The Secrets of Perfect Memory


The key to strong memory lies in the good health condition and excellent vitality of the brain. One needs to maintain memory in good shape regardless of one’s profession or education. No matter whether you are getting ready for the exams or need good memory to be able to work more efficiently, there are plenty of things you can start doing in order to improve your mental performance and memorizing skills. Not many people know that you can raise your mental capacity at absolutely any age. It is not true that with age our brain activity decreases. In fact, human brand has a surprising ability to change and adapt to the circumstances, even at an old age. If to constantly stimulate the brand activity, you will be able to maintain the proper functioning of the brand disregarding the age. The brain has an ability to change and reshape itself when it comes to memorizing and learning. With a few tricks, you can enhance your cognitive abilities, improve an ability to memorize new information and greatly boost your memory regardless of your age. Here are a few secrets of perfect memory.

  • It is first of all recommended to regularly work out your brain. At the stage of adulthood, our brain already has a great number of neurons that help to memorize and recall portions of information, solve various problems and complete tasks with minimal effort. However, if you always do the same things and never stimulate your brain by trying to solve new problems, your brain will gradually stop working as efficiently as before. Like physical strength, memory requires constant stimulation. The more you stimulate your brain activity, the better you will manage with memorizing and processing information. You need to put an end to routine and from time to time challenge your brain to develop your mental and cognitive abilities.
  • If you are doing something that is familiar to you, it cannot be considered an exercise for brain. The chosen activity should be something you are not good at to make your leave the comfort zone and start learning new things. Learning and acquiring new skills and abilities will help you strengthen your brain power and stimulate your memory. You need to do something challenging that requires ultimate attention and mental effort. For instance, you can learn how to play some unfamiliar music composition. Although it might be difficult at first, it will greatly boost your memorizing abilities.
  • In general, the more interesting and captivating the activity is, the greater benefits you will get. That is why it is recommended to choose some challenging but yet entertaining activities that will help you keep your brain and memory in good shape. No matter what difficulties you encounter while accomplishing the task, you should make efforts to acquire new skills and abilities. This will boost your memorizing and cognitive skills. You might consider doing something new that you have always wanted to try. For example, you might think of learning to play the guitar or studying a foreign language. Any of the above mentioned activities will improve your memory as long as you enjoy what you are doing.
  • There are also various brain-training programs that you might use to boost your memory skills and enhance problem solving abilities. Such programs will also help you to become more attentive and even raise your IQ if practiced daily. However, some people claim that such programs are not efficient, although they might result in minor improvements if you practice on a daily basis. It is up to you whether to believe in the efficiency of brain-training applications or not. In any case, it is worth trying.
  • It is also recommended not to undermine the importance of physical exercises. While mental activities are important for the health of our brain, it is also important to train physically on a regular basis. Physical exercises help our mental abilities to remain sharp. It can be explained by the fact that exercises increase the supply of oxygen in our brain and decrease the risk of mental disorders such as memory loss. Physical activity also decreases the amount of stress hormones, and what is even more important, plays a vital role in maintaining neuroplasticity of the brain by stimulating the development of new connections between the neurons. That is why physical exercises will also help you to boost your memory skills and prevent the development of mental disorders.
  • You can also start doing brain-training exercises. Exercising in fresh air is especially beneficial for our brain functioning, so you may choose some activities that will increase the blood supply of the brain. In this regard, it should be noted that any exercises that are good for our heart are also beneficial for our brain. You may also find it useful to do some exercises in the morning in order to get rid of the sleep fatigue that accompanies everyone of us upon waking up. It will make a great difference and give you energy for the whole day. Physical exercises that require using motor skills are especially beneficial for our mental functioning. You can do such exercises during the breaks to get rid of mental tiredness and improve your memory skills. A short walk in the nature or several jumping exercises will be enough to keep your brain in good shape.
  • Finally, a good way to perfect memory is healthy sleeping habits. The amount of sleep that you get every day makes a great difference and improves the functioning of your brain. It is a fact that the majority of adults need between 8 to 9 hours of night’s sleep, so as to avoid various brain deviations. It is also recommended to take a nap for a few hours during the day. This will greatly increase your creative and critical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills and memorizing capacity.

The above recommendations will help you to boost your memory skills and improve overall performance. If you follow at least some of them, you will never experience problems with memorizing new information.

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