Teenage pregnancy: shameful or lucky?


It is a good thing that human beings are sometimes good at learning from others. And it is what we all should do when the issue at hand involves kids and becoming a parent. There are countless discussions on the subject of teen pregnancy, blogs are written, advice is given, but have you ever thought whether people who engage in such conversations really know what it’s like. They probably haven’t got the slightest idea what it means to become a parent at such a young age, the only thing they are certain about is that they should remain judgmental and show no compassion, therefore filling the Web with essays on teenage pregnancy that have little if no value at all.

Evolution of society or degradation of family values?

With your permission, we will start with a little bit of history. As you are well aware, only a hundred or so years ago it was absolutely acceptable to marry at 16 and have children. There was nothing shameful or inappropriate about that. Right then people understood the capabilities of a young body, and that it is far better prepared to live through the experience than a 30-year-old one. There is no encouragement here to have children at young age, but only food for thought: is it so bad to bring new life into the world and continue fulfilling your plans a bit later?  

Modern society sees having children earlier than late 20s or early 30s as an inconvenience. This usually stands on the way of carrier plans of a young mother. Why mother? Because it is the mother who sacrifices her everything for the well-being of the child. Fathers rarely show their devotion to the family by giving up their job and looking after the child. This is considered to be a woman’s job. And, surely you would agree, that this comes as a bit of shock, having to stay at home 24/7 when you are used to going out with friends and having fun. Teen pregnancy is in every way a life-changing experience, and a challenging one at that.

In the eastern cultures it is still very appropriate to marry a girl that has just hit puberty. They consider that the earlier they have children, the healthier the children will be. And here they are right, because early pregnancy has less risks of miscarriages and the restorative functions of a younger body are far more capable. So, here is a first and foremost upside to this situation. These peoples have strong family values and they live in a family-oriented world. Western civilization left that concept behind. Now unfortunate teenage pregnancies are usually dealt with, because they are on the way of self-development.

When to get pregnant is your own decision

In no way you are hereby encouraged to get pregnant at fifteen. What is meant is that when you are already in this position, you should consider everything carefully before making a decision. It may well be an unwanted baby or an unfortunate accidental pregnancy – these things are not uncommon. The important question is whether or not you are ready to have a kid, and then whether you would be able to have another on when you are ready. In case you get a “no” on both questions, think it through what is more important in the long term. If you have doubt, then look up any argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy and learn about the experience of other teenage mothers.

Getting pregnant while in your teens is no longer a novelty, but it not well-accepted. Social media propagate sex as a part of healthy lifestyle. Of course teenagers are being educated about the use of birth control, but you just never know. In many cases babies are the result of birth control malfunction. Human body is a unique structure; therefore, you cannot predict everyone’s reaction to certain contraceptive. Even the simple antibiotics can cancer out the pill and a clueless teenager winds up with a bun in the oven.

The social environment does not make the young mother’s life any less difficult. And while there is a lot written on the topic of teen pregnancies, nothing of this helps around the house. We may write, read and reread all possible topics about the issue, but still feel helpless. The key is finding the useful information and using it in real life. A young mother should turn to her mother for support, in the first place, she needs to learn from someone’s experience, hear a piece of advice from someone close, if it is possible. Nowadays, however everyone tends to learn from YouTube, other social websites full of teenage pregnancy argumentative essays, which prove to be a huge support.

From books to diapers

You are a smart student at high school. Your grades cannot be better and teachers praise you and promise a bright academic future. Colleges line up to have you as their student. And there is a guy you like so much, you are in love. Then, after one night, a little stick with two red lines on it shatters your prospects in a matter of seconds. You feel stressed, disappointed, broken. There is nothing else to do, no one to turn to. Your parents would be devastated if they found out about your situation. Friend would probably feel sorry for you. And the guy… he is just the guy and he wouldn’t even care. What can you do?

In a stressful situation, people tend to mistrust everyone. The truth is the potential fathers would most likely care what happens to you and his unborn child. There some cases when males prove to be totally selfish, but they are rare. Most of the pregnant teenagers turn to their friends, if the boyfriend proves to be unreliable. Only a few teenagers would turn to their parents for help. For such cases there are support lines, where you can call any time and ask for advice or just be heard out. You can take a deep breath and start surfing the net and looking for some clue as to what options you have.  There is no reason to panic or give up, because one can only move forward and there is no moving back. 

If you have stories considering teenage pregnancy, you are more than welcome to share them with us. In case you would like to order a teenage pregnancy essay, please follow here.