The List of Pets That’s Better Not to Have


The eleventh of April is the day when your fluffy gluttonous cat can steal a big piece of meat from the table and won’t be punished, or your white doggy can plunge into the dirt without the significant consequences. Expert writers from inform you that the National Pet’s Day makes your pets be in charge as if we need a special reason to glorify our beloved furry monsters!

If you have no idea about the culture of pet keeping but are eager to fully experience it, probably it’s high time to have a pet. What pet? you may ask us. How to find a pet of my own? Cat or dog is the most obvious choice but nobody wants to be so predictable and boring. Since in today’s world even the pets you keep are the way to draw the attention and stand out of the crowd, our professional English writing website knows for sure that people tend to pick the most extraordinary pets, the weirder it is, and the more troublesome it would be, the better this pet fits into your life. A destructive raccoon that may tear your furniture? Great! A wild fox, which screams make your neighbors suspect you of being a criminal? Perfect! Always-hungry piranhas that stare at you murderously of the aquarium wall? I'll take all three! Need more extravagant animals that you can parade around the neighborhood? You are welcome to check this weirdest pets’ list, drawn up by However, we are supposed to warn you that the animal abuse is above the low, and in fact morally unacceptable (we even have an informative post about it:, thus we call upon you to think twice before opting for a pet from this list not to backfire.

1. Armadillos. The first thing you need to know is that not every kind of armadillo can be kept as a pet. In most cases, it is three-banded armadillo that is acceptable for housekeeping (actually, we’d like to use the word «perfect», however, an average armadillo doesn't get under this concept). If you have the well-paid job, as the price for armadillo varies from $2000 to $3000, lots of rooms in your apartment, as the pet requires a large space to roam, prefer to stay awake at night, as these animals are mostly nocturne, and is ready to offer a deep soil to dig in, congrats! In the opinion of big essay writers’ team, you will be an exemplary armadillo’s owner!


2. Sloths. Alive manifesto of the slowness, animals that have become the symbols of laziness and procrastination, can be even terrifying because of their freaky claws. If their appearances don’t scare you, but rather brings a salty tear to the eye, maybe this exotic pet is right for you! They spend the whole day hanging out the tall trees and don’t ask for too much except for a special diet they keep. Despite the outer cuteness (that can also be questioned, by the way), you should remember that these animals are wild, not domestic, thus their big predatory tooth can easily leave their mark on your white skin. If you aren’t afraid of the difficulties and are on the point of buying this amusing creature, keep in mind that there are only a few legal facilities that sell two-toed sloths, thus, it’s highly recommended to find the legal one! What is more, don’t you dare to buy three-toed ones, as you must know that three-toed sloths barely live in captivity!


3. Bushbabies. Probably the cutest animals from this list. The one and only difficulty consists in providing the right environment to these babies, as despite their tiny size, these exotic creatures require waste space to live a life of a comfort and happiness. Therefore, if you can’t offer it to them, don’t even try to have a bush baby as a pet. Take a close look at this little fluffy bundle before proceeding to the more unconventional animal.


4. Stick insects. You may surprise your friends with a pile of sticks that can magically turn into the tricky insect. Yes, quite weird for a person who can’t stand insects and sticks, but the real godsend for an entomologist or everyone who is attracted by this science. Personally, our team ready to provide quick online essay help 24/7 wouldn’t consider a stick insect as a pet, however, it gains more and more popularity nowadays. Its maintenance-free and intriguing appearance draw the attention of the most careless and irresponsible people, as if you forget about the animal for a week, you won’t find its cold dead body in the enclosure.

Stick insects

Of course, this list isn’t full, since more and more animals are brought from the wild to the people’s homes. However, in spite of this exotic boom, one guess what pets are in the highest demand. You’re right in saying cats and dogs! Take care of your beloved pets with the highly qualified team of!

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