Shameless: White Trash Culture Popularization


Shameless season 8

All the following is the subjective author’s opinion, so, please, if you do not agree with it, refrain from outraging.

In the run-up, or, to tell more truly, in the beginning of the season 8 of US Shameless adaptation, academic writers online from are eager to follow the heroes’ evolution that seems to be a curious phenomenon.

The common opinion, concerning this TV series, raises the issue of its degradation, turning the marginal story into another pop drama. It’s evident that by now, the fans don’t expect the first-season deeds from the Gallagher family: hijacking, scamming Social Security checks through the random Alzheimer’s old lady from nursery home, Canadian hangover of Frank, the father of the family, child kidnapping, sham funerals because of money problems, fake wedding, Veronica’s underground meds trafficking, Lip's providing cheap and quick essay papers to the classmates as the only mean of earning (although, maybe, it is better to mention his relations with Karen, the nympho) – the heroes gave us hundreds of thrilling moments, and start to slow down. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to promiscuous sex, alcohol abuse, drug trafficking (judging by the impressive coke amount, inherited by Gallaghers from their mother) and gay relations, which are the essential components of near all Shameless episodes.

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The heroes have lost their white trash courage and learnt to make the right decisions, it’s evident: Carl entered the military school, Debbie and her baby found her place beside Neil, Ian made his choice in favor of honesty and stability, by turning back at the Mexican border (so so dramatic! Our good assignment help website hopes, you’re ok, Mickey!), Fiona became a heroine of rags-to-riches story. For now, it’s only Lip who left on the sidelines, however, he is about to join his sisters and brothers in a spirit of life satisfaction or at least to learn to mute the odd noises of the surrounding world without the alcohol (that in his own case is already the step to success). Somebody can consider such a change in the heroes’ behavior as the give to the increase in an audience or the writers’ «idea crisis», but why not deem them being simply grown up? The high time has come to learn from the mistakes! The, leading service to take your papers, esteems it as the real evolution, during which the heroes’ teenage behavior was replaced by the responsibility to themselves primarily, and the necessity to build their lives rightly. This series is the real guide to adulthood that goes through every period you go through, evolves along with the changing of your personality or stimulates its changes. In our humble opinion, the writers did a great job to demonstrate the characters’ evolution, vice versa it would be far-fetched at a minimum if the reckless and weird deeds accompany heroes in the season 8. All in all, despite the white trash origins and the apparent impossibility to reverse the life for better, the heroes made a good progress in getting their life back on track.

The latest seasons move you carefully into so-called metamodernism that is considered to replace postmodernism. What is the difference you will probably ask? The silver lining for better living breaks the clouds of white trash existence, the heroes stop living by inertia and start thinking about tomorrow by choosing between a pleasant and right choice the last one that is uncharacteristically to the first seasons.

Shameless teaches us that there is nothing impossible, even if your origins and environment leave much to be desired. You shouldn’t obligatory be Alexander the Great (read this post if you don’t know his story: to achieve the success and stay happy. The honesty, the ability to forgive and take yourself as you are, however, not without the strive for better, will do a good job for you! Be true, be sincere, be tenacious. Read! Watch Shameless!

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