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In the previous post you could learn about some great motivational books that can boost your motivation and inspire you to do some academic writing, since it is very challenging task that is impossible to do without motivation. We sincerely hope that our articles, like this one about sample research papers or one about writing a common sense essay, help you to become a better writer and earn good grades. Today we will take a closer look at sample research paper, which supposed to help you to write your own sample research paper. In case the task of writing sample research papers is not up to you, don’t get frustrated, you can always use our writing services. But before you can begin your research you have to compose a research paper proposal sample in order to have it approved by your professor.  Your research paper proposal sample will include the chosen topic and the way you are planning to conduct your research.

General rules of writing a research paper

A research paper is the high level of academic writing; it is a sort of expanded essay. In a regular essay you have to state your opinion about some subject and support it with evidence based on the knowledge you possess, but a research paper is rather an overview and analysis of the best existing information on the subject.

There are two types of research papers — argumentative and analytical. The main goal of argumentative research paper is persuasion. While in analytical research paper student does not take a position in an argument but just explores and evaluates the sources of information on the subject. 

As any other kind of academic paper, research paper has its inherent rules, and the most important of them concerns working with sources. After you have carefully chosen your topic you must spend a considerable amount of time selecting the sources of information. But if you don’t have that much time, just order your research paper here. The sources must include not only internet articles but other types like books, journal articles, professional publications in specialized magazines, and sometimes even interviews. The number of sources you use will depend on the size of your research paper, which should be established by your professor of educational institution you attend.

Another crucial element of every research paper is the citing of your sources. At the end of your research you have to give a list of the resources you used. The way this list is organized depends on the requirements of your college or university. The most common styles of organizing the references are MLA, APA and Chicago styles. You can find more about that after following this link.

Sample research paper

Can science fiction literature predict the future?

The world of fiction and science fiction in particular may seem unimportant, just a way of entertainment. Some believe it has nothing to do with reality or real science. While others argue that science fiction writers have been all along predicting the future and that all technical and scientific achievements we use now were once predicted by writers. Can this really be true that those authors somehow glimpsed into the future or their works simply inspired future generations with the ideas? Using the available sources of information we will try analyze this question.

According to the book Out of This World by Michael Ashley science fiction over the centuries had great impact on development of science, technology and changes in socio-political field. He illustrates this idea with multiple examples of science fiction works that had their effect on human minds throughout the history. After reading the book it becomes clear that science fiction literature had undoubtedly influenced the scientific progress. But can we be sure in what way — by predicting the progress or being inspiration for it? Let us look at some examples from the history when science fiction prophecies proved to be true over the course of time and try to analyze if they served as predictions or inspiration.

One of the most famous futuristic dystopias “1984” by George Orwell is said to be a scary glimpse into our inevitable future. While the author’s choice of the year was a little amiss some other details from his novel proved to be true. The most startling of them is global surveillance which became possible with the rise of the Internet technologies. Nowadays nobody can be sure of the total anonymity of his actions on the web. Our whole lives are there in the world wide web from our bank card and passport information to much more private and intimate data. And whoever stands at the very top of most powerful internet corporation becomes our modern days version of Big Brother.

While it is possible to say that the changes described by Orwell were the fruit of his exceptionally insightful mind it can be argued whether those were predictions or inspiration. But this other example is hard to call inspirational.  In 1726 the world for the first time read a social satire “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. The books follows adventures of a man named Gulliver who travels into different worlds — one inhabited by tiny humans and another by giants. At one of such travels he visits a floating island inhabited by scientist and astronomers who noticed that Mars has two moons on its orbit. And only in 1877 the scientists discovered that there were indeed two moons on Mars’ orbit — Phobos and Deimos. This case is a good example of prophetical power of science fiction because it is hard to say that Swift inspired those two moons into existence.

Let us look at another example of science fiction work which over the years proved to be very fruitful with predictions. This is another classical futuristic dystopia “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. It was written in 1931 and was able to foresee the existence of antidepressants, reproductive technology and overpopulation. It is possible to state that invention of antidepressants and reproductive technology could be in some way inspired by this book, but we cannot say the same about overpopulation.

After analyzing multiple works of science fiction literature that centuries ago described events and inventions that take place in our days we still cannot positively state whether those works served as predictions or mere inspiration. Some examples look as far sighted wisdom of an author, some as pure accidental guess, while others could very well inspire some creative minds into invention. But one thing sure is that we hope that many events described in science fiction books like nuclear wars and other global disasters will never prove to be true.

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What do you think, is science fiction predicts the future or just inspires the changes? Share your ideas with us here. Today we discussed writing a research paper and reviewed a short sample of one. For more free essay samples and topic ideas visit our blog. If you don’t have time for conducting a research and composing an essay our experienced writers will do it for you for a very reasonable price.