The Role Of Science In Biology Essay


I want to write this biology essay because biology is the science about the structure of the whole nature. To know biology – it means to know the laws by which all organisms live. The man is the part of nature, though, he created a civilization. By the way, I found the best custom writing service that can help you with homework. If you are tired or have no time for writing works, then join regular customers now and relax. They will provide you the best quality paper on time. On this website you can find prices, information about services. You can also contact to managers and they will answer all your questions.


I start my biology extended essay with such section as botany. It is useful to know such section of biology as botany that studies plants. If we know botany, it will be possible to distinguish plants. You can find out which ones are poisonous, what useful, in what way some of them can be used. It is important to know botany for that people who grow plants and farm. Even indoor plants won’t grow without basic knowledge of botany.

As I mentioned before botany is the science of plants. As any science, it is trying to generalize and obtain new knowledge about the research of the subject. Man depends on plants, as well as all the fauna of the whole world. Plants take the energy from the sun and form biomass. Animals derive energy for their existence by eating it.

Since ancient times, plants have provided humans with the food source (agriculture), construction material (wood), medicine (medicinal plants), fibers (hemp, flax. fabrics and ropes, etc.). Knowledge of plants was passed from parents to children. This was necessary because they had to know what plants were poisonous, and what plants were edible. And so botany developed. Without knowledge about the plants would not develop new, more productive plants. It would be impossible to obtain medicinal extracts from plants and it would be impossible the biotechnological use of plants, for example, to eliminate heavy metals from soils.


Also, it is important to know the zoology. It is the science of animals that live side by side with us. It is important to understand value of wild animals that at first sight don’t bring any good things to people. But every creature in nature keeps its balance. According to the modern systematization of higher biology essays, all animals are united in a single Kingdom, numbering more than 1.5 million species. Among them, there are tiny organisms that are visible only under the microscope, for example, the common amoeba – 0.2-0.5 mm, and giants such as whales that can be up to 30 m. Some of the animals adapted to life on land, others live in the water and others in the air. Many animals live in the ground. The value of wildlife is difficult to overestimate. They participate in the pollination of many plants, in seed dispersal and in soil formation and also in the destruction of the remains of dead plants and animals in the water.

Domestic animals are a source of food, wool, and leather. Animals are widely used for research – people study the structure and function of organs, effects of medications and reactions of the living organism to environmental conditions. Animals help people in labor, sports and recreation. And finally, they are friends of man. Did you read our previous essay about life with a pet? The man has tamed and domesticated about 40 species of animals. However, there is extremely diverse and a negative role of animals in human life. The substantial harm they cause to agricultural plants, food, leather, wool and wood. According to different biology essays, many animals causing various diseases (malaria, dysentery, ascariasis, etc.) or are carriers of pathogens dangerous diseases.

Zoology is needed for learning something new about animals. What different animals eat and where they live. Also, the structure of animals is interesting. For example, the worm has no bones; the giraffe has the biggest heart and completely black tongue. You can also learn a lot of interesting fact about animals. For example: the mantises have ear between the legs, octopuses have blue blood, elephants can’t jump, etc. In zoology, you will learn a lot about birds, fish, and much more. The animals cannot be mistreated! Some people did so because they are heartless. So, I want to warn you and advise you to read this persuasive essay on animal cruelty.


My extended essay topics biology states that the anatomy definitely has to know every person who respects oneself and body. Anatomy is the science of the human body. You need to remember every day the knowledge of this sphere taking care of your health and the health of your family members. The most amazing and perfect creation of nature is a person. Every human life is a priceless gift, it is unique and inimitable. That’s why we need to protect life and most importantly its wealth – health. And for this everyone must be aware of his or her body: the structure of the body, what processes occur in it, the interaction between the various organs, how the organism is connected with the surrounding world. We go, learn, have fun and sometimes do not think about how it all happens.

Modern anatomy seeks to describe not only the structure of a particular part of the human body, but also to explain why it is so arranged, to reveal patterns of development taking into account environment, age, sex and individual peculiarities of the person, which enables to approach purposely to its management and change. Using research methods from other sciences, modern anatomy has the ability to study the human body more deeply.

Why do people have to know biology?

  1. Modern biology has become a real productive force.

  2. The existence of civilization is impossible without the biological and ecological thinking.

  3. Biology is used in medicine: the study and development of methods of prevention of parasitic, bacterial, viral diseases and training of specialists.

  4. Biology is the foundation of many sciences, including medicine, sociology, and ecology.

  5. Biotechnology is a supplier of raw materials, medicines, and other important resources.

  6. Spheres of human life where the biological knowledge is necessary: criminology, gerontology, taming animals, agriculture, industry, pharmacists, building, space etc.

I can say basing on the facts that the role of biology in modern society is growing continuously. It is impossible to imagine modern life without breeding, genetic research, production of new food products and sustainable energy sources. The main importance of biology is that it provides the foundation and theoretical basis for many prospective sciences such as genetic engineering and bionics. To the biology belongs the Great discovery – the sequencing of the human genome. Such field as biotechnology was also established on the basis of the knowledge that was united in biology. Currently, such a nature technologies can create drugs for the prevention and treatment which does not harm the body. As a result, it is possible to increase not only life expectancy but also its quality. Read this chemistry in our daily life essay, to get more information about this issue.

Hope you liked my biology synoptic essay because the role of biology in modern society is reflected in the fact that it is currently transformed into a real force. By its knowledge the prosperity of our planet is possible. That is why the question about the role of biology in modern society can be answered like this: this is the magic key to harmony between nature and people.