Restaurant Evaluation Essay: Public Catering


What is an evaluation essay and how to compose it properly in order to get the highest mark for it? If you still have no idea about such a kind of essays, it is the best time for shedding light on it. Don’t be ashamed that you have such a lack of knowledge. It is easy to fill it and we will start doing this right now.

Several Words about Evaluation Essays

Evaluation essay writing can hardly be called my favorite occupation, though among all the other types, evaluation essay is much closer to me. I am not a great writer, by the way, and my not very sentimental nature explains perfectly why I usually have not enough words and epithets to compose a really interesting and vivid essays. Maybe, I am not objective towards myself, because some of my friends are sure that I write rather decently.

You may ask me why I like to be engaged in evaluation essay writing so much, and I will answer you at once: I have such a way of thinking that makes me give my own estimations to everything that is around me. People say that I am critical enough and I have a talent for giving the adequate description of goods, services, and events. I do this rather professionally and my eyes are very sharp. Maybe it helps me to be so attentive. I usually notice the details, at which nobody pay attention at all.

This quality of mine became my good support in writing an evaluation essay, because such an essay can’t be called perfect without demonstrating the positive and negative qualities of this or that product, restaurant, business, or anything else. What are the criteria, which can help you to estimate anything and do this properly? If you are not tending to make any estimates, your evaluative essay may not correspond to the norms, according to which such an essay should be composed. Your inner voice and sound mind, your objectiveness and sufficient criticism are the best helpers in such an essay composing.

Thank God, I have no problems with this and my task to create a restaurant evaluation essay brought me a real storm of emotions! I was extra happy that I was finally given an opportunity to tell the world about my favorite beach restaurant, which is situated in the best country of the world. While talking about the most magnificent country, I mean Greece, by the way. If to be more exact, it is the island of Santorini, which I adored greatly. This place makes me crazy each time, when I set foot on this holy and super beautiful land. I have a desire to shout loudly, ‘Welcome to Santorini!’ even now, but out with the sentiments! Let’s return to our topic.

When I came back to reality and my memories about Greece were far away, I finally wrote down the first paragraph of my essay.

How I Started My Essay

Frankly speaking, I know nobody, who doesn’t like dinning out. Eating at the restaurant is always pleasant, especially if the chosen place is of high quality. The restaurant is really a special place, which should be so attractive that nearly everybody, who passes it by, gets a desire to visit it and have a cup of coffee here. An ultra stylish design, delicately composed menu, and only fine goods are the main components of a popular and elite restaurant. Can you add anything to this list? Yes, cleanliness! I’ve absolutely forgotten about this point, which is really crucial while thinking about a place, where to arrange any party, or family dinner. The chosen restaurant should be not clean. It should spark like a diamond and be absolutely nonbacterial.

I am a great lover of eating out, though there are not many restaurants and cafes, to which I can entrust myself and my stomach. No, I am not too fastidious; I just have no desire to eat from one and the same plate with somebody, who was at this restaurant before me. I want the dish to be washed carefully! My microscopic eyes are able to notice even the smallest trace of poorly cleaned plates. I know that mostly all the restaurants have this problem.

You wonder whether it is possible to satisfy my demands or this mission is impossible. It is not just possible; there is one place, which does this, and I eat here with no fear. The very small but super clean fish restaurant is really the best one along the Santorini coastline. If the world ‘fish’ makes you smile, I hasten to tell you: there is no fish smell here!

Despite the numerous advantages of this fine restaurant, I can name one minus of it. The prices here are very high, though I prefer to overpay rather than to be poisoned.

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I made a break, reread my essay once again, and a smile appeared on my face. Santorini! I wanted to visit it again and again, to smell its fine air, and feel the warmth of its incredibly beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, I was too far from the island of love and I had to complete my essay. I switched off my emotions and continued writing. My essay was started, though there were still a lot of things to do.

I began my critical evaluation essay writing and it was too late to make a step backwards. I had to finish it myself. If you have such a task too, listen to my advice: it is much easier, quicker, and cheaper to buy this essay from any online writing service rather than to spend so much time on its writing. Time is really much more valuable than the banknotes.

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The next time I will definitely do the same and buy a paper from, because I don’t want to spend so much time on sitting at the computer anymore!