Secrets to How to Prevent Cyber Attacks


It is a fact that wealthy nations are at a higher risk of cyber attacks compared to the situation in developing countries. Such countries as the USA, Great Britain and Japan are considered the greatest targets, let alone that the recent attack on the federal government of the US might have exposed the information on over 4 million governmental workers, including their research on security and various job related checks. Furthermore, it has been proved that cybercrime businesses gain huge profit amounting to nearly $400 billion all over the world. Cyber attacks are known as the major threat to such spheres as trade, innovation and economic development of the world. In case of the developed states, cyber attacks pose a serious threat in the sphere of employment. Those who are behind cybercrime are trying to shift the employment sphere from the jobs that are known to be of utmost value.

If you are the owner of a small enterprise, you might not be targeted by cyber criminals. However, this claim can be argued about, and the precautions should be taken in either case. The fact is that a huge number of criminals often target small enterprises just because these ventures usually do not take enough security measures to protect their business from possible cyber attacks. Below you will find a few secrets to how to prevent cyber attacks without additional efforts.

  • The first thing you should consider is to make up an internal policy. Not many people know that the biggest risk for any business in terms of cyber security is their employees. In most situations, criminals are trying to penetrate the network of employees and manage to achieve this, because some of the company’s workers might have been neglecting the security measures, for instance, by creating poor passwords to their e-mail accounts. Therefore, it is important to be updated on the inflow of information and the recent scams. Furthermore, it is also important to make the employees aware of the possible threats and force them to use secure passwords apart from taking other protective measures. You should also consult the person who has created the business server in order to make sure that all protections are available.
  • The next step is to learn from the mistakes made by other people. You might have heard about various cyber attacks or disclosure of confidential information that have happened to some companies. In case you are a business owner, it can lead to huge financial losses. Nevertheless, if you make a point to learn from the mistakes of others, you are likely to be more informed about some similar cyber attacks that have happened to other businesses. In this case, you will be prepared for the potential threats in terms of cyber crime.
  • Another important issue is to keep the computers updated. Whether you use your computer for personal purposes or have multiple laptops that are used for carrying out business activities, you should not neglect the importance of making constant updates in order to ensure that the whole network functions properly and the security measures follow the latest standards and norms. This implies paying close attention to all notifications that your operating system might provide regarding the necessary updates like antivirus programs, web browser security and others. If you ignore these notifications, the defense system of your computer will be under a threat of being penetrated by intruders.
  • One more option to be used against cyber attacks is cloud services. Many enterprises save much money and time due to the use of cloud services for managing data storage and fulfilling other functions. It can be considered a good option if you own a small business. The only requirement is to use services of the most renowned companies, because otherwise, the quality of cloud services might be insufficient.
  • You should also be aware of what should not be done. For example, adding filters and firewalls is considered insecure, so that your computers will become more vulnerable to the attacks of cyber criminals. You should detect the most critical problems and use professional help to solve them. This way, you will be able to make sure that your computer network is perfectly safe.
  • Another valuable advice in terms of cyber crime prevention is increasing the awareness of workers. This is among the most cost-effective ways of avoiding cyber attacks. Nowadays, nearly 60% of US middle-sized companies are involved in training their workers on cyber security. You should understand that cyber crimes can happen even if a cyber criminal simply gets access to your worker’s laptop. That is why it is of great importance for any company to conduct employee training in order to maintain privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Various security experts indicate that it is imperative not to use the same password for different e-mail accounts. This should be done for the purpose of information security. You should try to create different password by combining symbols and numbers and taking into account other factors to make sure that your accounts are safe. It is also advisable to change your passwords every other month, especially if you are an owner of a wide-scale company with a great number of employees.
  • Another recommendation that will help you to prevent cyber attacks is hiring a safety expert. This is one of the best ways to detect the gaps in your security system. A security expert will help you to solve the existing problems in your operating systems and provide advice on how to prevent the attacks of cyber criminals. It is evident that cyber criminals become more and more advanced in their attempts to penetrate the computer systems. They continue to find new elaborated ways of stealing confidential information that costs millions of dollars in losses a year. Therefore, it is imperative for every company to think of cyber security and take relevant measures to prevent cyber attacks. Remember that it is always better to prevent the problem than to spend loads of time and efforts on solving it.

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