Top 20 Countries That Spend the Most Money on Education


Education is always a serious topic. Whether it is a primary school we are talking about or a prestigious college of your dreams. It is always important to make no mistakes with the choice of the right establishment as it may determine the course of the whole life. Every country has different educational regulations, but each of them takes the subject very close to heart, wishing to provide the best for the new generation. If we talk about the crown top twenty countries that spend loads of money on education, than the good old Europe would fill most of the list. When you have been studying in any of these countries, we would be really excited to hear your side of the story.

The first to mention would be Norway. The kingdom of Norway, the land of the Viking with the fabulous northern nature, has always been considered as one of the most secretive and mysterious places in the world. Even today it strikes us as a fairy tale come to life. The secondary education lasts for thirteen years if a child is ever to go to college. This country is known for the cost of education, as here people spend on it more money than anywhere in the world. If you really decided to enter one of these universities, your application essay must border on perfection, and here comes our good quality service.

Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium together with Norway make up the fabulous and expensive top five of the countries that spend their financial resources on education. Switzerland is not only the country renowned for its cheese, chocolate and watches, but it also has a skyrocketing price for education that many are more than willing to pay. As for the Denmark, it attracts no less international students with fat wallets, but it also offers quality education that has no equivalents in the world. Sweden is not very popular among other countries because its language is quite hard to get. Although there are many free quality courses and you can spend almost nothing on your education, the private school system is very costly, but not many can afford it. Belgium has little to offer for free, only a couple of scholarship programs that are not even nearly enough. At least 400 dollars are needed every year to buy book, as without them you obviously cannot study.

The Country of Rising Sun Closes Up the Great Ten

The quality level of Austrian education is famous not only in Europe. This land has five the world quite a few outstanding personalities. Guided by the principle “freedom of education” it has, however, quite a fee, unaffordable for most, but it also offers many social programs that give a chance for everyone who has zeal to study. Finland, Iceland and Germany are at the same lever with similar possibilities and career prospects.

A very surprising guest on this list is Japan. Objectively speaking, the Japanese education system can be well named one of the best in the world. Nowadays this country is almost the best developed one on the planet. The desire to get educated is driven by the fact that the level of schools and colleges is the best possible, so the citizens do not have to seek good schooling in some other country, but without any note of patriotism can stay and get the best education and job qualifications without ever leaving home. This system is really a kind of a trick – to train the best possible specialists so that they would work for the good of the country in the future or, when it comes to the international students, they would cooperate with the inland companies. In other words, everything is turned towards the progress of the country.

France, Spain and Ireland are the next on the list. France is the center of fashion world and also of the world movie festivals, but it’s not all. It is also renowned for its education and tuition fees. It has its own system, which has no equivalent anywhere in the world. Leave it to the French to mess with your concept of education. Spain is far from cheap, and like any European country, it values its education. State universities and colleges are not that expensive, but if you wished to go to a private establishment, you would have to pay ten times more. The good old green Ireland: who wouldn’t wish to study there? This country attracts students with the diversity of courses and programs, which are definitely worth paying for.

And here comes England with its Golden Triangle – Oxford, Cambridge and the universities of London. These are as much known as the Ivy League of the USA. These universities dominate almost every sphere of the modern life; they train perfect specialists that have no problems finding jobs later on. Children of famous people and politicians all over the world apply for these colleges, because they mean the prestige of the Old World. The USA has a bit different story, the Ivy League story that never grows old, but always attracts tons of attention and money. No ordinary mediocre child can go there, you either have to be exceptionally gifted or have a fat wallet. Every of these colleges plus the NYU form a town that exists inside another town. Though, not as old as some universities of Europe, these have always had the place in the hearts of parents, who wish the best for their kids. In case your kids need to write an essay, or have it proofread, we are happy to offer our services.

Italy, Greece, Portugal and Luxemburg are worth mentioning as well. These countries may not charge the highest tuition, but they offer best of the best. From the all above mentioned, only one conclusion can be made – good education costs a fortune. Even mentioning any of the educational establishments may get you hired, never mind your grades. These countries have the reputation for good education and they hold it firmly, never letting their value to drop. If you are lost while choosing where to apply, ask us for advice.