Romeo and Juliet Essay: Modern Interpretation of Past Story


What do we, children of technological progress, know about love and pain, which it usually causes? Are we really able to feel the whole specter of emotions, which such a clear feeling as love brings? Having being equipped with numerous connecting devices, which let us come in contact any moment, we are able to feel absolutely free and happy. Do you miss your beloved? In such a case each modern person will send him or her SMS or give a call on Skype. Do you want to make your honey feel good? Just send him or her any online present or funny post through your Facebook account. Wi-Fi connecting and perfect cellular coverage let people be connectable 24 hours a day.

None of us is able to imagine how people lived several hundreds of years ago, when the only method of carrying a message was a pair of doves, to the legs of which a tiny letter was tied. Nobody could even dream about calling each other any second. The heroes of my essay about Romeo and Juliet were the representatives of the epoch, which was super difficult for making love. 

Long Ago…

Everybody knows that William Shakespeare is the genius English writer and actor, whose fame hasn’t been outshined yet. People of different age and tastes get satisfaction from the perfect language, which Shakespeare presented in his plays. All of them were written not one hundred years ago, though their

The tragedy Romeo and Juliet appeared between 1591 and 1595. William Shakespeare’s masterpiece was considered one of his best plays and it was performed more than often even during Shakespeare’s life. The heart-piercing story found people’s overall love. The tragic plot was really understandable to common people, because each of them felt the same emotions at least once in life too. Love theme was the best choice. The characters of the tragedy became the archetypes of young lovers then. Unfortunately, not one couple’s love ended in such a tragic way, though more on that a bit later.

Romeo and Juliet were the teenagers, who fell in love with each other spontaneously but seriously. Their union would have become firm and durable if there hadn’t been one aspect. Their families were the worst enemies and none of the members wanted to sacrifice their principles and forget about the conflict for the sake of love. The Romeo and Juliet fate was predetermined and the young couple didn’t find any better method to be together but to meet on the Heavens. The story ends with the deaths of both main heroes.

The critics praised the Shakespeare’s masterpiece rather highly. The language of this play and the effect, which it made, were wonderful.

The Romeo and Juliet love was so pure that some of us can’t even imagine this. How do the modern men treat their girlfriends? What shape do their feelings have? More and more often they change their sweets like girls change their clothes. Women’ approach to their future partners’ choosing leaves much to be desired. A rare woman pays attention to her future husband’s soul. Money becomes the main criterion, according to which young ladies build their lives. If a potential boyfriend’s pockets are full of dollars, the other characteristics of him have no meaning at all. Romantic dates, flowers, and love confessions are left somewhere in the Middle Ages.   

Modern Lovers

‘For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.’ The famous play of William Shakespeare ends in such a way, though the similar sad stories happen to young men from time to time and mass media tries to cover them. I decided to mention them in my essay on Romeo and Juliet too and show how the life of lovers has been changed and whether it underwent any changes at all.

The Montagues and the Capulets-style tragedies excite the world not very often, though each time, when such a double murder happens, the hearts of the newspapers’ readers fall into the boots. On April 20, 2010, the news went round America: a thirty-year old Coleen Michelle Sharp was find shot and her husband was lying next to her. Michelle Estell killed his wife and committed suicide then. The motives were unknown, though the scenario of the tragedy was really chilling.

On April 3, 2015, the news about the Russian couple became known to people. A twenty-four-year old guy killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself, though he had no heart to do this. A couple had too much problems and their relatives didn’t want them to be together. They found no other alternative but to commit suicide.

In 1998, in the beginning of August, a horrible triple murder-suicide happened to a family of Marcus Jordan, who was 23, Devina Cruz, who was 21, and their two-year old son. The journalists called this murder of Romeo and Juliet-style. All the relatives of this family were sure that everything was perfectly between the couple, though they, or at least one of them, decided to dispose of their lives in such a terrible way.

Such shocking incidents happen all over the world and each time they make people amaze that it is possible.

Good Essay Is Real

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