The Best Day of My Life Essay: How My Dreams Came True


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The Best Day

Despite a fact that I am just a twenty one years old girl, I have my own family, which I take care of very thoroughly. I like to be a wife. It is such an honorable title! Of course, it is not very easy to combine my study at University with a family life. In fact, I should perform a function of 3 in 1. First of all, I am a student and I have no right to forget about essays writing, various reports preparing, and learning by heart hundreds of rules. Moreover, I should prepare breakfast for my sweetheart early in the morning and wait for my husband with a finished and tasty dinner in the evening. Oh, don’t forget that I have to keep our house in total cleanness, because my husband can’t stand when everything is in a mess and me too, by the way. The third function, which I should perform, is to be a good friend for my beloved, to smile at him and be always ready to cheer him up. I know that this rule is the main one in a family and I was taught by my mom to keep to it carefully. My parents have already lived 25 years together and I am sure that mummy knows much more secrets about the institution of marriage than me.

My life can’t be called easy, though it is really happy! I was always a joyful child and my childhood was absolutely cloudless. Thanks to my parents, I didn’t know any problems at all, as they protected me from all the evil in the world. If I am asked to tell about the best day of my life, I really won’t think for too long and I will answer at once. It was the day of my wedding that could be considered my best day of my life. It was the day, when I was changed from an ordinary girl into a real princess and everything around me was several times better and brighter than usually.

How beautiful and happy I was! When I appeared in front of my family in a perfectly sewed white dress, which nobody saw before this day, and with a bride’s veil on my face, everybody was rooted to the spot. It seemed that I was a princess and my grandma said that I could even compete with Kate Middleton. Everybody laughed, felt happy, and didn’t hide their positive emotions. My parents were so happy that I had finally found my love and it seemed that they were ready to start crying any moment. Of course, their tears were the sign of kind and good feelings. My father tried not to show his sentiments, though when he accompanied me to the altar, where my honey was waiting for me, he dropped a tear. It was so pathetically! The mix of my emotions was also very exciting. I worried over the ceremony, I waited for becoming a lawful wife impatiently, and I felt absolutely happy.

Unlike the jeans, which were my everyday clothes, my white dress made me feel a true girl, who was noble, tame, and chic at that. It was designed especially for me. It was not from Dior or Elie Saab, though it was super beautiful and it suited me greatly. It was my parents’ present for me on this day and I felt comfortably in it. When I came closer to my groom, he lost his tongue from my radiant beauty. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what a normal girl needs more than that: magnificent wedding dress, super stylish hairdo, fabulous shoes like these from Cinderella, and a man next to you, whom you love more than life and who loves you not less. Moreover, all my relatives and friends were happy, the party after the ceremony was super funny and everybody got a pretty amount of positive emotions and photos. The feast was really ideal. I had been dreaming about such a wedding from my early childhood and finally this fairy tale was brought to life. I wanted to climb the highest building and shout for all to hear, ‘Hey, people! I am the happiest girl in the world!’ Soon I was given such a chance by the way! My parents presented us a trip to Paris, though it was absolutely another story.

The day, when my dreams finally came true and my family was born, was really the best day of my life. I know this for sure.

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