Same Sex Marriages Essays: To Legalize or Not?


There are still a lot of debates around an issue whether the same sex marriage should be legalized or not. The quantity of opinions are directly-proportional to a number of people living on the Earth. If I am asked about my own opinion about this problem, frankly speaking, I doubt that I will be able to give a quick answer. Firstly, I have never thought about this, as all my friends and me are of the traditional sexual orientation and I know this for sure. Secondly, I no longer know whether such a marriage should be legal or not. Let’s think about this together.

The Constitution Claims That…

The same sex marriage is considered to be one of the most contradictory problems of the mankind. If several dozen years ago such a question didn’t even come to anybody’s mind, today it is a nagging problem for a good part of the humans. In the world, where freedom of word and action is propagandized, it becomes more and more popular to say about your political views, your religion, and even about your sexual orientation for all to hear. If to think deeper about this, it is really not clear why some people should marry whom they want and talk about their love with no fear of being criticized, while the others should keep silent and hide their pure feelings from the other people’s disapproval. All the countries are different and their state structures are different too, though the Constitutions of nearly all the countries claim that each person has his own right to choose his religion, to express his own opinion, and be free. Doesn’t a fact that this or that person is forbidden to marry a partner, whom he wanted to live with till the end of his life, contradict the Constitution? I really share the opinion that everybody has equal rights and accordingly to this a decision to choose his beloved depends on a person only and on nobody but him.

Some world cultures accept the same sex couples and consider them traditional. So, a question about traditional concept of family and partnership is rather indistinct. In the countries, where it is a normal practice for people to marry a partner of the same sex, there are no debates over the same sex marriage legalization. In the countries, where it is still strange and the citizens are against same sex marriage, the preferences are given to the traditional marriage, which is making between a man and a woman.

What are the countries, which have the loyal attitude to people, who are not search for their lovers among the representatives of the opposite sex? The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Portugal, Iceland, Denmark, Brazil, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Uruguay, Luxembourg, Finland, and the United States of America has already adopted the law, which permits the same sex couples to get married.

Not a Problem but an Individual Case

Our life changes each day and the norms and rules are not stable too. They may be changed according to the social innovations and each of us has to have an adequate attitude to this. Should same sex marriage be legalized? I think that if there are people, who feel uncomfortable over having some relationships with the representatives of the opposite sex, nobody is able to make him live with unloved. Just try to imagine that you are not traditional as you are, but you have some other worldview and you have been born not in the right body. What will you do if you are a woman, but you have a masculine nature inside you or vice versa? How to live if you suffer from love to a person of the same sex as you? Unfortunately, the Mother Nature commits the mistakes from time to time, though such a phenomenon can’t be called a problem: it is just an individual case and it should be given enough attention too. Love doesn’t depend on our will. It strikes us wherever we are and nobody can predict a name of the partner, which he will fall in love spontaneously but forever.

Just ask anybody about the same sex marriage and you will hear the most widespread argument against, ‘It is not normal!’ This is really the funniest thing, which I have ever heard, though it is a fact. I don’t know who those people are, who are empowered to determine what is right and what is wrong. A ‘normal’ family is not a family between a man and a woman. A normal one is when there is love and respect between two partners and their sex doesn’t matter. Is it normal, when people scold with each other day after day and sometimes such scandals even end with a fight? It is not a norm! It is just an absurd, though it doesn’t mean that such marriages should be prohibited and the partners should be imprisoned.

Quality Help

Sometimes the society and its people are too aggressive; sometimes they are too uninterested in the troubles of people, who live next to them. Nobody wants to take any actions until a certain problem becomes his own. I am pretty sure that in the nearest future, when the world will be changed just a bit, each of us will remember the time, when the same sex marriage was not allowed, and wonder why there were so many prejudices in our heads earlier.

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