Top 20 Deadly Animals Everyone Should Avoid


Previously we discussed Top 30 the most terrifying things that belong to nature. Now we want to tell you about Top 20 deadly animals. We placed the animals according to how many people become their victims per year. Thinking about human killers we imagine creatures with sharp giant teeth and claws, with huge body and extremely strong muscles. But the things actually are not like this. So check out our top 20 and you will be aware of what you should avoid. Let’s begin!

Great white shark

The 20th place goes to the great white shark. The “Jaws” movie hero – the great white shark and all the representatives of the shark family that live in oceans, seas, lakes and rivers (yes, it is not a mistake, freshwater sharks exist) annually kill about 7-10 people. Fortunately, people are protected from sharks thanks to our land lifestyle. Moreover sharks are not that interested in people as food, despite what yellow press often says.


The leopard occupies the 19th place among the most dangerous animals of the world. The leopards usually do not attack people. They prefer monkeys and antelope. But if a leopard is seriously wounded, by porcupine for example, it can not hunt fast-running animals. According to Indian authorities these injured leopards annually kill more that 10-15 people, cause they seem to be easy prey.


Our brain rejects to think about horses as about human killing machines. We used to see horses as hard-working, loyal and just cute and nice animals. But at the rodeo every year at least 20 cowboys die under the hooves of frenzied stallions.


You might think what a cow does in this list? I am surprised too. The cow’s scull is firm and is equipped with horns, what makes it a powerful weapon. Using their horns annually cows launch into eternity 20 farmers in the United States only. So do you still think that cow is harmless animal? Think twice.

Fire ant

Ant colonies are spread in all continents of the Earth. They are able to migrate using the human transport and postal services. Representatives of the two subfamilies of ants – Myrmeciinae and Ponerinae – are deadly poisonous, and the stings of the fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) contain venom, that cause a severe allergic reaction. Luckily poisonous ants inhabit areas near the equator. Anyway annually more than 30 people die because of poisonous bites of ants.


15th place. Hard-working bees can also be dangerous for human. The venom of bees – apitoxin – is not deadly in fact, but it causes a severe allergic reaction. If a bee stings in the lining of the mouth, then there is swelling and, consequently, asphyxia – it is impossible to breathe, because swelling closes the throat. However bees attack only when they feel danger. So do not touch the bees without any reason and you will be among those “lucky guys” who die annually because of the bee venom.

African lion

The king of the animals – African lion – takes the 14th place. Taking into consideration limited habitat – African savannas and open-air cages in different zoos and circuses, lions do not have many chances to try human meat. Nevertheless annually 70 people deaths are caused by lions’ attacks.

Bengal tiger

Giant stripped cats, who are able to hide perfectly in the jungles and Far Eastern taiga, are not very choosy about their target of hunting, especially during the winter months. Every year tigers eat up to 100 people, surpassing the lions in the ability to ambush and to camouflage perfectly in the woodland.

Deer on the road

Purposely deer do not kill people. Crossing the highways deer are often hit by cars. A deer that weights 80 kg breaks the windshield and enters the cabin through the frail body of the driver. Such a meeting with a deer is deadly for 120 humans annually.

Deadly jellyfish

Everyone who wants to swim in a warm sea should worry about two things: ability to swim and absence of a jellyfish close to you. Jellyfish has a powerful deadly weapon, so called stinging cells. Any object that touches the jellyfish tentacles immediately gets deadly poison charge and this is the end. The most deadly jellyfish is Chironex fleckeri or “sea wasp” lives in northern waters of Australia. In general the jellyfish family kills more than 150 people annually.

Canine grin

Our dear and loyal friends in the twinkling of an eye can turn into fear and chaos maker. Being lousy bred by their owners the dogs turn into deadly biting machines. About 190 people die after their meeting with those dangerous dogs.

Black buffalo

Black buffalo gets the 9th place. Many tourists thinks that an African buffalo is something like a cow. They neglect any precaution and come to close. Half a ton of muscles and bones at high speed attack an object. Male buffalo attack without hesitation, if they see danger to the flock. On average, buffalo cut out up to 200 people from the human population every year.

African bush elephant

It seems that this giant animal is pretty slow. But it becomes very fast in the African savanna or in the Indian jungle. When attack elephants do not use their tusks and trunk, they knock object of attack to the ground and trample it to complete flattening. On account of the elephants – 500 people per year.


Alligators attack any live being that gets in their field of vision. By the way, toothed “suitcases” and “purses” are able to run very fast reaching their target at the distance of 13 meters. Alligators’ appetite is satisfied every year from 1500 to 2500 people.


Thick-skinned “river horses” look very peaceful. But they are able to jump out the water in a moment, open their giant mouth and pierce troublemaker with two long fangs. Annually they kill about 3000 people. So do not underestimate them.


The 5th place. People are afraid of the scorpion’s venom not less than of the snake’s. There are 25 scorpion species are deadly poisonous. They launch into eternity up to 5000 people per year. It is easy to recognize if a scorpion is poisonous – its tail with a sting is much larger than its claws.


Honestly saying they are afraid of people more than we are afraid of them. And they kill when protect themselves only. Nevertheless annually 50000 people fall prey of the rattlesnakes.

Tsetse fly

Tsetse fly seems to be innocent, but it can be extremely dangerous. When tsetse fly bites its victim, it injects into the body trypanosome parasites that cause trypanosomiasis or “sleeping sickness”.

War people

Yes, that is right, people are on the list of the most dangerous representatives of the animal world. The statistic is terrifying, 475000 people of any age and gender lose their lives because of their biological species fellows.

Anopheles mosquito

The mosquitoes of the Anopheles species spread malaria, in particular malaria plasmodium. Female Anopheles feed on the blood of people, and instead they inject Plasmodium. Statistics numbers for the victims of Anopheles are impressive – more that 1000000 people annually. Not everyone who are infected with malaria die, but still the number is huge – 750000-800000 people.

Top 20 of the best mankind killers is horrible, but at least you are warned now. So be careful and live long and happy life!

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