and revise them,
  • those who write, edit, and proofread extremely carefully.

What about you, honestly?

Proofreading services ensure the final thing to make your papers perfect.

It happens that a student writes an in-depth research project, attaches precise calculations, and makes a well-grounded analysis. Meantime, his/her text is not proofread. So how does a teacher really treats this report? In most cases — with bias. Grammar mistakes overshadow the value of ideas. It is difficult to read a text if it lacks a proper structure. Let alone an inappropriate tone of narrative or format. The thing is that every professor got used to established rules of academic writing. Thus, he/she expects to see a text written according to specific standards.

Your college or university might have some special requirements. Yet, impeccable grammar is always a sign of good manners. Orthography and syntax exist and matter beyond the borders of educational institutions. They are rarely discussed in business circles or academic community. Meantime, their absence spoils the whole point.

Some funny moments from proofreading practice

Most typos stay on paper or in google docs. Proofreaders detect them, and, thus, they remain only in initial drafts. Nevertheless, some mistakes turn into epic fails.

Sydney prepared grand fireworks to celebrate the start of 2019. The phrase “Happy New Year 2018” surprised millions of its citizens and city guests.

Yap, they certainly forgot about a proofreader.

No matter who the reader of your paper is, proofreading still remains essential. 

Typos look especially awkward:

  • in tattoos,
  • in phrases on clothes,
  • on billboards.

They can also cost you a lot if you make them in:

  • presentations,
  • official documents,
  • business correspondence,
  • private chat with your mate (Say, have you ever called her/him a wrong name?)

Did you know?

Pro proofreaders and authors have a special way of communication. It implies universal signs. We use them too, and some of them are rather hilarious.

symbols of online essay proofreader

Understanding the importance of proofreading services, we established a wide range of offers. We proofread everything:

  • business documents,
  • resumes and cover letters,
  • application essays,
  • research reports,
  • theses and dissertations, etc. detects wrong words, punctuation marks, style, and format.

We use several algorithms for proofreading. This approach enables us to notice repetitions, inappropriate articles, extra spaces, “wordiness,” stylistic mistakes, etc.

We make texts sound better by eliminating all the unnecessary stuff. Our specialists can adjust any essay to general educational standards and personal requirements. As a result, your text is free from clichés, official jargon, style inconsistencies, overloaded phrases.

For whom do we work?

  • pupils,
  • students,
  • owners of personal blogs,
  • everyone who uses texts.

And who is that proofreader behind the screen?

Depending on your task, we pick a proper specialist for you. It could be a content checker, a grammar proofreader, an academic editing expert, etc. If you need all rolled into one, we have this person too.

example of using Hemingway

We have professional instruments and premium accounts in various applications: Hemingway, Grammarly, and others.

example of using

Our proofreaders do:

  • check every letter, word, sentence to catch and correct orthographic errors,
  • improve the style of the text,
  • fight plagiarism,
  • boost the general quality of the text.

It is not an easy job to be a proofreader. It requires the utmost attention, as well as objective treatment of mistakes and errors. Our specialists are exactly like that.

“Food for thought”

The modern proofreading services open great opportunities to create better essays. It means that you will get a better grade and improve your reputation, in general. A fresh set of eyes notices errors that you were not aware of. But wait — there is more.  One can check not only college assignments but other crucial texts too. This service makes your dreams about education, career, and business real. Why not try now?

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