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A trip to the ancient civilization is not only interesting and informative. It is a mystery, which is able to help you to abstract away from the busy modern life and sink into the epoch, when there were no computers, no electronic gadgets, and no Wi-Fi routers. Despite the absence of these devices, which are considered to be irreplaceable today, a big number of great things rocked the world. Do you know when and where the first toothpaste was invented? Where did the tradition to put on makeup come from? How the giant Giza pyramids were built?

It is wrong to think that these times were boring and dark. Our generation can’t even imagine how much force the ancient people applied to make their genial breakthroughs, which are still of great importance for us. The Ancient Egypt essay, the Ancient Greece essay, and the Ancient Rome essay are able to make you closer to the glorious times. Aren’t you afraid to freeze in amazement right now and get know the facts, which have been unknown to you before this? Keep reading the post then!

Ancient Egypt

One of the most advanced ancient civilizations is Egypt, which still attracts millions of tourists daily. Its super high and gorgeous pyramids, which appeared in XXVI century B.C., make people gape in amazement, because they were built not by the special building equipment’s help, but just by ordinary people, who carry the giant blocks with the primitive loading machines. They were constructed by the Egyptian engineers, by the way.

The ancient Egyptians were great architectures, geographers, and inventors. They had profound knowledge in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and language.

A pretty amount of schemes, plans, and drawings with important data, were lost somewhere in the history and they were re-invented only over millennia. You may be surprised, though the Egyptians even had the concept how to produce the electricity.

It is difficult to understand how it was possible for people, who had no Harvard education, no academic degrees, and no supplementary literature, to invent:

  • the sun and the water clocks;
  • instruments for making the surgical operations;
  • the papyrus sheets, which became a perfect analogue for paper;
  • the written alphabet;
  • calendar, which consisted of 12 months;
  • the wigs for bald people;
  • the eye makeup, which is still super popular;
  • ink not only of black color but of various tones;
  • mint sweets to make the breath fresher, toothpicks to keep the teeth clean,

and many other things, which were super important in agriculture, building, and in the other life spheres.

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Ancient Greek Civilization

Ancient Greece’s fame is not dimmer than that of Ancient Egypt. The civilization, which existed thousands of years ago, was at the pick of its prosperity in V-IV centuries B.C. Despite the fact, that it was so long ago, Greece gave the world the greatest philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Pluto, the genial thoughts of whom became the mankind’s common heritage.

Ancient Greece was the motherland of talented comic and tragic writers such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, the plays of whom were staged at the Greek theatres regularly.

Besides the genial artists, writers, and philosophers, Ancient Greece was a cradle of great scientists, mathematicians, biologists, zoologists, astronomers, and engineers. All the specter of inventions, which were made by the Greeks and which are still popular today, is impossible to seize, though some of them are presented here:

  • water mill;
  • mechanical odometer, which is automatic now;
  •  alarm clock;
  • cartography, which was developed by the ancient Greeks to help the travelers and warriors;
  • the main geometric ideas;
  • the Olympic games;
  • the democratic forms of government.

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Ancient Rome

The next ancient civilization, which contributed much to the world’s developing, is Ancient Rome. The great Empire, which existed in VIII century B.C., gave us not less things, which are still used by the modern humans. Among them are:

  • roads, which were first built by the Romans;
  • central heating, the main concept of which differed from the modern one, though its purpose was the same;
  • concrete, which was used in building of the roads and various constructions;
  • the Julian calendar, on which was based the modern Gregorian one;
  • bathrooms, toilets, and the system of pipes were first used in Rome too.

Triumphal arches, domes, Gladiatorial games, the first theatre, medical tools, invention of numerals, public libraries, and many other irreplaceable things, which we have, love, and are not going to stop using, belong to the glorious Roman scientists.

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