Simplify Your Life With This Chemistry In Daily Life Essay


Even if you are not interested in science, you cannot deny it that the world has got a lot of curious phenomena, and some of them have not been figured out yet. However, the humanity has learnt a lot about science till now, and it is especially true for the field of chemistry. Chemical substances surround us on a daily basis, but we prefer not to notice them, we simply take them for granted. Only at school and university students from time to time suffer from having to work on chemistry essay topics. Now Big Essay Writer will give you a lesson on chemistry, but not a usual one. It will be anything but boring, and you will surely learn several chemical life hacks for your daily routine.

What makes knives for cutting fruit turn black?

Those who have knives at home that are used only for cutting fruit will notice how with the lapse of time the blades gradually turn black, especially if occasionally you forget to wash them after cooking. This happens because fruit contains tannic acid that together with ferrous salt produces ink. You can carry out an experiment, for which you will need ferrous salt solution. To make it at home you will have to take blue copperas (you can buy it in a garden center) and put there something made of iron for half an hour – a nail or a couple of clips will do perfectly. Then add the ferrous salt solution to any fruit juice, and you will see that the liquid turns black immediately.

Tea contains tannic acid, too. Ferrous salt solution added to weak tea can make the tea black. That is the reason why it is not recommended to brew tea in a metal pot. Of course, you can boil the water for your tea in any container you like, but the process of brewing requires only glass, faience or china crockery.

Invisible ink

Chemistry can even help us write secret messages! You will learn how to do it from this lesson on chemistry in our daily life essay writers from our company prepared for you. To produce invisible ink at home, you should have a bit of chemical knowledge and the simplest ingredients from a local shop or drugstore. The first recipe is the following: take blue copperas that we already mentioned above and add some water in order to get light blue solution, then use it to write something on a piece of paper. A secret letter is ready! If you want the writing to show up, you should place the paper above liquid ammonia – it will make your notes bright blue.

Another way to produce invisible ink requires only lemon juice! Use a stick or a brush to apply the juice to paper and then wait a couple of minutes until it gets dry, and you already have a secret message. To read the text, heat the piece of paper with the help of an electric bulb or an iron. Citric acid gets darker under high temperature, which makes your handwriting visible.

For the last recipe you will need iodine, but keep in mind that this will give you disappearing ink, not the invisible one. It can help you play a trick on your friends or even professor, if you are reckless enough. So, take 50 ml of iodine tincture and mix it with a tablespoon of dextrin (a starch derivative product). Then filter the sediment. Now, when you use this ink for writing, you can be sure that the text will disappear in a matter of 1 or 2 days because the iodine will evaporate. It will be impossible to reconstruct the writing.

Chemistry helps fight stains on clothes

Last but not least, this chemistry in daily life essay will teach you how to get rid of stains on clothes. First of all, you have to decide what kind of stain it is, and then act according to the guidelines that we provide you with.

Wax stains. These ones can often be found on tablecloths after candle-lit dinners, but simply putting the tablecloth in a washing machine may not be enough, especially for large stains. The chemistry of this rule is simple: to remove wax, you should heat it with an iron. But do not apply the iron to the tablecloth directly – use a piece of blotting paper between them. Once the stain heats, it becomes fluid again and soaks into paper. After this procedure put the tablecloth in a washing machine, which will be the final stage of removing the stain.

Grass stains. This type of stain is very familiar to those who prefer an active lifestyle with constant picnics and outdoor sport games. There is one very powerful chemical helper in your bathroom that can deal with grass stains effectively – it is toothpaste. Only make sure that it is exactly a tube of paste, not of gel. To remove the stain, apply the paste with an old toothbrush to your piece of clothing and then rinse it. You will be surprised to see that nothing is left from the horrible green stain.

Blood stains. Here we will start with what you should not do – it is washing a blood-stained cloth in hot water. Avoid it because the structure of blood cells makes them coagulate at once in case of contact with something hot. The second rule would be to wash the stain off as quickly as possible because as it dries up, your chances to get rid of it diminish. And lastly, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide will help you dissolve the stain and scrape it away effectively.

The team of Big Essay Writer hopes that now you love chemistry at least a bit more. It is not only another tedious subject at school, but also a set of natural laws that can provide you with valuable life hacks to simplify everyday routine. We remind you that our writers work with various school and university subjects, and our field of work is not confined to chemistry. If you need a custom essay from us, feel free to contact our managers for details or place your order right away. Our intuitive order form will help you select the options that suit your assignment, and after filling it out you will get a 20% discount as a bonus for choosing our services.