The Dark Side of a Person in Adolph Hitler Essay


There are a lot of contradictory characters in the world history, around which there are always a lot of debates and arguments. Some people approve this or that decision of a leader, while the others tend to criticize it. In fact, any event or any person may be studied from this or that side, though there is one character in our history, whose name causes no positive emotions at all. His name is associated with anger, hatred to people, and unhealthy desire to conquer the world. The name of Adolf Hitler makes the tears appear in the eyes, because a number of those, who were murdered by his order, is really terrifying. The Second World War, the Holocaust, the death camps, and terrible tortures are associated with Hitler, who organized the cruelest plan for mass human extermination.  The Adolf Hitler essay is my attempt to remind people about the greatest tragedy, which happened in the history of mankind in the last century.

Hitler’s Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler is a name, which is known to everybody in the world despite a place of living. Hitler was the Nazi Germany military leader and one of the cruelest dictators within the memory of men. He was a person, whose malicious but at the same time genial plans were supported by millions of people. Hitler was a perfect orator and manipulator, who knew how to motivate people to execute even the wildest orders of him. Now it is difficult to understand how it was possible that the Germans chose this man as their leader and how they agreed to go for his crazy ideas.

The situation in Germany in 1930’s could hardly be called prosperous. People suffered from unemployment. When Hitler came to power, he made people support him by making loud statements and giving attractive promises to the population. He promised:

  • to do away with reparations;
  •  to increase a number of workplaces;
  • stable life.

Unfortunately, all his promises were just a PR stunt and none of them was brought to life. Instead of being preoccupied with a problem how to make the lives of his compatriots better, ‘Furer’ started World War II and foredoomed the whole world to misery. Hitler knew how to manipulate people and what to promise them to achieve his purposes. Despite the fact that Adolf Hitler is considered to be a monster in the likeness of a man, his personal qualities were really incredible and they still astonish millions of people.

If Adolf Hitler Had Become a Painter…

The most outstanding psychologists of our time try to understand the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler and explain how it was possible that an ordinary child from a full family could be transformed in such an anti-hero.

Adolf Hitler was born in an ordinary family on April 20, 1889, in Austria. It was impossible to understand how a bright and talented boy, who was dreaming of being a painter, could be turned into ‘Furer’, who started World War II and mortified millions of people. It is still strange that a person, who adored painting and had a lot of ambitions, could become a monster with the terrible thoughts in his head. When Adolf was a boy, he was interested in painting and when he got older, he tried to enter The Academy of Fine Arts, though he failed twice. It was always interesting for people how the following scenario had been developed if Hitler would have become a painter… Maybe, the world would have been able to escape so many deaths and destructions… Unfortunately, nobody knows…

Awful Crimes

Everybody knows what plans Hitler had, though this essay on Adolf Hitler will remind you that he wanted:

  • to decrease the population of the world by neutralizing the whole nations;
  • to populate the world with the Aryans;
  • to capture the world and become its only leader;
  • to have his foot on the neck of every human being.

Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews, the communists, the ordinary people, the homosexuals, and many other groups of people resulted in the deaths of more than 54 million people. This shocking figure makes the creeps appear on the skin… The number of the cities, which were ruined after the severe bombing campaigns, was measureless. The destructions, which were left after the Second World War was finally finished, could hardly be estimated.

Unknown Facts about ‘Furer’

Adolf Hitler is one of the most recognizable character in the world, though some facts about his life are still unknown to people. Are you interested in knowing more about ‘Furer’? Continue reading and soon you will know some piquant facts about him.

  • Hitler’s moustache had had another form until he was ordered to trim them during World War I. They were simply too big to put on a gas mask on them.
  • The cruel ‘Furer’ loved animals and didn’t allow to do wrong with them.
  • Carl Jung, one of the most famous psychiatrists, who examined Hitler’s handwriting, gave an amazing verdict: Hitler had ‘typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct.’
  • In 1939 Hitler was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, though then his name disappeared from this list forever.
  • Adolf Hitler banned smoking and he was the first leader in the word, who launched the anti-smoking movement.
  • Henry Ford was the Hitler’s idol and he kept his portrait carefully.
  • ‘Furer’ was afraid of being poisoned and that’s why all the food was tested before it was given to him.
  • Hitler had never visited any of the concentration camps, which he organized.
  • When France was occupied by Fascist Germany, the elevators cabled to the Eiffel Tour were cut to prevent Hitler from visiting it. Hitler refused to climb 1500 stairs and didn’t visit this tour at all.

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