Top 10 Fast and Appetizing Vegan Recipes


Top 10 vegan recipes

Vegan food is an excellent solution of many problems. The popularity of vegan dishes rises among people. It is made of healthy products which we need so much. Nowadays the world is too polluted. Our bodies need strength and energy which we get in different ways. Food is one of the sources where a person draws up a necessary “fuel”. Not any food is good. For a good living we need healthy food. Vegan dishes in most cases are full of extremely healthful components which improve our mood and body condition.

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Vegan dishes make life better. It has such a big variety of recipes and ingredients which can comprise a nice, attractive, and tasty meal. If you do not know how to surprise your family, cook a vegan meal. If you have a party and want to prepare a light and interesting dinner but lack of time, make vegan meals. It is so wonderful how a dish can be so healthy and delicious. There is an immense of recipes which one may cook very fast and easily.

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Vegan meals fit any occasion. They are suitable for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Someone may cook a vegan meal for a romantic evening, birthday party, some holiday, or meeting with family members. Experts insist on the usefulness of vegan food. It can help a person to become healthier. Vegan dishes are a great diet system for people who want cut weight or those who suffer from problems with stomach. Choose any recipes of vegan meals and apply it to your life. You will never regret that have chosen such a smart way of solving problems with health and body. Most of recipes are absolutely yummy. If you need any help on topic about food and body, contact our customer service agents. They will explain everything to you.

It is not true that all of vegan dishes are purely Indian and that only people in India enjoy vegan meals. It is a myth which spoil the reputation of this wonderful kind of cuisine. People all over the world turn their sight and give their preferences to vegan dishes. Finally, society understands what is really healthy. You have to try this food. It is necessary for your body. Change your life for better. It is very smart and wise to prepare such dishes at least several times per two weeks. Once a person tastes it, he/she will prefer it to any dish every time.

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The Most Simple and the Best Vegan Recipes

Read till the end. We will tell not only the name of a dish but also explain the way of making it.

1. Banana muffins. We’ve decided to start with this recipe which obviously will have its special place in every family. These muffins are so delicious and fluffy. They have such a nice flavor and they are full of healthy ingredients. One will spend several minutes on preparing such muffins. Take oil (65 ml) and maple syrup (90 ml). Prepare 2 small eggs and 3 average bananas. Also, take milk (50 ml), baking powder (1 tsp), and extract of vanilla. Now you need flour (300 g) and cinnamon and oats (0.5 tsp). Salt one may add per taste. This is the perfect vegan recipe for kids.

If needed, grease a muffin tray. Maple syrup mix with oil. Continue whisking with adding 2 eggs. Pour milk in a bowl, throw bananas, baking powder, cinnamon, and extract of vanilla. Finally, throw oats and flour. Stir well because the mixture must be smooth. Now take muffin cups. Spoon the batter and sprinkle oats. Bake in a preheated to 160 C degree oven about 15 minutes.

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2. Mango salad. This meal will easily improve one’s mood and physical condition. Take 3 mangos, bell pepper (1 big), an onion (red), of cilantro leaves (50 g, chopped), minced jalapeno (1 p), 1 lime. Mix well all chopped veggies. Squeeze lime juice. 10 minutes will be a good rest for the salad. Now take pleasure from the food. This salad will also keep your smile perfect. Learn more about it in Dental Health Tips Essay.

3. Kale pesto with Pasta. This dish indeed is extremely simple and how many healthy elements and vitamins it contains. For pesto one needs a bunch of kale (small), garlic (2 cloves), a small lemon, hemp seeds (2\4 of Tbsp), pepper (¼ of Tbsp, ground), oil (50 ml), and 500 g of pasta surely.

Process all components except pasta. Do it very well. It must reach the desirable look. Then pour oil and mince everything. Drizzle a lemon juice per taste. Make pasta according to the steps on a package. Wait till pasta will become little cold. Mix pasta with dressing and serve.

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4. Rice with beans. Someone must have rice (200 g), olive oil (1 Tbsp), black beans (2 cans), chicken broth (1 cup), an onion (small), a medium red pepper. Add such seasonings as red pepper, cumin seeds, and bay leaves to your taste.

Boil water and throw rice. Watch until the rice is cooked. Now pour olive oil in a saucepan and heat just little. On such a flame sauté garlic, pepper, and onion. Throw spices and beans. Pour the broth. Bring to a boil. Simmer 10 minutes with covered lid. Take pleasure from the dish. It is so healthy. Check more information on health here:

5. Absolutely delicious vegan pancakes. Get flour (240 g), milk (1 cup, per choice), baking powder (1 tsp), coconut oil (20 ml), maple syrup (3 Tbsp). You may use sugar instead.

Join milk with coconut oil in a bowl. Add maple syrup. Mix salt, baking powder, and flour in another bowl. Now couple two mixtures. Preheat a pan. Pour the batter. Do not forget to flip a pancake when see small bubbles. Make the same with all the batter. Serve hot.

6. Warm lentil soup. It tastes so nice especially in winter. Make this soup for your beloved ones. This is a good example of vegan dinner meals. Take leeks (3 p), lentil (0.5 of cup), tomatoes (1 can), sweet potatoes (2 p.), oil (1 Tbsp), and fresh dill (1 Tbsp).

Oil should be preheated on a pan, then throw leek (chopped). It must be soft enough. Throw tomatoes. Stir well. Leave on a flame during 5 minutes. Add 5 cups of clean water. The dish must be brought to a boil. Peel and cut sweet potatoes. Add with dill and lentils into the pan. Sprinkle salt. Make until lentils are tender.

7. Corn-avocado salad. Take corn kernels (one cup), avocados (2 p.), an onion (small red), lemon juice (20 ml), olive oil (1 tsp), and romaine lettuce (2 heads). As you see all elements of the dish are super healthy.

Mix all the elements in a bowl. Cut onion, lettuce, and avocado as you wish. Combine lemon juice, salt, and oil. Flavor with the dressing and serve.

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8. Boiled carrot with noodles. Choose rice noodles which are full of vitamins. Take 200 g of noodles and carrot. Tomato paste (30 ml), coco milk (1 small can), basil leaves (15 p), and chili powder (1 tsp).

Make the noodles. The procedure is not difficult because one has to follow the steps on the package. Take a pan and put it on a flame. Mix chili with coconut milk and tomato paste. Sprinkle some salt. First, bring the dish to a boil. Smolder during 3 minutes on a reduced flame. Mix the sauce and noodles. Place the dish on plates. Decorate with pieces of boiled carrot and basil leaves.

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9. Apricot truffles. It is so nice sometimes to taste a delicious food. Vegan truffles is an irreplaceable dish. Prepare such ingredients as orange (1 piece), dried apricots (1 cup), almonds (½ of cup), and coconut (1 cup, shredded).

Process almonds, then separately process dried apricots. Make zest from orange. Mix zest with shredded coconut. Squeeze orange juice. Stir ingredients well. Mix everything with apricots and almonds. Make truffles in the shape of a ball. Put them in a refrigerator. Soon you will enjoy this dish.

10. Baked veggies. This recipe demands medium potatoes (5 pieces), olives ( 50 g), artichoke (1 cup), olive oil (2 tsp), and zest of lemon (1 tsp).

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Place potatoes into a preheated to 200 C degree oven. Bake them during 45 minutes. Combine other ingredients in a bowl. Split cooked potatoes. Stuff each potato with filling. This recipe is the easiest for today.

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