Summer Vacation Essay: Back to Memories


Summer Vacation Essay: Back to Memories

My new task was announced and the topic of my essay made me jump with joy! I wasn’t able to stay immovable, though I tried to control myself. I had to present an essay about summer vacation and this fact made me happy. Wow! It was superb news for me!

I sank deep into my thoughts immediately. No matter that I was still at college and nobody let me go home, I started delving into my brains in attempt to extract as much memories as possible.

The thoughts about summer vacation essay and the memories about my summer made me return to the best days of the year. I always waited for summer impatiently and I wanted it never to end. I began to feel that the warmth started heating up my blood and little by little the picture around me was changed from my lecture room to one of my summer days. It started getting hotter and I unbuttoned my shirt under the collar. I knew I was a perfect dreamer.

Trip to Summer

A necessity to work at the descriptive essay made my mood perfect!

I am sure that how I spent my summer vacation essay is one of the most favorite topics of all the students. Hardly a person will have no desire to tell everybody about his summer adventures, warm sand, and storming sea. Is it possible to make a mystery of your first try to catch the waves? How to say nothing about your bombastic photos from Malaysia? I was ready to disclose all my secrets, which were known just to summer nights and me.

I am sure that it is always pleasant to boast of your interesting pastime. Everybody has more than one story about summer and if it seems that you have none and nothing unordinary happened to you last summer, just try to think better! You will definitely find at least one funny story in the depth of your memory and a couple of photos in your iPhone. My summer stories database was really limitless and my summer vacation essay was the perfect opportunity to tell the world about some of them.

Frankly speaking, I had no doubt that my essay on summer would be one of the best papers. I was not a bad storyteller, especially, when I had to discourse of such an interesting subject.

I continued dreaming about the warm days and my essay on summer vacation when suddenly I felt a pain under my ribs. My friend pushed me in attempt to return me back to earth. I opened my eyes and I even didn’t understand where I was. White dull walls, brown desks… It was March, my lecture room, and 5 degrees of heat outside the window. When I finally got real, I was absolutely alone in the room. I had to go home, where I would have a perfect opportunity to continue my trip to summer.

Vivid Essay

I got home, switched on my computer, and started typing all the thoughts, which were in my head. I collected a pretty amount of them while I was walking home and it seemed that each of them suited perfectly to my essay about summer.

I wanted to deviate from my summer in a day essay and say that writing of descriptive essays was the most favorite hobby of mine. This type of essays seemed to be the easiest for me, because I was a person, who was very attentive, sharp-sighted, and my memory was able to keep all the info for a long time. None of the details was able to escape my sharp eyes. Smells, noises, faces, and associations were always in my head. If any event was of great importance for me, I preserved it in my head carefully and all its details were under lock and key.

It was not a problem for me to remember color and design of my mom’s dress, when she entered my room on my 5th birthday. I remembered each day of my live well and it was really cool! I guessed that it was even possible to say that I was a master of descriptive essay writing.

Unlike my fellow students, who were deprived of good imagination, a descriptive essay on summer was not a problem for me too. I knew the main aspects, which could help me to make a summer vacation essay vivid. I was able to make it even more vivid that it was in reality. I was sure that summer had its smell and I was going to make my readers scent it.

I Miss You, Summer

Despite the fact that I consider such an essay writing really an easy and interesting task, there is a category of the students, for whom an idea to describe one day of their summer holidays won’t be attractive. The reasons of their antipathy are different. Unfortunately, I can make nobody like writing. I sincerely want to believe that each of those students, who have the same task as me, will get a pretty amount of positive emotions from their trips back to summer.

How I spent my summer vacation essay writing made me really happier than I was in the morning. I came back to reality and saw the grey clouds again, the nasty weather, and this scene made me feel an aching pain in my heart. I started thinking about my life without such a positive moment as writing. It really helped us to develop our inner worlds, deepen our feelings, and be a bit kinder towards each other.

My arguments brought no desire to start your essay writing right now, didn’t it?

Alas! If you have no desire to work at your summer holidays essay, just order it from any writing service like my friend did and soon it will be ready. But if you want to know my opinion, there is no easier topic than this one. I am sure you will cope with it hands down. Good luck!