Race Discrimination Essay: When Evil Comes from Evil


It is so painful to be offended, especially when it happens because of your skin color, eye shape, or any other ethnic feature, which differ you from all the other people. Who told that everybody should be alike and look like the twins? Who has a right to define which race is supreme and which one is inferior? If you suffer from any kind of discrimination at work, college, or anywhere else, stop keeping silent! Know your rights and fight for them!

My essay about race discrimination is dedicated to all those, who shed tears daily and nightly because of their helplessness. I want to encourage all those, who suffer from aggression, hatred, and regular attacks. I want to make all those people start believing in better future, which will come very soon.

Multinational World

First, I had an idea to buy one of the race essays on the Net and spend no time on thinking over any problems at all. I started looking through them and, frankly speaking, most of the services proposed really good products. I wasn’t discriminated, though my civil duty didn’t let me pay no attention to this sore problem of mankind. I altered my decision and the idea to order an essay left my head.

Our planet is extremely big. It is even bigger than one can imagine and the nations, which inhabit it, can hardly be counted. According to the last researches, there are more than 2000 nationalities in the world. I wasn’t sure that it was possible to take in account all the aspects while conducting such an investigation. I thought that each nationality had some more branches, which hadn’t been studied yet.

If your skin is of another color and you are noticeable among other people, it is too difficult for you to be in safety. Building of a career will be not an easy task too. Life of such people started transforming into the real hell on the Earth. They are persecuted, offended, and very often even killed.  

Discrimination on ethnic grounds has several forms and among them are:

  • online harassing with a help of sending offensive electronic letters and messages in the social nets, writing of the dirty comments, and sharing of the scandalous photos and videos;
  • publishing of the offensive articles in the newspapers;
  • rude words, which are told in public;
  • prejudicial treating of sportsmen, employees, students, and others.

Scorn – Discrimination – Genocide

Those, who are sure that race discrimination is just a fun, which is laughable for an offender only, are terribly mistaken! It is not a game!

Each of us knows well about the awful consequences of the mass race discriminations and the biggest and the most terrible case of its manifestations confirms this. Its name is the Holocaust. This word really makes the blood turn into ice. It became the biggest and the most bloody mass extermination of people and our task is not to let it happen again.

Sometimes even one word can make the irreversible effect and the consequences of international scandals may result in the cruel and mortal war.

I want us to know nothing about such tragedies. Just look at the pictures dated by 1943, 1944, or 1945. What do you feel when the exhausted faces of the Jews look at you from the photos? Don’t you think about how they felt while the fascists burnt them in the furnaces? If you still have some hatred to people of other nationalities, stop right now! When you are going to hit a person, who seems to be unattractive for you, think twice! Evil comes from evil! Your action can become the beginning of the new tragedy.

If you know the cases of race discrimination and a person, who lives next to you, is offended day after day, don’t wait until the rude words and kicks will escalate into something more awful.

No More Discrimination!

I was always dreaming about all the world conflicts to disappear forever. I imagined that one fine day we would stop listening to the news tremblingly and all the symptoms of anger, envy, and other negative emotions would leave the hearts of people. I worried greatly over people, whose race became a stumbling block for them. My skin was covered with creeps each time, when I heard about the cases of discrimination. Unfortunately, such incidents were widespread in our society.

People, who differ from the majority, suffer from unfairness at work more often than others. Children with another skin color are beaten twice as often. The world is cruel and people of the certain ethnic groups know this by their own experience.

I wasn’t able to stay silent, though I knew that my voice would change nothing radically. I thought for some time and decided to cover a problem of human rights abuse in my race and ethnicity essay. You may smile and say that my attempt to influence the people’s minds is just a sand grain, which is thrown towards the offenders. It will change nothing; it won’t make them kinder; it won’t even strike them a painful blow to make them feel the same horror as all the discriminated people feel.

I am sure that if everybody says his firm word and makes any step towards publicizing this problem, one fine day the situation will start getting better and it will be normalized then.

I wanted my essays on race discrimination to become a call for help. I wanted people, who have so much negativity in their souls, to understand that the representatives of all nations have right to live happily and build their lives according to their own will, rules, and concepts.

Our world is equal for all people and everybody has a right to feel comfort here.

If you are not in the risk group, it is not a good motive to pretend that you see and hear nothing. When somebody is offended, go to bat for him today and tomorrow you may be helped too.