The Most Popular Harry Potter Fan Theories


“Harry Potter” is one of the most readable books of the last decade. Actually, its popularity is still very high. Children and students all over the world admire this fantastic story about a young wizard whose adventures are extremely incredible in every book.

This tale has touched the hearts of many people, so Harry Potter has fans all over the world. Today we will talk about Harry Potter fan theories. Some of them will seem really crazy. But first, essay writer will tell you something about the book.

All books about Harry Potter tell us about amazing, bright, and wonderful magical world. The first three books people often called “books for kids”. However, everything changes after the fourth part. The dark Lord returns and each part becomes darker and tougher. The events in all books are presented very logically. It reveals the world of magic, opens for readers new rules, and teaches new spells as if we are studying together with heroes of the book. Nothing happens accidentally in this story. Magical world has its own ministry with particular set of rules and restrictions. All the story is very considered. The author has taken into account all details. These books are result of a huge work. Read our Career Aspirations Essay because it will explain many vital things like how people can become successful.

Every part of the story is the war with the dark wizard. Children continue to fight for freedom as their parents were killed. Numerous families have suffered because of the dark Lord. All in all, in every book there is joy and happiness, love and friendship, family values and holidays. Special attention is paid to a family. It is a castle where one can hide. It will cover you from everyone. It is very significant in magical world to have a place which will become home for you.

This story about Harry Potter is very original. It has nothing to do with any other hero or book. The talent of the author is revealed in characters. Relationships between heroes and their growing up are described so realistic, bright, and truly that one wants to applaud so talented and great author J.K. Rowling. Indeed, this book is not for kids only. The book is an absolute magic.

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Fan Theories

1. Harry Potter’s magical life is not real, it is hallucinations of the boy. So, Harry got stuck in a cupboard and felt very depressed. All the events that we read further no more than his imagination. It was caused by constant isolation and separation from the rest of the world. Harry was completely mad. The scene when he saw Hagrid was very bright and unexpected. By the way, the author itself heard this theory and never denied it. For this reason, its existing is just.

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2. One of the most popular fan theories is that Ron is a young Dumbledore. It appeared in 2004. Indeed, these two characters seem like two sides of one coin. Do you remember chess scene from the first book? Ron plays as night and king. This theory seems very natural without any doubt. Several other things as the same color of the hair and the same big nose serve as confirmation that the theory is right.

3. The Dursleys could be better if not Harry. The next fan theory explains why this family is always so rude and sometimes so cruel towards Harry. He is their relative, however, they consider him as a trash and always mock Harry. According to the theory the Dursleys behave like this because they undergo the influence of a horcrux which is Harry itself. Try to recollect in your memory Ron’s conduct when he was influenced by one of the horcruxes. If not Harry, this family would be very pleasant and nice. The presence of Harry changed their life.

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4. Harry Potter now must live forever. This theory is the saddest. All readers know that in the book there is a particular condition: one of two the greatest wizards cannot exist simultaneously, one of them must kill another. As we see, Harry beats the dark Lord. All in all, some fans consider this statement differently. They believe that one who kills another sacrifices his death and obtains power of eternal life. In this case Harry becomes immortal.

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5. Draco Malfoy is a monster. Actually we know he is a monster. This boy is always so cruel and arrogant. He has all signs of a werewolf. Draco often feels sick, he is pale, and he has a strange mark on his hand which fans consider as the bite of a werewolf. Do you remember when Draco’s mother told the dark Lord that Harry was dead while he was still alive? In this way she saved her son which was not pure-blooded and could not live in a world with new order.

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6. Hermione’s cat is not really a cat. Many fans are convinced that he is kneazle. Indeed, his behavior is very odd and differs from how other cats behave. The cat tries to eat Ron’s rat who is actually Peter Pettigrew. Harry is very surprised by the size and look of the cat when sees him first. This theory was recently confirmed by Rowling. So, who knows what is true.

7. Harry and his two closest friends studied in Gryffindor almost occasionally. Some fans claim that they could be the part of any other house but received an opportunity to study in Gryffindor because they asked for it. These three characters seem leaders. Could they become so, if they would study in a different house?

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8. Many fans assert that professor McGonagall is not a follower of Dumbledore but death eater. Many times she almost forced Harry to seek adventures as if she wanted him to die and please the dark Lord. Also, when McGonagall was telling about muggles, she called them not so stupid which also serves as an evidence of her dark side.

9. Sirius Black is a blood relative of Harry. Although the book says that he is a godfather of Potter, many fans do not think so. They say that in the book it is mentioned that Sirius has in his family-tree a member with the last name Potter who has unnamed son. He might be a grandpa of Harry’ father.

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10. Muggles are stronger than wizards and they have already beaten magic world. While reading all the books about Harry Potter, we see that wizards must hide. Why it happens, if they are meant to be stronger? It happens because the war has already taken place and muggles has won it.

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