Peer Pressure Essay: Don’t Walk Over Me, Please!


Is it really so important to be cool in the eyes of other people and find their approval? The biggest part of the mature personalities, whose experience let them think soundly, know that it is much more important to have your own opinion than to follow those, who are going the wrong route.

A lot of teenagers, when they start getting older and move to the most critical age period, try to get out of the parents’ control. The peers’ opinion becomes the best and the only correct criterion for them. Is it really possible to make a child have his own view on the things? Can the parents rescue their kids from the poisonous influence? You may think that it is just the banality, though I dare to remind you that it is much easier to prevent a problem than to liquidate its consequences then. The following essay on peer pressure will tell you how to do this correctly.

I Feel so Sorry…

Who of us doesn’t remember himself at the age of 13, when the prepubescent period is at the pick and the young ladies’ and gentlemen’ characters are unbearable? I can’t say that it is very pleasant for me now to remember about the number of troubles, which my awful behavior brought to my poor parents, especially to my mom. She was strong as if she had been made of iron, though I knew that each my new trick made her hair go grey. All the symptoms of my moving into adulthood were ceased only due to the strange mixture inside mom, which consisted of endless patience and a bit harsh character. They let her suppress all my riots for a total independence. I even thought that I couldn’t stand her and I constructed the plans how to run away from home. I feel sorry for such a behavior now… I feel terribly sorry, mom!

Peer Pressure Is…

There can’t be found anyone, who didn’t experience peer pressure, which is a desire of people of the same age with you to make you behave in a certain way and commit the actions, which are not typical for you at all. Just the ordinary phrase, “Hey, all of us will do this! Join us or nobody will be friends with you!’ is able to change the lives of people, who are a bit less self-confident, less decisive, and not as desperate as a leader. The last can be found in any group of people and he usually initiates all the forbidden deeds.

Is it necessary to try your first cigarette to impress your peers? Is it worth to start drinking alcohol when you are only 12? Is it a right choice to follow others and cut the lessons instead of to deny such a proposition? Can a desire to be like others and mirror their wrong behavior make you become admired by the majority? Any child should know the difference between good and evil to give the correct estimation to the deeds of his peers. Any kid should be able to say ‘No’, when he is offered to break his moral rules, and know that it is cool not to be like others but to have his own firm opinion. Where can children get such a strong core inside their immature psycho? Nobody but the parents can implant the love of truth and proper behavior to their children and the earlier they begin to do this, the better results such a breeding will give.

Breaking the Rules

The peers influence everybody despite the age of a person. Just a usual pastime among the certain people makes its impact and the teens are subjected to such an influence more than anybody else. They learn from each other, they compete with each other, and they perceive the life in such a way. Sometimes it is impossible to understand that you are influenced, because peer pressure maybe indirect. As to the types of this phenomenon, it is divided into:

  • direct, when you are told firmly what you should do;
  • indirect, when you acquire the habits of a group of people, which are not typical for you;
  • self motivated, when you allow others put pressure on you.

Why are the teens ready to break all the moral rules inside them and follow the counsels of their peers blindly? Not only a desire  to fit in and not to be the black sheep among a company, but a fear to be laughed at and a plain unwillingness to go under the name of a mummy’s boy spur on children to commit the actions, which are sometimes not accepted.

Some children are too curious and this quality makes them step too far. Children are sure that the argument that ‘everybody is doing this’ is able to whitewash them.

Those, who are under pressure, are told:

  • how to dress;
  • what to do;
  • which music to listen and which movies to watch;
  • whom to go out with and whom not be make friends with;
  • whether to smoke (drink alcohol, use drugs).

Don’t Be Afraid!

The effects of peer pressure essay may tell you that peer pressure is not always negative. When a child get into a company, where the good interests and pure motives are prevailed, he is subjected to a good influence and he may even drop some of his bad habits. If the chosen company propagandizes doing good, help others, lead a healthy lifestyle, such a friendship will not hurt him.

How to oppose people, when your opinion differs from this of them? How to say ‘No’ and be not afraid of showing your refusal? Just explain why you think so and do this in a quiet but firm way. Be sure that such a manifestation of your maturity deserves respect more than if you follow the stupid and forbidden propositions.

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