Sia Starts Christmas Season with Holiday Album Release


Sia's Christmas album

One week ago, the world was shaken up by Taylor Swift’s Reputation release. Luckily, this month is remarkable for significant music events since this day, 17 November 2017, will go down in history as a day of Sia’s release of Holiday Album titled Everyday is Christmas. Unlike Taylor Swift who dreamt of being glory since the very childhood, Sia has never chased fame. However, she was not in a position to shut herself off from the world who began admiring her talent more and more. Now, when Sia has finally put up with her inevitable glory, fans worldwide are pleased with such a present for 2018 Christmas because there can be no more pleasant surprise than Sia’s sonic magic. Our best custom writing service is going to shine some light on Sia’s life that she would like much to keep in dark.

Sia is an Australian songwriter and producer born in 1975. She is the daughter of an art lecturer (mother) and a musician (father). It becomes apparent why Sia has never doubted that her vocation is closely bound to music. Her first album was released in 1997, but only with the 6th album titled 1000 Forms of Fear, true popularity came with owing to ‘Chandelier’ hit song ranked first in the US Billboard. Along with recognition, interest in Sia’s private life was increased which did not flatter the woman but rather forced her to reconsider music activity. This is exactly the reason that pushed Sia to cover her face and ask child dancer Maddie Ziegler to act in the video accompanying the single, which has been viewed more 1.7 billion times by today (read more about pop culture trends

Sia is not the one to share her private moments. To her mind, music is the only thing she can afford to share, and this is what she does magnificently. There was a time when Sia’s career was suspended because of public pressure. Thankfully, she rejoined. Otherwise, the music history would have never been the same as it is now due to missing this Australian brilliant. Sia’s contribution is not limited to solely her own discography. She equally co-worked with such famous figures as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Eminem, and Flo Rida. Being a gifted songwriter, she created the soundtrack for Burlesque movie, particularly ‘Bound to You’ song performed by Christina Aguilera.

It is taken for granted that each Sia’s new work is flawless. So is the 8th Holiday Album. ‘Santa’s Coming for Us’ single was out on October 30, and it did not take much time to get Billboard’s acknowledgement. Her whimsy and charming voice is able to create a magic atmosphere in any place. The album promises to be a fresh portion of heartening and uplifting music, and this is what we desperately need in routine and colorless days. Since New Year Season is coming, now is indeed the best time to enjoy the songs from Everyday is Christmas Album as our custom writing service team does. We are one of the first who have experienced Sia’s music power to change our ordinary life with the magic of fabulous notes.

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