Pop Culture Essay: Moving Forward Or Step Backwards?


When you find yourself in the very heart of any metropolis and you are surrounded by noise and people’ voices, when you are tubing in the overcrowded carriage and nobody pays any attention to his neighbor, or when you are sitting on the bench and eating your caloric hamburger, just look around. What are all those people around you doing? I am ready to bet that the crowd around you can be easily divided just into several categories. Give your guess!

I won’t try your patience. All modern people are busy with listening to music, which is buzzing through the earphones, touching their cell phones with no stop, and holding the phones next to the ears and chatting gaily or even nervously.

The next pop culture essay will try to convince you that not everything, which is televising or sounding from the radio may be considered useful for our eyes, ears and minds.

Culture Is Heterogeneous

For those, who can’t understand the meaning of ‘pop culture’, let’s start with the next: try to think what culture is. Everybody knows that culture is a material and moral expression of a definite society, which results in religion, politics, arts and the main values, which are considered to be acceptable by the representatives of this society. American culture, Russian culture, Arabic one – all of them have their own identity and hardly a person is able to get mixed over them. Of course, it is impossible for all people in the society to confess the same principles and a desire of some groups, the members of which have the common interests, tastes or religion, to distinguish themselves. Thus various divisions appear inside the global tem ‘culture’. Subcultures’ ideals differ from these, which are accepted by the majority.

As to popular culture, it can be easily said that it is everywhere. Movies and music, which serve to entertain us, concepts and ideas, which show us where to move and what attitude to have towards this or that situation, fashion counsels and shows, which make us wear clothes that are considered to be in trend, and our behavior, which allow us to use the cell phones almost everywhere and spend all the time with the earphones, make our popular culture. Even the language, which is always in the process of changing, has been widened by new words and phrases, which hadn’t been typical for it during the previous centuries.

A lot of experts are pretty sure that our pop culture is not the expression of the current generation. It may be said that the modern generation and all their views are the products of what the big bosses try to impose on people. What can the movies about the cruel murders, monsters and other bogies express? How can the films, where the scenes with the bloody crimes appear every several minutes, attract people? Do they really show the norms of the modern population? Television shows us the programs, which are considered to be commercial and which help the moneybags to fill their pockets with dollars. We pay no attention to this. We just follow all the trends, which are imposed on us.

Think Soundly!

Popular culture makes the millions wear the clothes, which are told to be fashionable. The brand-name jeans, T-shirts and various other items of clothes cost an arm and a leg. Besides this fact, people are ready to spend all their money just to impress the unknown people at the street with their dandy look. The make-up industry shows people how to use the cosmetics and make them buy the new lipsticks, eye shadows and perfumes even if they are of awful colors and smells. ‘I will be in trend!’ is the main argument, which let propaganda flourish and the moneybags become even richer. Television shows us how to talk, how to behave and where it is prestigious to spend vacations. Nobody even tries to think whether it is good or not: to be in the fashion and look like Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga or any other superstar is cool today!

We listen to music, which tells only about sex, drugs, heartbreaking love and suicides. We are taught to think of nothing and take care of nobody. We watch the films, which make us feel scared at nights and start sleeping with the light on. We are afraid to swim in the pool, because a shark is waiting for us in it, and we start trembling while walking along the streets, because the killer may wait for us round every corner.

All our time is spent on clicking the mouse and making photos to download then into our Facebook accounts. We tweet our virtual friends and forget about those real persons, who are next to us and who need our attention. We have the computer games, where we feed up our online pets and forget about our cats, which are meowing in desperate attempt to obtain a portion of meal or at least some scratching.

While we are sharing the photos, choosing the new pair of shoes and trying to living up to the carefree superstars, our moral ideas and values are substituted by the products of ‘fashion’.

Popular culture change the people’ traditions, which have formed long ago. Globalization makes us change our lifestyles and our new choice is not always right.

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