Paranoia Can Be Real: 10 Ways Technologies Are Spying On You


We live in a world of high technologies, in a world where everything that seemed to be impossible becomes possible. During many years scientist were trying to invent and to develop new ways they can use to spy. Today hundreds of spying devices and gadgets are created. There is also a question, how many spying devices exist about which we do not know? Now we can not answer this question. But at least we can tell you about known ways of spying. By the way these devices and gadgets are used not only by spies, but by government and different companies who collect information about ordinary people for their own purposes.

1. Mobile Phone Networks

Today we can not imagine our life without mobile phones. Every person has a phone and almost everyone use it to have an access to Internet. Recently it became known that our phone Network can define at any time an exact place of where a person is. Plus it becomes even easier to spot one’s street when he lives in a built up region.

2. Visual microphone

A new spy technology was created at the University of Texas. Scientists discovered that a conversation can be reconstructed with the help of the pictures of the environment where this very conversation occurred.

It is a well known fact that sound is waves or vibrations. Sometimes these vibrations can not be caught by the human eyes but we can see the using special camera. Then specialists analyze the vibration and can reconstruct the sounds. It means that it is possible to recreate a conversation simply by taking picture of a place where it has happened.

3. Smartphone Location Services

Now there is a high chance that you will be shocked. A year ago was revealed a fact that the owners of an iPhone are being spied almost all the time. Take you iPhone, go to the settings – privacy – location services – and the last one is frequent locations. Your phone will show a list of all the places that you visit often. It can even tell the place you live and the place of your work.

Now Android owners thought that they can breathe a sigh of relief. But I have to warn you as well. Android collects and keeps information received from Google and this information is kept on the cloud. A lot of people claim that it can be dangerous. If someone stills your phone, a thief can get access to your personal information. So if you want to avoid such a situation, just click on the location settings and switch off this feature, just in case.

4. Facebook

When you use Facebook you can not avoid clicking on the buttons “like” or “share”. But you probably did not know that clicking on them you share some of your personal information and in such a way you help Facebook to determine what you can be interested in. And thus Facebook sends you advertisements which suits you better.

5. X-ray devices to see through walls

Seeing through the walls does not sound impossible anymore, though about 20 years ago you could hear about something like that in a science-fiction movie only. About 10 years ago the Department of Homeland Security has developed the technology that helps to see through objects. The prototype of a handheld x-ray imaging device was presented. This devise allows to see through the walls. Some time later another device was developed – so called roving backscatter x-ray scanner van. The vans have a feature to scan everything with X-rays too be able to see contraband or to discover dangerous objects in hiding places.

6. Smart Tv

You would never have thought that a TV can be one of the spying devices. But technologies develop and today, for example, Samsung Smart TV has an ability to record your conversations. The TV has a new feature, so called Samsung’s voice activation. Thanks to this feature your TV can recognize and keep the conversations. As a result these conversations can be captured by someone and you will not even know about it.

7. Uber

When you use Uber services all the information about your journeys is stored in the company database. There you can find your own ride history and some details about your driver. Such information can be very helpful, but anyway a lot of customers don’t feel comfortable knowing that Uber company stores all the information it gets about them.

8. Brain Scanner or Mind-Reading Machine

It really sounds unbelievable, but it is true. The scientists have developed such a machine that allows to read human thoughts. Now you might have thought “Oh, no! What shall we do? There is no escape and no place to hide…” But don’t worry and let me calm you down. Yes, scientists really made a mind-reading machine, but the things are not as simple as it seems. Someone can not just read your thoughts. This machine was designed in such a way that it can recognize represent some images of the subjects a person was looking at. So it is not the reading of the minds as it is, but still this is a huge step in this field of researching.

9. EyeSee Mannequin

Not only spies use spying technologies. The Almax company has invented a new kind of the spying devices. They created so called “EyeSee” – it is a bionic mannequin. There is a hidden camera in the eyes of the mannequin. The camera is equipped with facial-recognition software that allows it to identify age, race and gender of the people. The owners can place the mannequin in their stores with the aim of defying what kind of product what category of the customers buys.

10. “Stingrays” cell phone towers

The story happened in November 2014. The Department of “Justice” (DOJ) spread a kind of cell phone towers with the help of Cessnas aircrafts. The aim was to spy on criminals. These cell phone towers were called “Stingrays”. They can identify a person and its location and allow the DOJ to have an access to the phone calls and text messages of those who are on board of an aircraft. The DOJ justifies itself claiming that they look for criminals and bad guys.

As we can see it is very difficult to hide. Almost everywhere you can be found, heard, or your personal information can be got by someone who needs it. But do not rush to despair. Today scientists also develop ways of protection from spying devices. And do not forget that even if someone spies on you, it does not mean the collected information will be used against you. So cheer up!

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