Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay: Review Of Emerson’s Works


People call Ralph Emerson the genius of American literature. His series of absolutely unique papers changed the thoughts of Americans. His works were published in the 19th century. He enabled people to think differently and adopt other traditions.

Emerson Essay. Son Of Priest

As a son of priest, it was meant that he also would become a priest. When the man was young, Emerson had undergone the influence of the aunt. She taught him everything that started with Shakespeare to Romantic literature. Also, the aunt read Emerson the Bible. You can read Faith Definition Essay. It will give answers on some important questions.

All that made huge changes in poet’s life. Ralph Waldo was not satisfied with the interpretation of American Orthodoxy. So, soon he abandoned perish. Emerson decided to have a journey. He chose Europe.

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During the tour several vital things changed Emerson’s worldview. In France the poet went to a famous Biological garden. Suddenly he experienced revelation. Emerson decided in that right place that he would become a naturalist. Another thing that Ralph faced was meeting with such English poets as Wordsworth and Coleridge. Emerson considered them traditional people. That time was crucial for Ralph. Besides, pay attention to the paper about life changing experience. You can find it here: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/life-changing-essay-may-tomorrow-never-come

He started to analyze interesting notions and ideas that his forerunners as Cicerone and Bacon had raised. One of Emerson’s main ideas was this: there is no difference between a person and nature. They become the one element. Everyone in his time may find out that he/she is an important human being.

Many people consider Emerson as a spiritual teacher of the nation. He is famous for many new significant concepts. Ralph claimed that Americans had to develop their mental liberty. He had a huge impact on Emily Dickens, Thoreau, and Whiteman. Later Emerson’s works influenced novelists and thinkers not only American but also foreign. He was one of the most influential representatives of Transcendentalism. The modern stream of Protestant idea had undergone the influence of Emerson’s ideas. Ralph Waldo received high appreciation from German and became an inspiration for Nietzsche. In France and Belgium Emerson was not so popular. However, the thinker was acknowledged by famous people in Europe.

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“Nature” And Other Emerson’s Works

When Ralph Emerson returned to America, he started work as a lecturer. Emerson gained national fame for his essay “Nature”. His contemporaries were sure that the thinker had opened their eyes and enabled them to see real world.

In Nature essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson the author briefly stated his transcendental philosophy. He recorded that philosophical point of view meant nature and spirit inside all creatures. According to “Nature” a soul of every person belongs to God’s Spirit. Spirits join God. Since nature has colors, it makes people to be closer to God. It shows His majesty. For this reason, the spirit of man is able to grow. It may become as huge as the universe. If you still do not understand this idea, we may make it wider by writing a new paper. Apply to essay customer support services any time you need.

The second vital point in this work touches an agreement between material and spiritual worlds. Any symbol of spiritual world reflects in material world. Here the author makes the conclusion about unity of both worlds.

All these ideas put the basement for the most significant one. America had to stop thinking about its not American heritage. Present moments were more significant than past ones. Newness was more excellent than traditions. Current generation was more significant than previous. All things that mattered were in the hands of people. Emerson insisted on it. Find useful tips in the paper on Personal Development Skills.

Nature for Emerson was not only plant, animals, rock, or the sky. Nature for him was God. Ralph believed that the Lord existed everywhere and in everybody. Any small inch of something contained God inside. He insisted that heavenly flash was inside of every person.

Emerson’s “Self Reliance” was his next work. Its main idea was individuals’ importance. Everywhere Ralph saw individuals who lived their lives in accordance with traditions. World dictated its own habits to follow. Religious postulates limited people’s traditions. Emerson told that people could not be themselves. It was impossible because community and system of beliefs made them to be what they expected to be. These were burdens. Ralph Waldo wanted to eliminate them.

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Social past and community traditions prevented people from being themselves. The author was sure that people should not trust anyone. Religion or society restricted any folk. People had to trust only themselves. That was the idea of Emerson. Religion and society ruined individualism. However, people always had a chance to rebuild themselves. It would be useful to read an article that talks about character traits: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/essay-on-character-and-its-traits

So, to make a conclusion we must sum up main ideas and points of Emerson two works.

1. Nature is the Lord.  It is not only animals or rocks.

2. God inhabits every person.

3. Community and religion conceal divine origin from people.

4. Spiritual world can be seen through material one.

5. Main task of any person is to rebuild himself.

Main Points In Emerson’s Works

Emerson based a lot of his essays on the process when idea is born. The line in essays develops gradually. It looks like the author comes up with ideas together with readers. Ralph was talking in the papers about problems of man’s existence. The language of essays was different from those that Ralph used during lecturers. Nevertheless, they preserved conversational style. Emerson applied the method of writing church preaching. That brought success to his essays. He always started with simple routine things and then went to spiritual heights. That was the main structure of all sentences and essays. Emerson developed his essays as well as life.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson played a huge role in the development of American poetry. He never considered himself a great poet. All in all, some experts told that Emerson’s poetry was the best prose. Time has made his poetry more than valuable.

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