The Holocaust Essay: the Painful Tragedy of Mankind


My intention to compose the best essay on the Holocaust and tell the World about one of the greatest tragedies of humanity could be brought to life soon. All of us were given different Holocaust essay topics and our task was to cover them.

I thought about the Holocaust rather often. My father’s grandparents were the Jews and I knew about this awful period in the life of millions of the Jewish people from my early childhood. The story, which I was told by my granny, always gave me the creeps, though I had to listen to them. Nobody on this planet had any right to forget these distant ages, which caused pain to all the next generations of people. I was sure that such a tragedy would never be forgotten, and it was our task not to allow something like this to repeat in the history of mankind.

Some our relatives were murdered during World War II and everybody in our family honored them. They were the real heroes for us and their portraits were hanging on the wall.

Of course, such a phenomenon as the Holocaust can’t be understood by any normal person. It is a crime against humanity and there can’t be found any reasons for this mass extermination of people. Please, notice that it was the extermination of the ordinary and blameless people. The number of killed Jewish children was beyond the reach of reason. Damned Fascism!

The 1940’s

A necessity to write an essay on Holocaust raked my memory. My thoughts were far from 2016… I made a trip back to 1940’s, when the persecutions of the Jews were in its most active phase. It was hard to imagine the feelings of people, who had to mount the scaffold, who knew that they were doomed to death, and whom nobody was able to save from the bloody hands of the fascists. I was sure that they cried, though nobody heard their voices… Suddenly I felt the chills, which appeared on my skin. Brr! I wanted nobody to get through such hair-raising trials again.

I always tried to understand how it was possible that the fascists had so much anger and hatred to people. Why did the Germans think they were better than any other race? What harm did the Jews do that the millions of them were plagued to death? My mind refused to understand this episode of the history, though it was impossible to delete it from the overall memory…

The Second World War attracted me more than any other period. It was both terrible and great. It was killing and magnificent.

Anti-Semitic Mood

My essay about the Holocaust had to be started with the general notion of the anti-Semitic mood, though I didn’t know how to choose the most suitable words to begin my narration with and explain why the Jewish race was considered to be inferior. The anti-Semitism was a discrimination of the Jewish people and I had to throw light on this occurrence. The Internet contained a lot of info about this question and I started looking for the more interesting but unknown facts. I wanted to tell everybody about the horrors of the anti-Semitism and my essay Holocaust had to help me with this task. I was sure that I had to show the consequences of the wars and the ways how to avoid them.

In an hour the Holocaust essay was started. It was hard to choose the material for it because I wanted to cover all the details and nuances. Unfortunately, the sizes of the Holocaust essays were limited. I had to give the information briefly but deeply. It was not a dissertation and I couldn’t let myself write, write, and write…

Frankly speaking, it was rather difficult to stop a flow of my thoughts. They were numerous and they mixed in my head. It seemed to be impossible to pull out the thoughts one by one, though I had to regain control over myself and continue writing down my ideas clearly.

The more I read about the Holocaust and World War II, the less I understood… How was it possible that thousands of people executed the orders of Adolf Hitler and thought that they were right? Why did nobody rebel against his abnormal plans?

Finally, my essay was ready. The tears were running down my cheeks and my mood was as dark as the night sky.

Well Done

I had to admit that all the essays about the Holocaust were composed perfectly. All my group mates applied a lot of efforts to tell about this tragedy in their essays on the Holocaust and they did this really masterfully. I didn’t know whether all of them wrote their essays by themselves or some students bought essay about Holocaust online. It was not a secret that the Internet offered its users a wide range of writing services. I just wanted to say that the young men still remember about the most terrible pages of the history and such sad episodes touched their hearts. Nearly all the students finished their essays with the next words: All people are equal!

It was really the main thought, which should be kept in mind all the time!

Living in Peace

I have several friends. They are the Jews and they are perfect people. They are of different age, though all of them live in America. Some of them study at college and nobody offend them. Some of my friends are old enough, they bring up their kids and like our multinational country. Our society doesn’t press them and their lives are comfortable. They travel around the world and nobody abridges their rights. Unlike the heroes of my Holocaust essay, my friends feel themselves well and they know what freedom is.

The Jews, the Arabians, the Germans – the representatives of all these nationalities are among my friends. We are of different religion, politic views, and our skin color is different. Despite these differences, we live in peace and all of us want our children never to know what a war is. Living in peace is the main target for which each of us should strive.