Sex Trafficking Essay: Things You Should Know


Sex trafficking essays generally provide such information as the definition of human trafficking, the most vulnerable groups that most often become victims of sex slavery, the effects of this phenomenon on sex labor victims and the ways of solving the problem. The current sex trafficking essay will briefly explore all of the above issues to make a well-grounded prognosis regarding sex trafficking, women exploitation and teenage prostitution. Firstly, there is a need to give a definition of the phenomenon of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking of modern days represents a multibillion industry involving the trade and exploitation of women and underage individuals for the purposes of involuntary sex labor. Sexual exploitation of women and teenagers involves prostitution, pornography and sex trafficking, which are aimed at gaining profit at the expense of other people. It is estimated that every year nearly 800,000 teenagers and women are sold as slaves to other countries although some additional number of sex slaves are trafficked within the borders of their homelands.

Certain forms of sex trafficking are highly obvious, which mainly includes street prostitution. However, a lot of trafficked individuals remain unknown, working in suburban areas. Sex traffickers can also conduct their business activities in such public locations as massage and spa salons. It is considered that the most vulnerable and largest group of human trade for the purpose of sex labor is comprised of adult women, followed by teenage girls and some small portion of adult men and boys who can also be involved in sex industry. Women and teenagers can be trafficked from absolutely any country abroad so that trafficked individuals exist practically in all parts of the world. The poorest and least stable countries are characterized by the highest rates of sex trafficking, because poverty is considered a common feature among sex trade victims. Women and young girls are more susceptible to being lured into sex industry. This is explained by the fact that women have fewer career opportunities and consequently lower income. In an attempt to get more money, women and girls go to other countries, but get into a trap of sex trade. Jobs with poor payment and long-term unemployment put women at a risk of becoming victims of sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is considered an organized crime that is also associated with such corresponding elements as rape, prostitution, kidnapping and abuse. Sex trafficking is currently illegal almost in every country across the world. The factors contributing to the development of sex industry are corruption and a greedy desire to get more profit. Even though various international organizations are trying to regulate the situation and reinforce anti-trafficking laws, there are cases when police officers and governmental authorities actually play a role in the progress of sex trafficking themselves.

Why does such business exist? This question has no clear answer, but it can be assumed that sex trafficking exists mostly in the areas where the educational and employment opportunities are restricted. The highest number of traffickers is found in Asia, followed by different parts of Europe and the USA. Crime groups engaged in sex labor activities may also be involved in the illegal transportation of drugs and weapons. Besides, these organizations often use violence in their activities. Women happen to be at a greater risk of becoming victims of sexual abuse and sex slavery because they are often not valued in the society. If women had higher social status, there would be a chance to eliminate further progression of sex trafficking.

How do women get lured into sex trafficking? In fact, women and children can be lured into sex slavery in a number of ways. Some of them are offered legal job opportunities as waitresses or shop assistants. Others might be guaranteed marriage, better life conditions or educational opportunities. There are also women who are sold into sex industry by their friends, boyfriends or even parents. The victims of trafficking tend to be passed among a great number of traffickers consequently moving far away from their homelands. That is why it is so hard to detect the instances of human trafficking and bring women back to their homes. Women often have to travel across many countries before they finally end up in the place of their destination. This makes victims of sex trafficking disoriented and confused. As a rule, the victim’s official documents, namely passport, are confiscated. Victims are often obliged to pay various charges and debts before they are released. This makes them work for longer periods in order to get enough money for all the expenses.

It is evident that sex trafficking victims go through a number of stages of physical abuse and gradual degradation. Victims are generally deprived of sleep and food being also subjected to physical torture. Women are often told by sex traffickers that their families will be harmed or even murdered in case they attempt to escape to freedom or tell anyone about their captivity. Besides, women usually do not understand the language or culture of their place of destination, which makes them experience emotional stress and confusion. As for the impact of sex trafficking, this crime is considered to greatly affect the mental and physical health of women and teenagers. Apart from physical abuse, the victims of sex trafficking suffer from high levels of shame, fear and grief. Trafficked women often have suicidal thoughts as well. Those who manage to escape from slavery, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder upon arriving back home. This may consequently lead to the development of anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. Many of the sex trafficking victims start taking drugs or alcohol to overcome the pain.

Finally, it needs to be noted that many organizations are currently trying to solve the problem of human and sex trafficking in a number of ways, but due to the fact that sex trafficking is a highly developed industry, their efforts come to null in most cases. Hopefully, the situation will change for the better in the nearest future. Even if this crime cannot be eradicated completely, the governments should at least try to reduce the rates of sex trafficking across the world.

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